“Filter Free Friday” coming soon

So soon it will be tomorrow night, with Phase One kicking in at 7pm and rolling on into the night and then into Saturday morning….

We’ll still be keeping a watch on the end results, but the comments will be coming straight on through Friday night, on into Saturday morning…..

We are going to give it a good shot and we hope it is something we can continue, for several more football Fridays……


  1. Andy,

    I’m really feeling this man! Should be a lot of fun tonight!

    Ok people…..Remember these are High School Kids not adults and be respectful to everyone.

  2. That will be great. Let’s see if we can all demonstrate that “unfiltered” works by be responsible and respectful. We can get a lot of great info and updates in a timely manner on all of the action if we just don’t have a few who abuse it and ruin it for everyone.

    Looking forward to the info and comments. Let’s all make this work for everyone.

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