Northeast-Northern Guilford series will end after tomorrow(Friday) night

The series will end between Northeast Guilford and Nothern Guilford after tomorrow(Friday) night’s football game at Northern…..

The News and Record has a report with comments from both NEG coach Tommy Pursley and Northern coach Johnny Roscoe, on a story that we were reporting on here at the site thoroughout the week….

This seems to have become a hot topic and there seems to be some animosity between the schools and the coaches and now there will not be a football game between the Rams and Nighthawks for at least two years after the final whistle blows at Northern on Friday night…..

This is a shame since this game will create one heck of a gate, but the two sides can’t seem to come together for 2011 and 2012…..

The two schools will play at Nothern on Friday and then that will be it for a while…..

I never thought it would come to this, but I was wrong and it did…..The fans will be missing out on a great rivalry and the won’t be able to keep building the rivalry and fanning the flames because of the two-year layoff….

You can read more and see what the coaches are saying at the News and Record:CLICK HERE…….

The ADS are missing the boat on this one, in my opinion this game should never have been stopped…..It makes it tough when adults get in the way of a chance for kids to play a fun game against each other……This is sort of like the Hatfields meeting the McCoys and then fighting it out and getting it on, in their own backyards……

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  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Hopefully the NCHSAA will rectify it the next time they realign and put them in the same conference. Two 3A schools that close together should already be in the same conference anyway.

    But besides the fans who lose out it;s the schools who really lose out on what would probably be their biggest gate of the year. As tight as money is these days that is a shame

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