HS Football Player of the Week

Very good numbers last week for Matt Pawlowski from Northwest Guilford going 13-16 for 208 yards and 4 TD’s in NWG’s 34-10 win over Western Guilford….

For Pawlowski going 13-16, that is very efficient and the four touchdowns really spice up Matt’s season totals and he will need those kind of numbers and more if Northwest is to hold off the Smith Golden Eagles this Friday night…..

Matt Pawlowski our Player of the Week, in week #2 of the season and Demetrious Dick won the same award for our radio broadcast last Friday night on AM950 radio…..

Pawlowski, the Player of the Week, in what appears to be the Year of the Quarterback, in Guilford County…..

We have been saying this all summer long and this seems to be case, as we do a case study after week number two of the regular season….

Just look at this list so far:
Matt Pawlowski-Northwest Guilford
James Summers-Page
Jeff Sims-Smith
Drew Adams-High Point Central
Luke Heavner-Ragsdale
Demetrious Dick-Dudley
Jamie Cunningham-Southern Guilford
Daniel Downing-Northern Guilford
Rocky Scarfone-Northern
Airyn Willis-Southwest Guilford

*****That’s a lot of good quarterbacks, playing some very good football……*****


  1. Congrats to Matt he is much improved from last year much as our team is as well. We are senior heavy on defense with the Pauley twins leading the way at LBs. Our first string Defense has only had 3 points scored on them. We have multiple offensive weapons both experienced and young. Junior FB Dalton Dillon and Senior RB Austin Pauley pound away at defenses all night, every night. Sophomore Reid Baxter is a multi threat back either rushing or receiving and friday against Western other players such as Junior Kyle Kristy, Senior Chris Eley and Junior Ryan Overcash stepped up with TD plays as well. It is not just the year of the Quarterback in Guilford County but it is the year of NW in Guilford County. This is our best team in years by far. Go Vikings!!!

  2. NW Guilford does look solid, but they are still small in comparison to other teams..i was at the game friday night and was very impressed but the real test will be if they can focus on Smith and not overlook them in anticipation of playing Northern. Goodluck Vikings!

  3. Vikings will have their first real test of the season this Friday Night vs Smith. Smith’s defense has speed all over the field and they swarm to the ball. Both NW and Smith have great Defenses the question is which teams offense will not make mistakes and turn the ball over. Should make for a good one!

    Beware NWG from what I hear Smith is still pretty hot over that 15-14 win you stole last season!

  4. It will be a real test! Smith takes this one 28-14 with the defense scoring at least 1 TD!


  5. I enjoyed the NW pass rush during the game against Western. Thompson was rushed nearly the whole game. Western broke through the NW O Line a few times but Pawlowski throws on the run so well it didn’t seem to matter. Smith will have a lot of pressure on the QB this week, but I see NW pounding the ball with an occasional pass when needed. My guess we will see the RB’S stepping up big this week.

  6. We will be at Northern with Dudley coming with two of the Top 5 teams in our poll going at it, but we will have scores on all the games as we have had the first two weeks of the season….

    We have had some very solid coverage of the games with great help from our game reporters…..

    Over the first two of the season we have had someone at every game…….

    Southern Guilford stepped up big for us last week and we appreciate it…..

    I want to become the Rachel Ray of these local games and really let people know what is cooking….

    We did Northern-Dudley last year and it was a 12-7 game with Dudley winning at home and this year?????

    Smith-NWG will be big too and we will have someone there….

    All of our scores will be in by 10…..

    We will be first and that is the only way I have traveled since back in the 70’s when I was working down in the trenches or in the ditches or whatever we called it…..

    Hike……Neat word Hike…..

  7. Greensboro high school football and college football for that matter, is garbage. Look at Fayetteville. We have it all with Jack Britt, 71st, Byrd, EE Smith, Terry Sanford, Reid Ross, and Westover.

    We have it all.


    Britt gets through the East and when they have to play real football teams from the west they get dealt with!

  9. I don’t know if I am going to come over here talking football any more. Ya’ll don’t know nothing about football over here. Jack Britt is one of if not the best team in the state and Fayetteville football is the most feared around. I know my eastern NC football and we are the best. Don’t come down here. you will go home without a win.

  10. Roy,

    What the heck are you talking about? You come on here and talk smack about G-boro football like its JV to Fayetteville or something! When someone rips Jack Britt you start saying your not going to come on here and talk football anymore. What? All you did was start talking smack bro! Don’t come on a site called Greensboro Sports just to say Greensboro Football sucks! That’s just dumb!

    Also….Last time I checked the West dominates 4A football in this state! 4AA is being held down by the Charlotte schools and 2 of the last 3 4A titles have been won by a Greensboro School!

  11. Thanks Roy, It will be fun in the playoffs to watch Jack Britt play at NWG this year and receive an old fashion Greensboro butt whooping.

  12. If yall want a piece of The Roy then you will have to come down to Fayetteville. I aint coming up there where you will out number me 5o to 1. Old Roy says that the Fayetteville kids can stop any of those Guilford county ones that you people are promoting…No problem. Roy’s not on roids but I will show all of you who is the boss when it comes to football around here. Meet me at the gate down at Fort Bragg and we will settle all of this and find out who owns the bragging rights in this state.

    R Byrdmann

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