High School Football for this week 9/2-9/3

The week actually begins on Wednesday night, with the High Point Central JV’s at Lexington and then on Thursday night, the Lexington Yellow Jackets will be at Simeon Stadium, to face the Bison of High Point Central…..

Friday contests include:
Dudley at Northern Guilford
Smith at Northwest Guilford
Southeast Guilford at Southern Guilford
Northeast Guilford at Eastern Guilford
Western Guilford at Ragsdale
Grimsley at High Point Andrews at Simeon Stadium
Page at Northern Durham
Southwest Guilford at Ledford
*****As you can see, we have several Guilford County encounters……*****


  1. soooooooo many great games this week. not sure how your going to pick a game of the week.. this week we will find out which team is the real deal.. SMITH??? OR NORTHWEST?? OR BOTH?? western guilford vs. ragsdale should be a good game as well with alot of points scored in that one… can grimsley bounce back from two early losses and get a big win aginst andrews??? the game that has my mind wondering is the Dudley vs. Northern Guilford matchup… this game is true definition of opposites. great defense vs. great offense…. who is gonna pull that one out??? this is going to be a great week of hs football!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. No doubt they will be at the Northern vs Dudley game. Andy could care less about smith and Nw. he loves the Northern Cheetahs!

  3. We’ll leave this one out there for Brian Hall at NEWS 2 and I will also E-mail him with this question….

    We had the Page varsity on radio in week one with WS Parkland and should have them on again next week with Ragsdale at Page and again, we will check on the JV’s for you…

    We do try and have as many JV scores as possible here on the site on Thursday nights and there is JV football this evening with High Point Central at Lexington….

  4. Hey Andy, just curious about any plans to broadcast NWG, good one this week with Smith, could be a great match-up with NG next, see how this week plays out for both teams. Maybe we can get your interest by the time conference games come around, plenty to choose from there, see ya soon we hope.

  5. I know the plan was to be at Northwest for the NWG-Ragsdale game and we’ll have to give the NWG-NG game a long look if both teams win this Friday….

  6. @ Rams by 50, so what exactly are you saying? You are going to march in to Eastern Guilford and win by 30+ or as your post name says you are going to win by 50. I see that you were real succesful against us last week, why would you put yourself out like that?

  7. Thanks Nighthawk Nation…I understand the air blows hot up in the northeast quadrant of the county…

  8. @ Nighthawk Nation at least we played fair for the years, you got players still on the nighthawks thats not suppose to be there. At least we played fair since year 1…. @ Wildcat your team cant even beat a team like southwest who has no athletes just wait till 7:30

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