Friday Night Scoring – 9/3/10

Updated 10:15 PM (#11)
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FINAL (Thanks Underdogs Unite!!!)
Page – 28
Northern Durham – 18

FINAL (Corrected)
Smith – 35
Northwest Guilford – 7

Dudley – 15
Northern Guilford – 14

Grimsley – 3
High Point Andrews – 30

Southeast Guilford – 51
Southern Guilford – 28

Western Guilford – 17
Ragsdale – 25

Northeast Guilford – 21
Eastern Guilford – 17

Southwest Guilford -36
Ledford -3

Oak Ridge Military Academy 33
East Lincoln 13

from Thursday FINAL:
High Point Central 24
Lexington 15


  1. whoa – check out that NW Guilford score. Smith laid a whoopin on them. I saw where East forsyth got rolled by Mt Tabor too. Those two teams got a dose of reality tonight.

  2. You name it, they called it! I saw facemasks on Page’s players at least twice until ND was finally penalized.

  3. tough game at Ragsdale tonight. Western moved the ball up and down the field but Ragsdale stopped them for the most part when it counted.

    Ragsdale looked like the Tar Heels out there tonight. WR Tyquan Roberts – out. WR Deshawn Shouse – out. WR – Anthony Stewart – out. Thats the top three receivers right there. But also starting tailback D-onovan Smith – out. LB Robert Pompey (had an interception last week at Dudley) – out. DT Chaka McCoy – out.

    Never seen so many starters out at one time so early in the season. Good thing for Ragsdale they had players from the JV step up. Marquez Leeser (not sure on spelling) did a great job at tailback getting close to 80 yards. WR Erik Romer caught four passes for 48 yards and his brother TE Pete had 3 catches for 48 yards and a TD. Justin Briley also stepped up with 5 catches for 69 yards and a TD. Luke Heavner had over 200 yards passing with two TD passes and ran for the final TD.

    Lots of hard hitting out there tonight. Trey Swaim Ragsdale starter at MLB was knocked out in the 3rd with a concussion. And two Western players were carried off the field. The last was hurt on Ragsdale’s final TD and had to be carried out in an ambulance. Really hope he’s OK.

    Thompson the QB for Western is sharp and Western has some good RBs too.

  4. Those SE Guilford Falcons messed up your picks for a second week in a row Andy LOL. What a shoot out at Southern Guilford tonight. It will be interesting to see the final stats on this one…lots of yards on the ground for SEG and lots in the air for SG.

  5. Guess there is NOTHING more to be said about Smith, but to just give them the respect they deserve. The coaching staff over there at Smith is really doing a good job preparing those kids. Hats off to Coach Brewington and his staff. I’ve peeped in on a couple of their practices. They work hard. I really see Smith competing for a Metro 4 Conference Championship, and making it deep in the playoffs.

  6. wow….. that was not needed at all @nobody….. these are kids your talking about. as a dudley panther fan this might be the only time i will ever be on smith side, but there is no need for that….. i hope these young men grown up to prove you wrong in life

  7. There’s no need to be mad or angry @ nobody..Simply because NWG got SMASHED…you only running up your blood pressure, no need to worry or stress…JUST BE MERRY!!…..THANKS!!

  8. im actually a western fan but my kid plays jv so i decided to go watch nw and was hoping to see a good game but i noticed a lot of trash talking and was ashamed to see it happen like it did. these are young men who need to learn how to grow up and act like they have won before/

  9. DUDLEY @ NORTHERN GUILFORD game tonight was a classic!!! it was an excellant game to witness. northern came out on FIRE!!!! moving the ball and getting a early score on a pass to the flats and was taken the distance (alot of missed tackles)… then northern used thier trickery and did an onside kick and recovered the kick… few plays later the night hawks were in the endzone again taking and early 14-0 league.. both scores came within five minutes of each other… the matchup of the night was between mr. maurice harris and mr. jeremy reynolds.. pac-10 (cal) vs. big 12 (texas tech) harris got the better of the matchup early in the game with a couple catches and a touchdown reception. the nighthawks went into halftime flying high and the panthers looked a little shell shocked.. however, dudley is dudley and everyone knew they were going make an effort to comeback. dudley came out of the half like mad men… must have been a heck of a halftime speech by coach davis.. took a long drive and ran it right down northern’s mouth for a touchdown… then the game was about even until the last three minutes… the panthers missed a couple of good oppurtunities to score… but they drove the ball inside the twenty and demetrius dick connected with jeremy reynolds for a touchdown. and then the panthers went for the big two point conversion and micah gaylord punched right up the middle!! the matchup between harris and reynolds turned towards reynolds favor in the second half as he gave up no catches to the big time reciever… overall it was a great game.. two very good teams battling it out… this game will help both teams out in the long run!!! congrats to the dudley panthers on the victory over the northern nighthawks and the referees’s (as it was clear they didnt want the panthers to win with all the terrible calls they made) .. good luck to both teams.. and wish both teams successful seasons

  10. @Nobody be real NW, i’m so glad that Smith destroyed them . NW thought this game was over before it started guess again.

  11. I bet my LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST is looking down smiling on you right now. sorry you are so upset and congrats on being a succesful business owner.

  12. You right, it wouldn’t be successful if I did business with people like you, but checkmate sir…Its a VERY SUCCESFUL Business…THANKS!!….

  13. All I Have To Say Is They Called The Score Pretty Good..They Predicted 35-7 But It Was The Opposite Way..Smith Is Forreal!! And So Was That Victory Sorry NW..They’re Dominant This Year….So Good Luck And GO EAGLESS!!!

  14. Hard to believe mature adults act like this. Almost everyone is happy to see what Coach Brewington is getting done at Smith. But success on the field also should come with class. At the same time, NWG complaining is like the pot calling the kettle black. Mr. Business owner, many of us are happy for Smith but no need to call Nobody a racist. Although everyone is aware of the behavior sometimes from a small few in the NWG community. Just celebrate the kids success.

  15. I came to this site to see real comments about all the hard play Friday night. When I saw 30+ comments I expected somthing good. Not something that should be saved for Jerry Springer.

  16. appreciate everyone supporting us we just wanna play football we are not the SAME OLD Smith we are the NEW smith and WANT and WILL get a ring ..NO THUG can do that 🙂 WE WORK HARD AND WILL CONTINUE TO ON TO HPC NWG IS THE PAST

  17. I thought this was supposed to be Labor Day Weekend and I guess the labor part has kicked in, in a big way…..

    A lot of cleaning this morning and if you have other suggestions about cleaning that needs to be done, let me know…..

    Was around here until 1:30am this morning, so the heat must have picked back up after daybreak….

    Got to take the wins and losses in stride and move on to the next week…..

    Congratualtions to Smith on the great start to their season and Northwest will have to re-group quickly with Northern headed your way this week….

    Time to put last night’s games behind us and move on to the planning stages for next week…..Sometimes easier said than done, but it is the only plan that will allow you to stay focused…..

  18. Wow this is a real step backwards from last week. I imagine weeks like this will make Andy rethink his decision to open up the board more. Business men or not fellas…you need to grow up!

  19. still not impressed with smitn. You still have to prove you can beat dudley and page. Everyone jumped on nw band wagon theyre not that good ,havent played anybody .sourhern and eastern. Now the test begins they have that team from high point coming to town. Their defense is really good . Not going to be easy. Adams to grant all night ,. Ok smith you want everybody respect beat hpc,then we might think you are for real. I dont tnink you can beat them just like a lot of people in the triad. I still dont see smith in the metro race. You about to get woke up , now smith lets play some real football. The te for smith put your rib pads on ? Its going to be hard hitting. Powder puff football is over , here comes those bisons to town. Hey and please be respectful as they enter the building.

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