7-2 on the picks this week and now 24-4 for the season

Not a bad start to the season with the mark now (24-4) for the year…..

7-2, this week and got hit hard by a couple of upset picks with Smith upending NWG and Southern finding the result hard to handle with a defeat at the hands of SEG…..

(24-4) and a good start to the new season……Anybody got any other upsets or the analysis of this week’s winners….

Is anybody surprised that I am doing such a great job of picking these games….How about some comp.? We need some stiff challengers for these games and some fans that want to go looking for a gold mine…….


  1. I told you Andy…..Southeast had over 500 yrds rushing .260 by fb Marques Haynesworth and 160 by Mike Fields Jr. (4tds) by mike..Please don’t pick them to win this week!!!!!!

  2. Andy,

    I’m thing that if you pick SEG, a couple of guys in trench coats may show up at your door. LOL. My stepdad still isn’t satisfied with the defense yet. My little brother plays CB. That SEG backfield is stacked. There was a little more variety with the type of running plays called this week, but you still have to wonder what happens when they play the better defensive teams on the schedule. Still, I expect this team to improve and make some noise.

  3. Just wondering if anyone from Western Guilford could give an update on the kid that was carried off the field late in the game? Didn’t look like the kid was moving at all. Hope he’s ok!

  4. @Damon…after last night, and when the film is analyzed, all the CBs will have an “opportunity” to improve all week long this week at SEG . I would imagine they will get a bunch of work at practice after seeing them get beat time after time all night…… special teams for kickoff and punt coverage will get some work too. O looked really good, both lines looked good. QB is s sophmore and has improved 2 fold since game 1.

    How can you be 7 and 2 when you only picked 8 games this week?

    You were 6 and 2 and I was 7 and 1.


  6. My other pick was the High Point Central pick from Thursday…

    I post the entire totals when I get a chance….

  7. Back to my thoughts on last night’s games, after taking care of some site business…..

    My early theme for today is:

    “I will not pick against Southeast Guilford for the next three weeks…..”

    “I will not pick against Southeast Guilford for the next three weeks….”

    “I will not pick against Southeast Guilford for the next three weeks…”

    “I will not pick against Southeast Guilford for the next three weeks…”

    I will not pick against Southeast Guilford for the next three weeks…”

    I will be writing that 100 times on by chalkboard at home and will try and take a photograph of it for later verification….

    SEG vs.——–Next three weeks:
    Rockingham County
    Eastern Randolph

  8. SEG Fan, as my old cricket coach used to tell me, you have two chances, Slim and None, and Slim just left town yesterday……

  9. @Segdad,

    I have been watching Will play since middle school. He also plays club soccer with my little brother. I thought there would be some nervousness that 1st game. My stepdad kept assuring me that the game was closer than the score. He even said that if SEG would have came into to game 1 with game 2’s attitude and game plan, they would have been in position to win. It was tough for me to buy into that theory because I didn’t see the game 1.

    My little brother was jumping routes all night long, so they got him with a stop and go. I think he learned his lesson last night, but it happens to the best of them.

  10. I’ma PAC -10 guy, so here is your KA update.

    KEENAN ALLEN had 4 rec for 120 plus a TD. His long was 48 in a 52 – 3 victory over UC Davis

  11. Let’s try this again. Keenan Allen recorded two TDs in his collegiate debut in 52 – 3 blowout over UC Davis. Allen was involved in both the running and passing game of the Golden Bears. He caught a 48 yd TD pass and rushed 18 yds for another.

  12. KC, the WG player walked out of the hospital Friday night. Don’t have any great details but heard it was not serious.

  13. Any word on Scarfone? The News-Record is saying he injured his hand against Dudley this week and couldn’t come back into the game. If he’s out that would be a huge hit to my Nighthawks!

  14. After he hurt his hand he stayed in the game and he played wide receiver or he lined up at wide receiver…..He was also still playing defensive back….

    Northern is blessed with three very quarterbacks and all three(RoccoScarfone, Daniel Downing and Maurice Harris) can help the team and it is plus for Northern if all three line up at and play some QB each game….Makes it tough for the opposing defensive when they see multiple QB’s back there….

  15. The Nighthawks are blessed with 3 very capable QB’s. I think Scarfone is the best one I also think Downing and Harris help this team more at WR. Huge Rivalry Game this week at NW! NW and Northern will be looking to bounce back after tough losses this past Friday.

    Word to the wise if you plan on going to the game you better get there early. NW doesn’t have a huge stadium and that place will sale out quick.

    Northern Wins this one 35-14

  16. Andy,

    Any word on Scarfone and Kellah? Heard they both were knocked out of the Dudley game wondering if they gonna play @ NW this week?

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