HS football Player of the Week

We have two names to look at this week with Elijah Jordan from Smith High School and Mike Fields from Southeast Guilford….

Mycah Gaylord, was named our Steak N Shake player of the game in the Dudley win over Northern Guilford last Friday night, where Gaylord had 185 yards on 28 carries, with a touchdown and a two-point conversion run…….

For the award winner this week, we look at Ben L. Smith’s Jordan, with 187 yards on 27 carries, with 3 TD’s and we examine Mike Fields out of Southeast Guilford HS, with 4 TD runs and the SEG offense had 566 yards on the ground, based on 67 carries and Fields had at least 150+ of those yards……

Smith topped NWG 35-7 and SEG won out over Southern Guilford, 51-28…..

Who do you take, to break the tie?????

Jordan or Fields?

Contact me at and let me know your choice…….


  1. How many yards for Fields on Friday to go with his 4 TD’s…..We may end up with a tie with Haynesworth and Fields….I need to get in touch with my SEG numbers man, Todd Frazier and see what he has and he usually has the real skinny…..

    To vote and to make it count, contact me at

  2. Mike Fields had 168 on 16 carries. He was held out of the game for the most part in the second half (yes the 2nd half ) due to stomach illness. But Marques Haynesworth would be a good Co-player of the week.

  3. Andy, I hate this thread each week. It singles out one player and is somewhat subjective. Not that Gaylord doesn’t deserve it. You could make a case for him almost every week. But how can you single out 1 kid? With all the talent around here you could recognize many. How about starting a thread where people post the top individual efforts? You start it out by posting a few individual efforts and then let the readers take it from there.

  4. Marques Haynesworth is a GREAT kid on and off the field! He works @ McDonald’s on Alamance Church Rd. but did you know he’s a singer as well? I’ve had the pleasure of singing with him on many occasions. He was also featured on 106 and Park ( a hip-hop spot in NY) a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if he won the contest that week, though.

    Great kid!

  5. I am at that McDonalds right now with my $1.00 meal and WiFi…

    Love McDonalds and the Johnny Tart stops….

  6. WiFi went dry or in other words the battery died, but we will try and bring back the overall check list next week if we can get more numbers….Right now all we have to go by is the Saturday morning N&R, but we will try and make it work, we did last year…

    We want to keep our web site player of the week rolling, cause we want to end up with a Player of the Year in December…..

  7. I’ll stick with Jordan from Smith. They got a bigger win by beating Northwest at Northwest last week. Jordan gets my vote.

  8. I’m voting for Mike Fields from SEG even through his illness he stayed committed to the game and averaged an amazing 10.5 yds per carry. Marques is a phenomenal player too and I’m glad they’re on the same team.

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