Gregg Doyel says North Carolina should forfeit the rest of the season and Butch Davis should be fired on the spot!

No matter what happens with the North Carolina investigation, Butch Davis has to be fired.

from Gregg Doyel at

If only North Carolina could forfeit the rest of the season.

That’s what North Carolina deserves. That’s what college football deserves, too. We deserve to not have that program, currently in the middle of two enormous and distinctly unrelated scandals, foisted upon us. The college football season is a three-month-long celebration of sport. It’s confetti, strobe lights and a kazoo. It’s a party. It’s a punch bowl.

North Carolina is the turd floating in there.

North Carolina will float there 11 more times this season, probably 12 assuming the Tar Heels qualify for a bowl game. And we’ll have to watch and wonder: How hard will the NCAA hit the Tar Heels? When does UNC coach Butch Davis get fired, after a game or after the season? How many sacrificial lambs will the school throw onto the fire pit after assistant John Blake’s carcass has burned to dust?

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  1. I don’t know what “Greg Doyle” says, but the guy who wrote that is Gregg Doyel. He used to write for The Charlotte Observer.

  2. Good deal/Doyle/Doyel….

    All we had to go by was the radio spelling and we run this info pretty quick when we get it up here…..Makes for another good day for learning and Gregg looks like he means business, by the looks his article, combined with look of his face on his site….

    Good deal/Doyel/Doyle…..

  3. I agree, The Time Is Now. Butch Davis must go and the Heels ought to go out and bring back Mack Brown.

    Heels need to make a change and they need to make it now.

  4. I also think that the it is time to make a change at the top. The time is right now and it would be a good time for Butch Davis to leave our program and go back to the NFL where rules have never been a part of the system when it comes to educating young student-athletes. We need to take a long look at the current college system when football and other sports begin to become the means to an deadly ending for kids like Marvin Austin, Greg Little, Ryan Houston and others. These kids have been brainwashed into believing that the classroom is bad place and that the nightclubs are the only place where they can get a shot at a bright future in life.

    We need to go back to the classroom and we need a man in the mold of a Dick Crum to take us there. Crum knew the value of a good education and he had his men in the library at night and not in the nightspots where many now dwell. Is there a man out there such as Mr. Crum that could come in and clean up our house, if so please step up and lead us now before it is too late. As many loyal Blue Fans have already stated, The Time Is Now.

    Help us find Dick Crum and bring him back to Chapel Hill where he belongs and in my heart, it can’t happen soon enough and Butch Davis needs to be out of here tomorrow.

  5. What about the kids that got there through their hard work, integrity and honesty? I think that they should be allowed to transfer out (if they choose) with little controversy.

  6. What about the kids that are supposed to be going there to UNC next season? Do you think they will still be going there now?

    After all this mess I sure wouldn’t be headed into that hornet’s nest.

  7. I disagree, I think Butch Davis should remain the Tarheels coach. As a true fan im very upset of the allegations and the illegal stuff (as far as NCAA policy). I still think he is a terrific coach, of course he knew about this. Just keep in mind North Carolina has had 2 coaches that I remember in my lifetime, Coach Mack Brown, and Coach Butch Davis, that really meant alot to the Tarheel faithfull, This year may be flushed down the toliet, but we should keep him. For one he is a great recruiter….I say keep him, pretty sure they all learned from this….

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