Area’s Top Service Manager at Rice Toyota

A recent survey conducted among Toyota owners/customers in the Greensboro/Triad area, found that Toyota automobile owners trusted and relied on David Nettesheim at Rice Toyota, for their complete service and repair needs…..

Nettesheim has been with Rice now for several years and he has become the area’s top service manager and the most trusted man in the service department, at Rice Toyota….Congratulations to David Nettesheim for this top honor and recogniton and to all his customers, keep coming back for the best service around…..

Call David Nettesheim at 288-1190 or go by Rice Toyota on Battleground Avenue…..


  1. What the heck is this a sports blog or a local business blog? Let me put a plug in for Buck Bain and his local Curb Market.

  2. Good call, one of the best in the business, B&B Curb Market on East Lee Extension at Sharpe Road, not far from our good friends at the KOA Campground and the Southern Auto Auction….

    Winter’s coming on and we are going to have to pay some bills…..Time to go commercialized….And again, you are right, B&B is a good place to be and I like the Thrifty Market on East Market Street with Kevan Moore too….Was in there today to purchase a few stamps, 2 for a dollar and USPS is on the air or in the air…..

  3. Buck Bain, now there’s a name from the past. He could throw the baseball, could leg it down the line to first base, and could cover some ground in the outfield. How about those old Shamrock days, Buck!!!!!

  4. how many people voted? who conducted the survey/ i know who made you aware of the results. LOL

  5. You should see his son Austin(Bain) play. He’s a chip off the old Buck….Same can be said for the Nettesheims(David and Matt)….

    More on Austin Bain, he has a leg-kick that makes you harken back to the old days of the kid in Bull Durham….Nuc Laroosh, I think it was, but Austin is not nearly as wild as Nuc was…..Brent Frazier, Colby Keene or the young Devan Sweet kid may be the next Crash Davis at Southeast, we’ll just have to wait and see….

    Austin Bain is a very good baseball player and an even better kid off the field…..He does a lot of things to help out in his community and in his church and he is to be commended for those efforts……

    Now, if we could just get Buck back on the diamond…….

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