Page and Southern Guilford at Shane’s on Thursday

We will have more on Thursday morning, but for now the news is, we will have the Page Pirates and the Southern Guilford Storm with us at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace, on Thursday evening, for the Football in Focus Show….

Page players to be announced on Thursday and from Southern we plan to have Coach Daryl Brown, QB Jamie Cunningham and WR/DB Austen Thompson….

Page will be hosting Rasgdale on Friday and Southern has an OPEN week…..


  1. Alright Debo and the rest of the Pirates!!!

    Although I have yet to hear from the AD over there for the NA, I’m STILL a Page fan!!

  2. Hey Andy–

    You may want to install a “like” for facebook tab. That way, I can bring your blog up on fb. I did it for my blog and it increased the traffic tremendously!

    Just a thought…….

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