The Tide will come rolling into Durham this weekend

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DURHAM– As a native of Birmingham, Ala., and a graduate of Alabama, not to mention spending decades as a coach in the SEC, Duke coach David Cutcliffe is uniquely qualified to deliver a scouting report on Alabama fans.

“The first thing is, they won’t be hard to recognize,” he said. “They’ll be wearing red. They’ll be wearing houndstooth. They’ll have flags on their cars, and stickers. They’ll be driving mobile homes.”

And they’ll be everywhere. Starting Thursday night – when the first RVs roll into town, the vanguard of a fan base that hits the road in big numbers even by the standards of the SEC – Durham will be overrun by a tide of crimson. (The houndstooth is a tribute to Bear Bryant’s trademark fedora.)

By the time Duke hosts Cutcliffe’s alma mater Saturday at Wallace Wade Stadium – named, fittingly enough, in honor of a coach who served both Duke and Alabama with distinction – supporters of the defending national champions will have swarmed over the city and campus.


  1. Get out of the way. Saban and his boys will be taking prisoners by names and they will not call off the dogs.

    77-9 Alabama over Duke

  2. I heard the Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy had never lost a game in high school or in college. That’s an eye-opener…….

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