Friday Night Scoring Desk – 9-17-10

Update 10:19 PM – Update #19
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Page – 35
Northeast Guilford – 7

Roxboro Person – 7
Ragsdale – 52

High Point Andrews – 0
High Point Central – 33

Dudley – 8
Durham Hillside – 33

Charlotte Waddell – 0
Smith – 54

Northwest Guilford – 40
Grimsley – 8

Western Guilford – 14
Southern Guilford – 28

Southeast Guilford – 54
Eastern Randolph – 26

Northern Guilford
Eastern Guilford
Southwest Guilford


  1. OMG…Dudley is getting smashed!!! Please Panthers please try to fight back when you have real competition

  2. Well, I guess one question has been answered tonight. Probably need to expand the Academy next year to include some football players. I’m sure Leigh Hebbard will turn a “blind eye”.

  3. Oh, well. if dudley was #1, then next week we should have Smith # 1 for a week. the fact that Dudley only beat a short-handed Northern Guilford by a point should have been “food for thought”. Our local hs football is not competitive. There, I’ve said it. We havelocal parity, but we’re not on the same level as the rest of the state.

  4. Believe me, it could have been worse. We are not that good and were exposed by a better, more athletic team. No excuses from me, and I hope I don;t hear any from the rest of our contingent. It was a good, old fashioned butt whipping. t least we didn’t quit!

  5. I’ll be out @ ORMA tomorrow for the game to see the school with no rools, or is it the schule with no rules.

  6. this seems to be the proof that Dudley is good against good schools but those schools that run a wide open O with the athletes to make it work they would not be able to keep the score low.. in order for Dudley to stand a chance against schools like this they have to open up their O as well and put as many points back on the other team. Dudley has always relied on their D until they meet a SUPER, SUPER high powered O that put up 27 points before the half. Now as I was saying they need to be able to shift their O as well to be able to respond in kind when they meet schools like this.

    From what I am hearing this could have been a super big blow out but it seems Hillside called off the Dogs and just cruised on in for the win.

  7. Southeast turned the ball over 3 or 4 times in the 1st quarter and early in the 2nd but was able to over come and score over 50 again for the 3rd week in a row. Was 54-26 but should have been a lot lower score for ER if the Falcons were able to take care of the ball early….they made the adjustment and defense did its job well in the 2nd half. Will be interested to see how many yds Michael Fields Jr had on the ground tonight when it all get added up….should have everyone back next Friday night too.

    Nice win Falcons..always nice to get a win down 421 and 49.

  8. The way to beat Dudley is simple; win the line of scrimmage and stop the run. Now executing that plan is a different story. You can run all the wide open offense you want but you have to beat Dudley in the trenches. The report I got tonight is that is what Hillside did. Dudley having a bad night doesn’t make them a bad team. They just got beat. They are stll the man in this County until someone proves otherwise. So far the only team in this County that has pushed them in the last 2 years is Ragsdale.

  9. Dudley/Hillside game:

    Kept hearing over and over all night that Dudley’s Offensive coach should be fired.
    He was confused, hyped and did not coach well tonight.

    Don’t know the coach but your name was in the stands tonight!

  10. Call me old skool…………..until another team in Guilford County beats Dudley on the field, they are #1 in Guilford County. Now, if Smith smacks Dudley next week, then they have earned the right to ascend to the throne. Dudley can’t win a state title every year, but they can and will compete. This team isn’t as talented as past teams, but until another GCS beats them, they are still the King of The Hill.

  11. Chickens comin’ home to roost . . . . . .there will be other losses this season as well,and another year WNSC (WITHOUT NO STATE CHAMPIONSHIP) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Is there another school in Guilford County with more State Football Championships than Dudley in the last 20 years?

    Give Dudley’s Program some credit!

  13. It’s amazing how people love to HATE on a team when they lose. I was at the game, and yes Durham Hillside is a awesome team this year. Last year Dudley beat that same team, with the same players. But this year Hillside got the best of them in a BIG WAY { FRIDAY NIGHT }. But for most of ya’ll, you act like Dudley all of a sudden is a bad team. Newsflash Folks, Good teams to lose games hear and there. The last time Dudley got beat this bad was to E. Randolph in the 2nd or 3rd round of the 2006 3aa playoffs 27 – 6. And Grimsley beat Dudley 21 – 0 during the 2007 reg season, but Dudley went on to the 3aa Championship and won against Charlotte Catholic 28 – 20. Matter of fact they loss 3 games that year. Okay they loss, I know for a fact if Hillside toured the TRIAD REGION, they would beat every team up here, with that team. They are bigger, faster, smarter than any team I seen since the Charlotte Independence Teams that won it all. I don’t think nobody on Dudley’s team, every said they were the best this year. People want Dudley’s power grip on the Greeensboro Area to end so badd. But when Page was kicking everybody’s butt for 2 or 3 decades, where was the Haterations for them, People !!! Oh by the way, somebody said Northern was shorthanded, well guess what ? Dudley had 6 players out that game as well with injuries. Hillside is a highly skilled team, that might win it all…….this year. But yeah, Dudley is one way team and the fans, including myself was highly upset with the coaching. But Hillside is on a big roll right now, with one thing in their sights… A Championship !!!

  14. All these pointed head people that can now call themselves experts on Guilford County football seem to come out only when Dudley looses… If I remember my history correctly, and I do, every team Dudley has lose to in the last 4 years they have come back and avenged that lose that same season…. Can any other team in this county say that???? NO!!!!!!!! Tonight Dudley faced a team with a purpose, a team that after their 3rd round loss last year sat and talked with their head principal and put it in their heads,and hearts to go all the way this year…. The Hillside Hornets returned 22 starters from last years team, anybody that knows football knows what that means…. 22 young men with drive and a purpose…. They understand that to be the best, they have to play against the best, just like Dudley understands that…. What other team in Guilford County can show by their schedule that they play the best in the state year in, and year out???? Looking at the schedules of the other schools, who do they play for the first 4 games of the year, fluff 3A, 2A, 1A teams that didn’t go to the play-offs the year before… Padding their records to look good at the begaining of the year, but where are they come play-off time???? At home because they didn’t mix it up with real contenders, so they never saw what they were made of, and when it counted they had nothing they could count on, so before you start talking off the top of your pointed heads… Who has your team played, and how far did the team you’re playing go last year in the play-off’s???? All the teams Dudley has played this year made it to the 2nd round of the play-off’s or better…. ALL OF THEM!!!!!!! How many teams can say that about their opponents???? Very few, so until your team can match that……. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. That’s one thing I give credit to Dudley’s Football and Basketball { girls and boys } year in and year out. They will play good teams where-ever. No, they don’t win them all, but at least they wern’t scared to play them. How many teams up here would have played Richmond Co. in their den, having not loss in 7 yrs at home.

  16. Northwest has had to play Richmond county in richmonds den TWO years in a row in the first round! So dont act like its only dudley who is playing the tough teams! All Dudley has is Speed and sometimes when you play another school with players who will knock you in the mouth(hillside) your gonna get killed like they did tonight, really interested to see how the Dudley-Smith game goes….I think this is smiths year to take back some glory from this rivalry that has been dominated by Dudley in recent years. Smith has tough players that also have speed just like HILLSIDE!!! im calling it here…..RIGHT NOW…………………….SMITH 27……DUDLEY 14

  17. Smith is good, it will be interesting to see what happens. But I will be honest about on thing, Coach Davis better start working on at least a short- mid range passing game to keep 8 people out of the box from now on. Because every team will play Dudley the way Hillside did.

  18. NW Fan,

    Dudley has more than just speed. Dudley has been one of the most physical team in the area for the past 4 years. There line play on both sides of the ball is what helped them win two state titles.

    BTW, I support SEG Football just in case you were wondering.

  19. I know that a student from PHS that thought the grass was greener on the other side at ORMA played in one game and tried to enroll at Page this past week saying he never enrolled at ORMA – in fact he hasn’t even attended one class. ORMA coaches please let the student athletes that are being successful in the public schools play for their schools. I know what was promised to this young man and hopefullly he will share the lies that were told to him and his Dad – if only he could turn back the hands of time – shame on you.

  20. NW Fan….’NW has played Richmond Cty 1st rnd past two years”….blah…blah….blah…NW has played Richmond Cnty for two years because of your seed not because you chose to…get real…….I’ve seen Dudley play this year and they will be fine….you speak down on Dudley but NW seems to avoid ever playing them…get your school to the playoffs this year and past the first round..then come back and run your pie hole…..this is from a NG fan

  21. I really don’t think that people hate on Dudley. When any Guilford County School has a chance to win the state, people from all schools come out to support the kids. It’s thje arrogance of Dudley’s coaches that turn people off. Dudley gets by every year on talent. When it comes down to who is the best coach, versus the best team..Dudley always loose. Last year when the football team lost it’s final game fans were talking about coaching then…how the coaching staff wasn’t smart enough or quick enough on their feet to think to kick a field goal. Boys basketball could have won at the coliseum but from poor coaching and the girls basketball team the same. These coaches are exposed when THEY HAVE TO COACH their team to victory. I agree that Dudley teams seek out competition nationwide, especially in basketball. Dudley’s atheletes work hard and have hearts of champions, their coaches…well…let’s just say…..I would have fired them all after last year and hired reall, smart coaches that can think. I wonder how well the boys basketball team will do this year without PJ shooting from Willow Road. I think Reggie will do well and wish them well, but Price better be ready……..

  22. To change the subject, SEG had 619 yards rushing last night and Mike Fields Jr. had 419 yards and 6 TDs. The Metro is going to be wide A$@ open this year.

  23. David,

    Please dont get up here and you tell lies about a kid leaving ORMA and trying to go back to PHS. First of all no Coach lied to the kid. His father is on the ORMA Booster Club, yes he got hurt but that is part of the game but please dont try and get up here and take shots at the Coaches please if you dont know the situation. The player will be on the sideline for the game today. Let Page do Page and ORMA do ORMA. If the truth came out PAGE WOULD lIKE IT. Just maybe the kid was not going to have enough course classes to go to College. So Please stop your lies. If you dont like ORMA you dont have to support ORMA, but the truth is the truth. Page used the kid but I want go their. Good luck to PHS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everone knows why he left Page!!!

  24. Don’t know all the story here Cadets but I do know the kid and his dad, good people and wish them the best. I do take exception to your comment that Page “used him”. Would you please expand on that thought.

  25. If it was a kid that left Page and went to ORMA, I thought that young man got hurt and is out and if that is the case we need to let him rest and get well…All parts of Page that I have talked to have wished that young man well and were very concerned for him when he got hurt…..

    The teams are doing good, ORMA (3-0) going into today’s game and Page (4-1) after last night….There are some good things going on around here and it is only going to get better…..

  26. Good point Andy. Also like to congratulate Smith on their resurgance. An earlier poster pointed out that there is parity in Guilford County but for the most part we can’t compete outside of the area and he’s right. Teams like Smith getting so much better helps make everybody else better. I hope in a few years we will be talking the same about the Grimsley program.

  27. Cadets,

    I’m sorry if you took offense to my comments – his father might be a member of the booster club but he was also at PHS trying to enroll his son this past week. This was not a lie the facts are the facts – has he attended a class at ORMA becasue as of Monday he didn’t attend classes there? If he didn’t like PHS or felt like he was “used” then why would he try to enroll again after leaving. I’m glad that ORMA has a football team – I think it’s a great place for kids to pick up another year of high school to pick up their grades and/or give athletes the opportunity to play more games. I wish the young man nothing but success in the future I know he will be successful both on and off the playing field because he is a great kid.

  28. Congratulations to both HPC and Smith for pitching shutouts this week, after their grueling overtime battle against each other last week.

    These are the two best teams football teams in Guilford County this year folks! Yes it’s true and by seasons end there will be no doubt of this. So a special kudos to those two programs this season!!

  29. Hillside is a GOOD FOOTBALL TEAM; Dudley beat the same team last year and we had 22 seniors and now hillside has 22 seniors. The thing about us is we are ok with a loss. A loss is a wake up call, allows you to revist what you doing and what you need to do to win. The hillside coach or one of the coaches have been to at least two dudley games scouting as well.
    Now about the game. Our Defense is still great.. however they have to get off the field and rest and in order for that to happen the offense has got to move the ball. Yes it is very frustrating to be down and know you are going to lose and not take risks. how do you keep the opposing defense honest if you run the ball say 10 out of 12. If you are going to take the L…take some risks. Throw the ball and the few very times it was thrown complete or not the next running play was successful. Another point how can you get three-four delay of game calls….the plays are coming in from sideline. Defensive plays came in slow.
    I hope that the Coaches takes this learning experience…Take some risks quicker play calling. Everyone knows we have a power running game our defense and o lines are great. We have to use the pass screens flats 5 and out to keep other defenses honest.
    Now we didn’t quit We got a blocked punt finally got to the qtrback , stripped the ball for a fumble and held Hillside below their avg of what is it 46 points a game. THEY DID NOT CALL THEIR DOGS OFF as stated above. Sometimes as a head coach you got to take over the game…that’s why you the head.

    We were laughing at the game…Dudley lost all of g-boro will be excited. It is funny.
    A lot of people came to the game cause they wanted to see Dudley lose. Yall act like we have never lost before.


  30. And your point is???? You know them Panther’s on your mind when all a person can say is no state championship. Uummm how many teams play a season with no state championship…99 out of 100. There can only be 1.

  31. Folks lets not forget who the KING around here! We take on all takers! Sure we loss but we will be back. Don’t get all fired up and start hating when you all know yall don’t want none of the PANTHER SMASH POTATOES! OH SMITH, Don’t think for one moment that that lilback is going to come running through holes like he has done on subpar teams. We run things around here in Basketball both men and women and definately football. So please don’t wake up the SLEEPY GIANT!

  32. Could it be that he was there for open house with his youngest son. I believe that was the story he told us at the game. Also just for the record the kid has been in school for two weeks, not since Monday. Just trying to get the record straight, and again good luck to PHS.

  33. This is to ankersaway:

    I have seen you post several times on different blogs on the internet. You are evidently a NG parent or employee. You are constantly posting negative comments about a lot of GCS schools and their teams, especially NW. There must be some bad blood there but even at that, you can get on these blogs, whatever site they may be on, and talk about other schools, talk negative about their programs and brag about being an NG fan. But there is one thing that NG will never have that other GCS schools have and that is RESPECT. That has to be earned my friend and no matter how many games NG wins or how many play off games they get in they will never be able to attain what they want they most and that is the RESPECT from their peers… you shut YOUR pie hole. Nobody respects NG but NG.

  34. @Ankersaway….
    You are right on point with what you said… NW didn’t choose to play Richmond County, they had no choice… You don’t pick who you play in the play-off’s, so quit trying to compare from a stupid point of view… Making pointless points.. NW plays who they think they can beat, too bad Smith wasn’t the same old Smith…. They beat NW back into the stone ages, and NG was still beat up from playing Dudley, like you all would be if you had the balls to play them…. NG will do very well in 3A, they are a good tough team…. To bad NW didn’t see them with Rocky at QB… So until you all at NW grow a pair big enough to play DUDLEY….. SHUT UP, and this is from a DUDLEY fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Thanks Dr. Al.!!

    Dear Rodney Dangerfield….LOL…the dead do speak, eh? Just to clarify things go and put my name in the “search our site” box and see all my posts… are way off in your accusations as I do not rant and rave about other programs on this blog or other internet blogs….Thats all I nead to say about that…….Bad blood you say….this fuels rivalries….does that mean anything to you?….don’t take it so personal….I guess it must really hurt losing to NG two years in a row….kinda like getting your arse kicked by your step brother… go get your 5-6 wins and play Richmond County again in the first round and I guess earn some RESPECT.

  36. Cadets,

    Sorry but he met with the principal trying to enroll his son back at Page during the day. I don’t know if he attended walk the schedule night – I wasn’t there. Good luck to you all as well.

  37. David,

    If he did that then he lied to the principal, but that is not the story he is telling. If that is the case then, PHS should look at a player from Dudley he went to ORMA and lives in Grimsley District and also went to a full contact camp in California. If you telling me that the Principal said that he could not come back to PHS fair is only fair. But some school dont play by the same rules.

  38. Good job by Grimsley to at least get on the board and that young QB Jake Simpson is going to be a good one before it is all said and done……I have had people asking me about him and Travon Woods and I think that Simpson is freshman and Woods is at least a junior, maybe a senior…..

  39. Travon is a senior. I have been tring to convince him to play football for three years. Until this year he had focused on basketball. Its scary how good he woud be had he played 4 years

  40. Andy, let’s clear up 1 thing regarding the NW vs Grimsely game! Grinsley did not score a td period!!! I don’t care what the final score was! Just check out Fox 8’s Friday Night Highlights! He CLEARLY NEVER had possession of the ball! Video doesn’t lie!!! Doesn’t matter, we beat them. Yes, I know we should have & we did! That doesn’t take away from Jake Simpson’s talent! I have watched him for several years & he is a good athlete. He simply doesn’t have a receiver to go to! NW is gearing up for our 1st conference game against Glenn & that’s the focus now…..conference wins!! I have too much respect for all the kids who play this game to give ANY credence to the jerks who choose to talk so much smack on this site to respond to their silly, inmature comments!! NW football is for real & w/ the young talent they have, will hold their own in conference play. We look forward to taking on Ragsdale & Central! We’ll take the underdog role, but don’t be surprised when we BITE!!!

  41. I had heard something about that TD and we have been seeing some phantom TD’s this year, but let’s still get in a pop for Jake, Travon, DJ, Charlie, Manley and the others cause they are still putting the hats on each day and they are working hard to turn this thing around….

    NWG has turned it around and they will have a big conference game this coming week with (0-5) Glenn…..That is kind of a shocker that Glenn is (0-5) with kids like Josh Hawkins still around, but Glenn has lost to all of those Forsyth County foes…..Reagan last week like 24-14 and Carver before that, plus the powers of Mount Tabor and West Forsyth and North Davidson at the start of the year, Glenn has lost to them all….

    NWG’s QB Matt Pawlowski is not completing a ton of passes, because he doesn’t throw a ton, but his completion % is one of the best in the state…..NWG lost to NG by the one, 25-24 and that game aside, they have only been blown out one time and that was by Smith and we all seen what Smith has been doing…..NWG has speed to burn with Baxter, Pauley, Dalton and others back there and they should still be in position to contend for the Piedmont Athletic title…….

  42. @fairplaygcs,

    you must be a blond!!!! First the player you are speaking about never attendended class at ORMA!!!! Then you should see that he has always attended Dudley and has the reassignment paper to prove it!!!! and lastly you may want to READ up on the contact rule…. Find the rule that says that players cant participate in NON HS TEAM hitting in the summer!!! I know you can read, right!!! You may even remember the Player Development League that the NFL use to run in all states…. I think, LOL I know that used to hit too…. Simply put I think the first thing and individual must have to be even remotely fair is FACTS and since it is evident that you dont have them you should change your screen name to pasturemouthgcs, cause youre really talking alot of BULL right now!!!! The funny thing is you giving false information to someone else…. Its true the blind can lead the blind…….LOL Call Doyle Craven and Mo Green to make sure the kid is clear….. Oh, by the way I did….LOL and thats FACT not BULL!!!!!

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