We lost one: WFMY TV2 JV Football Game of the Week

We lost this post from yesterday, during an editing process this afternoon, where we were deleting the Thursday Gripe or Complaint Box and updating for Friday’s edition….

The post was announcing that the Eastern Randolph at Southeast Guilford JV football game last night was the Game of the Week and WFMY’S Brian Formica was there on the scene and we have that footage up on the site today….

Eastern Randolph at SE Guilford is our WFMY TV2 game this week.

SEG won the game last night 20-12 and we did have some very good comments on the game at this post, but they all got washed out in the editing process…

Feel free to come back with some of those comments here, as we did see some very enlightening thoughts coming in from the Chicken Plucker, from down in Randolph County…..

Sorry for the inconveinence, but when one goes down, another post pops up and here we go again……


  1. I said it and I stand by it! The Eastern Randolph JV team may have lost last night to Southeast Guildford, and even though SEG did controlled the game, it has little bearing on the varsity game tonight.
    Eastern Randolph will win the varsity game, hands down. Why you ask? …Because Southeast knows that what’s supposed to happen when they play us.
    It been a “decade of dominance”, game after game, year after year. The SEG kids know their place, its mental. Eastern Randolph has already demonstrated we can run with and beat METRO teams, tonight will be another feather in our cap…a Falcon feather that is.
    ER by 21

  2. Eastern Randolph played a good game. If you broke down the game, it was obvious ER has the quarterback and the passing game. Unfortunately, ER couldn’t get their run going last night but the passing game was strong and exciting. I’ll admit, SE Guilford has a lot of sophomores on their team and they appeared to be very physical. We should see good thing out of ER’s JV team for the remainder of the season.
    As a longtime ER fan I too recognize ER’s “decade of dominance” over SE Guilford, But I don’t agree with ChickenPlucker’s comment that the “SEG kids know their place”, that’s just fueling an already heated rivalry.

  3. Talk is cheap. Too bad sefan hasn’t looked here on the JV blog yet. He’ll have you eating crow come Saturday.

  4. Chicken, stop embarrassing yourself. What happened last nite? Southeast didn’t back down, our kids didn’t quit, from where I sat it looked like the Southeast put the bench in the game and let everyone play a little.

  5. Hey, hey, hey that’s a good one ChickenPicker. Mighty big talk for a little bitty school. I just hope SEG doesn’t overlook this meaningless game tonight. We will see if you are still clucking after the game.

  6. SE Guilford has 34 freshman on their jv roster and less than 15 sophs on the roster. That is a young JV team.

  7. I’ll tell you what ER DOES have and that is an announcer that can sing the National Anthem like nobody around. I don’t know if he is the football announcer but that guy did a fantastic job this summer during the legion games at ER. And that fellow…sang A cappella.

  8. Hey Chicken Plucker – does your infamous ER play Dudley? Ragsdale? Page? If so – how does your decade of dominance stand up? If not – well then we will just leave it at that. Go Falcons!!!!

  9. @ sefan–

    Now you KNOW the AD @ Page gave me the “political” side of me not singing the National Anthem for their last home and you just HHHHAAAADDDD ta rub it in, didncha? DID-N-Cha??????


  10. Hey Chicken Plucker..looks like the falcons left with all their feathers intact tonight. Looks like your “Decade of Dominance” just fell like a stack of Dominoes…Instead of chicken, I guess you will be eating crow tonight. Hope it tastes real good!

  11. Hey Plucker,

    I see your prediction was right … Southeast did lay down against ER tonight….THEY LAID DOWN 54 POINTS ON THEM. The only way ER scored was sloppy play by the Falcons in the first quarter and part of the 2nd quarter turning the ball over….but hey, hope you enjoyed those Falcon feathers tonight.

  12. Chicken Plucker,

    Southeast has won 3 out of the last 4, so keep hanging onto the memory of the 1st half of that decade you quoted. Over the last 4 years, the only close game was the gift SEG gave you last year. You can also chalk up the next two years as losses.

  13. SE fans just play the game! Win or loss! WE don’t need to lower ourselves by writing crap. We need to show some class no matter what others say.

  14. I feel like I’ve been gang tackled! You have to admit SEG was lucky Friday nite, because had the Wildcats played to they capabilities it would have been a different game! Several things attributed to ER’s loss; we had an off-nite catching the ball as the Cats were 11 for 28, that was frustrating. Also our ability to create turnovers was limited to only 3 strips and we didn’t capitalize on the opportunities, so you can see the fortunes of war didn’t smile on us. Just remember that football and Eastern Randolph are like Thanksgiving and turkey, where as METRO is a basketball or maybe soccer conference. Just check out the ER standings at the end of the season.

  15. I’ll tell you what attributed to ER’s loss. Try a good SEG defense that swarmed and smashed the ER passing attack, you had the feel sorry for the Cat QB he needed all nine-lives Friday nite just to survive the game. And how about a stable of SEG running backs, that the ER defense could not find an answer for. Your remaining schedule and standings will have little bearing on your so called dominance of the METRO. Come on back if you want some more.

  16. I know that after the game there was a lot of finger pointing at our QB for the high number of incompletions thrown during the game and the plays. First, the ER play callingis the responsibility of the coaches, if there’s any blame it belongs to them alone. Secondly, SEG has most physical and nastiest group of linebackers were have faced in a long time, they didn’t make any big mistakes and filled all the gaps all night long. SEG changed the Defensive scheme several times which made it difficult to make adjustments for. Most of our rushing yards we QB scrambles, which tend to produce some yards even against the best of linebacker corps, but my point is that when you are running for your life its hard to have a precise passing game (6 balls were thrown while in the grasp of the SEG tackler). Our QB is very talented and we are fortunate to have someone durable enough to withstand the critics who didn’t dress out Friday nites.

  17. I’m sure if mom has 4.6 speed and runs fearless, Coach Fritz can get her about 10 carries a game. We just have to get her cleared to play.

    The SEG offensive is doing a great job. Haynesworth will be back this week. I’m sure he would have posted 100yds on ER, but his weekly contribution wasn’t needed.

  18. SEG ran 4 or 5 running backs, they’re running very strong, all matched up exceptionally well with the O-line which is impressive. Haynesworth was out for the ER game, not sure what the injury was. Hopefully he will be back for Grimsley game this week. Each of these runners bring something different, they can run a defense into the ground. Coach Fritz won’t hesitate the pound and pound between the tackles and you can’t letup for one play or they are gone. Last couple weeks has proven that if they get through the D-line the secondary isnt able to tackle them. Fields and Haynesworth are big and powerful and can stay on their feet. I was shocked by their speed during the Southern game. But like I said last week, both sides of this O-line can play football. Now its METRO conference time and the road gets really tough, I’ll looking forward to watching a good football game this Friday.

  19. Haynesworth was tossed from the previous game for pointing to the sky after breaking off an 80 yard run. By rule, he’s ineligible for the following game. The kid is no showboat.

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