Penalties handed down to North Carolina football players


Chapel Hill, N.C. — Two football players for the University of North Carolina must miss games and repay benefits before they can return to the field, the university athletic department announced Wednesday.

Kendric Burney, a cornerback, and Deunta Williams, a safety, are among a dozen players who sat out the team’s first two games while the team is under investigation by the NCAA for alleged improper contact between players and professional agents.

The NCAA handed down penalties for the pair Wednesday. Burney, who received $1,333 in benefits, must miss six games and make repayment of $575.19 to a charity of his choice. Williams, who received $1,426 in benefits, must miss four games and make repayment of $450.67 to a charity of his choice.

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  1. I can hear the sound of some wrists being lightly touched. You don’t think UNC gets treated differently do you?? If this was at NCSU they would have already shut down football for the year.

  2. This is just the beginning. Penalties will be stiffer for a few. They also have the goods on Blake and Davis. Davis will be gone after this year. UNC will also have to forfeit all wins last season. Even current asistant coaches acknowledge they are prepared to look for jobs. many concerned they now have a black eye themselves for being involved with Butch Davis and John Blake. they wil end up with loss of scholarships and possibly worse such as loss of bowl games and TV exposure.

  3. Perhaps a wrist slap but much more severe than previous (and recent) penalties at other schools. Do some research or read and see. Most similar and very recent violations have resulted in 2 game suspensions.

    I have no problem with cleaning house if need be.

    sefan – I simiply disagree. And, it aint over yet.

  4. So, I guess in this society, kids can get arrested by beating up bus drivers, caught with drugs, ect and maintain eligibility but kids that associate with former players and get help on a paper are thrown in NCAA jail until they sort through the wrongs and rights of this mess.

    The thesis of all this is be very careful throwing rocks at schools if your school lives in a glass house.

    The ncsu folks have been jealous for years of the athletic programs @ UNC and would love for Butch to be ran off.

    I did forget something, ncsu did fluke win a NC in 1983 and did I mention the Bass Master Championship also, The Tractor pulling championship.

    That wasn`t to harsh was it o`go to NCAA and appeal that.

  5. They did more than associate. they took illegal benefits and monies from agents. that’s just a touch more than “associating” with someone. And yes, they were cheating in school. But we have known that for years. LT and Peppers bragged how they did not go to classes for a year and a half. It’s one thing to get some help on a paper or your homework. But to have people writing the papers for you? To get the actual test a day or 2 before the test date? Come on. The rest of us worked too hard for our degrees. The chickens are coming home to roost.

    Personally I hope Butch stays as coach. 1st, he isn’t very good. 2nd, he lost the guy that brought him the talent in John Blake. And 3rd, he will never have any credibility around here. What parent in their right mind would want their kid to play for a guy like Butch? Every other coach will have a field day recruiting against him. I think UNC would be very foolish to keep him but I hope they do.

  6. The same was said when redshoes slamato was there. Great recruiter not a great gameday coach. Those kids from Florida had no intentions of furthering their education, asked some of the professors,that is why Fowler forced him out.
    TA ( NC kid)went to class with his breakfast and earphones on and never heard a single word of what the professor had to say.

    To answer your question as to why a parent would let your kid not play for BD it `s about getting them to the league. Thats the bottom line in Division 1 football they “the kids” are there for that reason and that reason only 2/3 of them.

    Why as a parent would I want my kid to pay for TOB @ state when he has allow them to play after having major brushes with the law. He obviously hasn`t littered the NFL with BC or ncsu kids.

  7. Oh I thought we were talking about UNC football. Your losing basketball team is fodder for another blog. I’m sorry they were almost NIT champs last year wahoo!

    What is UNC’s record against NCSU in football for the last three years pal? I guess cheaters never win. I’m with “tell the truth” above I hope that Butch stays and takes the athletics department with him.

    I just think it is funny how we have heard for years about the clean sports programs at UNC. I especially love folks like my brother-in-law who profess to be ACC fans but can’t pull for anyone except UNC because of their “clean” “all american” programs. Just like you he doesn’t have much of significance to say this year.

  8. So since we are keeping score trivia ? when is the last time nc state was in the ncaa tourney(Sendek can answer that) ask Herb! For the record, unc has won 2 count them 2 National Championship since you guys have even participated. Secondly, granted nc state has won the last 3 before this run unc had won 11 of the last 15 and the alltime record in the series unc has taken care of wuffies pretty handily.

    Bottom line is NC State < UNC Chapel Hill both athletically & Academically

    Those are the facts.

  9. At least TOB disciplines his kids. He had 3 kids get caught in an apartment with dope smoke. They all got suspended for a game even though they were acquitted in court. Sturdivant gets caught with dope, gets a misdemeanor yet no punishment from Butch.

    I thought you went to college to get a degree. Do you realize how many kids don’t make it to “the league”? Do you realize the average life span of an NFL player if you are lucky enough to make it? So you play 3 years. You get out, you’re 25 years old. What are you going to do for the next 40 years?

    And don’t feed me the line that everyone is doing. Everyone is not cheating. At least TA went to class. More than we can say for LT and Peppers. BTW, O’Brian had one punter on the roster and he wasn’t going to class and TOB suspended him. He had a kid fail a drug test and he kicked him off the team. Can ole Butch say that? Get your facts. Grobe kicked a starter off the team for a season for having help on a paper. TOB kicker his only punter off the team.

    So just because a kid is from Fla. does that mean he is not going to further his education? At UNC are Austin, Burney, Williams, Sturdivant, Powell, Little, Brown, and Carter from Florida? Not only were they not going to class but they had others doing their work.

  10. The myth of the ” Pristine Carolina Way ” is busted.
    Chris Hawkins – Agent as defined by the NCAA and cocaine possessor as defined by law enforcement had unlimited access to the UNC football facilities and players during most or all of Butch’s tenure. According to him “Tarheel players looked up to him” even though John Bunting removed him from the team and he completed his football career at Marshall.
    John Blake–I do not even need to elaborate on his reputation. His “Recruiting prowess” is well known.
    Greg Little–His lack of character is well known.
    Marvin Austin–Uses social media to call attention to this whole UNC scandal.
    Butch Davis—Continues to refer to all of this lack of institutional control inquiry as an NCAA “Review”.
    Lack of Institutional Control Sanctions are soon to occur.

  11. Get your facts straight.
    It was Charles Shackleford that was amphibious not Cozel McQueen.
    Dean Smith also recruited Chris Washburn as did many other D1 programs.
    Currently on the UNC football team from the junior class there were 12 of 24 players that were not automatic NCAA qualifiers and had to get special consideration from the admissions office. One was Dwight Jones who was rejected by Clemson.

  12. There is now a facebook page on the UNC scandals.
    Just goes to show how much UNC is viewed by the masses.

  13. If I had to go to school in west raleigh I would hate everything about CH also.

    Those fairgrounds they Cf / RBC facilities are a joke.

    The student body urinate all over themselves in the stands. Talking about institutional controls.

    If my memory serves me correctly didn`t Dwight Jones enroll at Valdosta State and later nodified of a Ncaa oversite? Win something and we can talk about your athletic program until then go back to your investigation!

  14. Chris Washburn did have a horrible SAT. But unfortunately his score was higher than current UNC player Tydreke Powell. Odd how Powell went from a horrible SAT to a above average ACT. But when asked to take the test again he could not come close to duplicating that score. No wonder Wake Forest had to drop him. i wouldn’t discuss Dwight Jones, he quit going to class his sr. year.

    Inquiring, unc has done better than state in basketball. To bad they had to cheat academically to do it. Funny how Joe Forte’s mom goes from unemployed janitor in New York to staff position at Integon. Or UNC players getting tests before the test day, or being granted to take tests open book since as professors said, ‘they travel so much’.

    You can have that unc degree. Unless you are headed to law school or med school it isn’t worth what it once was.

  15. Your kidding yourselves if you think that this isn`t taking place in every Division I school in the country. Some more than others.

    I`m sure it is not condoned at any other school including unc but no school is exempt.

    There are alot of skeletons in school closets but some are just better than others in covering there tracks or urinating on them!HaHaHaHa

  16. I wonder if Greg Little was working with the tutor when he was on the basketball team? UNC-CHeats has lawyered up trying to keep this out of the basketball program.

    Non-exempt, not everyone cheats. You’re making a statement which you know nothing about. I can tell you, Grobe isn’t cheating.

  17. The notion that all schools participate in academic fraud is ridiculous. The last several years UNC has scooped up every 4 or 5 star recruit that has been rejected by other universities. And I’m not talking about universities like Duke and Vanderbilt. UNC has jumped on Clemson’s, NC State’s and Ga Techs commits that were rejected for not being identified academically incapable of handling the university and it requirements.

    For example….Dwight Jones, Ryan Houston and Tydreke Powell were all rejected by Clemson’s clearinghouse and promptly signed with UNC. Last I checked, Ryan Houston is one of the academic fraud casualties on UNC’s roster. Is this a coincidence? Of course it isn’t. Houston should have never been admitted to UNC, but wins are more important that academic integrity in Chapel Hill. Rather than take their lumps or even better, come up with a fix, the media and some UNC fans are blaming the violations as widespread problems spanning all universities.

    Why has no one defended FSU or UGA or Minnesota in recent years when their programs received significant penalties for academic fraud by University employed individuals? Does Carolina’s “Way” make them different? Is in unfathomable that UNC’s successes on the field/court and in the classroom are one big farce? Shame is, real UNC fans….the graduates….are appalled that this may slightly diminish the value of the degree they worked very hard for….the fans on the other hand….just want to win, despite the loss of integrity. I guess the media will just hide its head in the sand until basketball season.

  18. Rob is right. All of those kids could not get in other ACC schools but somehow they get in UNC.

    We are all finding out what we already knew about the “Carolina Way”.

  19. So that we can understand this delusional fan base that calls themselves wolfpack nation,are you guys implying that ncsu has higher omission standards than unc,thats ridiculous.

    How many of kids that couldn`t meet the omission standards that you all`s neighbors to the east(ecu) got involved with at the last second,I can`t count on both hands.

    You would have a difficult time convincing anyone other than delirious” that has not won anything in the last 3 decades” fanbase that is ncsu has higher omission standards than unc, is a complete joke. I`m nor anyone else is buying that argument.

    Go have another parade and tractor pull!

  20. Omission Guru
    I think you mean admission guru.
    From your lack of spelling skills I can tell that you are a Walmarter and did not actually attend UNC much less graduate from it.

  21. WOW!!! I mean, the “o” is no where near the “a” or the “d” on the keyboard. I wanted to charge it to a typo…I really did. Smh….


    UConn stand up!!!

    University of Iowa stand up!!!!

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