JV Football Tonight: Page JV’s look to get the juggernaut jumping again this evening

We got some numbers in on the Page JV football team this week and they are impressive…..(4-0) this year and in the midst of an 14-game winning streak and owners of a (40-4) record over the past 4 seasons…..

On tap tonight in the County:

Smith at Dudley
Grimsley at Southeast Guilford
Page at Western Guilford
Ragsdale at WS Parkland
Glenn at Northwest Guilford
High Point Central at East Forsyth
Burlington Williams at Northern Guilford
Eastern Alamance at Eastern Guilford
Trinity at Southern Guilford
South Granville at Northeast Guilford
WS Reynolds at Southwest Guilford

High Point Andrews(OPEN)


  1. I might be wrong but I think NW JV is 33-1 in the past 3 seasons. Last loss came against Mt Tabor 2 years ago.

    Wish we could see the NW JV and Page JV teams go at it this season!

    NW JV record

  2. Going into this evening’s games, this season:

    High Point Central(4-0)
    *****Those are the only unbeatens that I am aware of this season….*****

  3. All these JV records are great but how do we get from JV wins to Varsity wins? These teams are dominant at the JV level but not at the Varsity level. Granted, Page is good but not dominant at the Varsity level. Not like their jV team. It’s easy to explain with NWG……….after a while you learn how to defend that ground game. Freshmen can’t handle stopping it. Plus some schools play a lot of sophomores on varsity. Case could be made that the experience they gain makes them a better varsity player instead of feasting on weaker talent down at JV.

  4. translate are you blind?page is good but not dominant at the varsity level. not like their jv? are you really serious? what do you think the varsity teams are made up of? you didnt play football because you are clueless.

  5. The topic of this Discussion is JV football not how does it translate over to Varsity! But since you want to get on the topic I will. Page has been on the rise the last few years and now has to be in the discussion every year for the Metro 4A title. Remember 5 years ago NW was a 1-10 team. Now in back to back seasons they’ve made the playoffs and is a team that can be real dangerous. I look for NW and Page both to compete for the Piedmont and Metro titles! I wonder where they got all these talented players from……hmmmm Could it be from successful JV teams!

  6. well excuse me but if you read your on blog or message how can anyone tell that or thats what it was meant. maybe i or we took it out of context. sorry but it doesnt seem thats what you are truing to say.

  7. Does anyone know how EG’s JV are doing this year. My brother plays on the Eastern Alamance JV and I’m heading over there to watch tonight. Just wondering what their record is or any other info? Thanks!

  8. As I said, Page is good but not dominant. Their JV teams are dominant. Haven’t lost a game in 2 years. Can the Varsity say that? NWG was middle of the pack again last year in their conference. As far as dominance, Dudley has lost 5 games in the last 3 years and ragsdale lost 6 games in the last 3 years. Reidsville is dominant

  9. One reason Page JV is so good is they have the whole package. On offense, not only can they run the ball extremely well, they have a passing game that is second to none. The QB is spot on with the passes and receivers seem to know exactly where the ball will be – and they are there. They are able to switch up the offense based on the defense of the competition. Defense is also very dominant and stops a lot of first downs from coming to pass. This team seems to be getting stronger and stronger each game. Looking forward to watching them against Western tonight.

  10. Page over Western 38-14.

    Putnam was 3 TD passes. RB K.J. Marony had 2 rushing TDs.
    Page put in the 2nd string defense in the 4th quarter and Western scored their 2nd TD in garbage time.

    Western actually scored first, and Page never looked back scoring 38 unanswered.

  11. As a parent that has a child that played on Page’s undefeated team last year and was subsequently moved up to varsity, I will say this….

    My son played offense as a fullback on Page’s JV team and DT on defense. Since he’s moved to varsity, they no longer run that option so now he’s just plays defense.

    Seems to me that the JV squad runs some options that the varsity squad doesn’t.

    Could that be the difference? I’m not sure because I’m not sure if the JV teams runs an option using a fullback on offense.

    Just my take on it…….

  12. I meant to add “I’m not sure if they do THIS year” like they did last year. I’ve not had the chance to watch the JV team play this year.

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