Wearing ties, but Kiser girl’s soccer looking for win today versus Northern Guilford

Courtesy of Lex Alexander:

The Kiser Tigers girl’s soccer team is undefeated and they are looking to keep that streak going today as they face the Northern Guilford Nighthawks….

This will be a very tough one for the Tigers and they are looking for another win and not a tie, but in honor of their co-horts on the Kiser Tiger football team, the young ladies have chosen to wear ties to school today and their game-day dress code has taken a step up, with the very important matchup, with the NG Nighthawks coming up, this afternoon….

Good luck to the Tigers and good luck to the Nighthawks too, but it would be kind of fun to see the Tigers keep that winning streak going and to see them wear the “Tiger Ties” to school on game-day, for the rest of the season…..

And for the Kiser Tiger football team, you guys better give it up for the girls, they are on the move and they might just be headed toward an undefeated season……Watch and learn guys, watch and learn……

Thanks again to Lex Alexander for helping us to get the Kiser Tigers girl’s soccer team on the radar……


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