Michael Fields(SEG) NCPreps.com Player of the Week

NCPreps.com would like to congratulate the following player for being named the
Player of the Week for Week 5:

Michael Fields, Jr. – Southeast Guilford

In a 54-26 win over Eastern Randolph, Fields ran 26 times for 445 yards and 6 TDS.

Info from Deana King at www.ncpreps.com


  1. Congrats Michael! Had him in my US History class- wonderful kid whose having a great senior season for SE. Keep it up.

  2. I’ll bet Michael has another 400 yards tonight. If Grimsley’s varsity is as soft as thier JV we’ll run them up and down the field. They may have some big time prospect on the line but I haven’t heard anything football related about that kid. All i read on here is that he was nice to the special needs kid. Don’t get me wrong, that deserves to be recognized and it’s something he and Grimsley shoudl be proud of. But, kindness doesn’t make you a D-I football player. Looks to me like he’s only getting looks because he’s as big as he is, not becuase of what he’s doing on the field. I guess we’ll see tonight won’t we!

  3. Seen feilds run and I must say he is a good running back with good size. Running for 406 yards is huge no matter who you are. I cant wait to see how he does against Smith Dudley and Page. Congratulations Mr. Fields and get you another 400this week if the whirlies cant stop you.

    As for that D1 player at grimsley he is a good one but he has no help on defense and they dont run behind him on offense(To busy running outside with no speed in the backfield) . I saw an article on CarolinaBlue about him this week. Talked to my friend on Clemsons recruiting staff and they love him I fail to believe that D1 schools give scholarship cause a kid is big, u must have some talent.

  4. You think their coaches are blind to talent? If he was that good, wouldn’t they run behind him?

    What has your buddy at Clemson seen on film other than Grimsley getting spanked everyweek? If this kid was as dominant as everyone things, he’d be making plays all over the place, regardless of what help he has on defense.

    I seen nothing from Grimsley other than soft play from kids who look like they could care less about winning. they just want to wear a jersey and put it on their college resume.

  5. Hey,Andy its Chek again, i told u in preseason about MichaelFields Jr. And i said that he would be one of if not the best RB in guilford county .. Iknow its still early but watch out .. I hear he’s looking forward to playing the BIG 4 in Greensboro(Grimsley,Page,Smith, and Dudley) so he can show them that he and the Falcons are FORREAL…….. Congrats to Michael for this honor and others…

  6. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Fields is a talented kid, but there is plenty of football left to be played. Hopefully, he gets the ball 20 times or less tonight and turns that into 200plus yards. Haynesworth should be ready for 200plus himself after sitting out last week’s game. I would rather have a well rested Michael Fields, Jr for the Smith game than to see 400 put on Grimsley.

    Also, SEG was suppose to beat Grimsley last year. It didn’t happen! That had to be one of the most disappointing games of the season in a disappointining year. Yes, this is a new year, but I’m sure the kids at Grimsley feel like they have a chance to pull the upset here. If SEG fails to show up (See SWG Game), this may not be as easy as advertised. So, I would let the scouts worry about the scouting. If you are a SEG player, than let your play on the field do the talking for you.

    Go luck Falcons! Let’s get a victory and walk away healthy.

  7. Gofalcon

    I don’t know what they have seen I didn’t ask. And since neither you or me have a scholarship to Give it really doesn’t matter. I can tell
    what I have seen from Grimsley but I think that’s a dead horse on here.
    But enough about Grimsley, Congratulations to young Fields and good luck tonight

  8. SEG has five (5) good running backs. Each brings something different in skills and means for running the ball. Not to take anything away from Field’s who has almost 1,000 yards after only 5 games, or Haynesworth, Petty, Taylor, or Glasper, but if you are “watching the game” its more than onviously that Coach Fritz’a Offensive Line is something special. The opposing defenses don’t simply lay down and yeild to these fine SEG running backs, it’s the O-line who getting the job done. I’ve had parents from ER and Southern tell me that they were completely unprepared for the level of play SEG brought to the line battle. SEG runs well off both sides of the line and will capitalize on nose guards who charges ahead. Fields and the running backs are riding on a O-line that might be the best at SEG in years. This line love’s the sucesses of their running backs, because they know that it takes both elements to produce these kinds of results.

    This should be a good game, Grimsley has gotten better each game and may be playing their best ball this week..

  9. Hey this is dj reader the comment about how I’m no very good is pretty weird considering I get scouted all the time. And the flieds kid

  10. Hey this is dj reader the comment about how I’m no very good is pretty weird considering I get scouted all the time. And the flieds kid at southeast is really good don’t get me wrong. also to go falcons if you knew anything about the sport of football you would see that saying if I was that good I would be making plays all over the place is completely dumb. Because what you are say is that with no help one player can beat 11 ( not to say that my team doesn’t give me help) but that is what you are say as a person and I don’t know about you but I will take one on 11 any day of the week no matter who it is playing defense

  11. MIB, well said and thats the truth.

    I’m sure Fields appreciates his offensive line, good running backs always know who’s taking care of them!!!

  12. I can vouch for DJ Reader in that colleges are very interested in his services. I have already had a couple of college publications(Dot coms, unversity forums, webs, etc.) contact me here at the site with interest in him this season and I’m sure we will be hearing from more….Who wouldn’t want a 6’3 300 pound lineman that can move and is still growing?….He has and will do well…..Teams are interested and they will get a very good one when he declares….

  13. DJ who said you weren’t any good? No one on this column even mentioned your name. I doubt it would ever be anyone from SE since you used to play with these kids and they know you. Remember the SHARKS? You’ve got plenty of friends at SE who hopes you have a successful college career going forward.

  14. i am a coach and i can tell you this young man talents are eye openings. the sky is the limit for this young man. i have met him and he is a class act every where he goes. very very talented. mr. reader dont let people offend you, keep doing what you doing and good things will continue to happen for you. i would love to see you keep hitting that baseball , some one will draft you . you can go to college and play football and baseball. good luck to you and continue to do great things. GOD loves young people like you.

  15. I totally agree with Reader is Good.

    I’m not sure if you all was aware Mike Fields was player of the week on 102 Jamz and when he was asked to give his shout out the 1st person her thanked was GOD, 2nd O LINE, SE Team, Coach, and Fans. He is truly a remarkable person. I wish the Falcons good luck tonight & the rest of the season…

  16. Go Falcons,

    I am a SEG fan and parent. I may know you, I may not, since you don’t use your name on here.

    I have know DJ casually since he was 12 and played with my son in travel baseball. He never fails to speak when I see him whether at a sporting event or restaraunt or a store, and addresses me as “Mr” even though it’s not necessary. He has size, ability, speed, great feet, and above all is a young man with great character. His parents have instilled good things into him and he has a bright future. He has unfortunately not been surrounded by the best supporting players, but watch him tonight and you will see he is good. It takes more than 1 or 2 good players to overcome 11 on the football field.

    I feel sure (just my opinion, have no 1st hand knowledge) that if he was inclined he could have transferred to a magnet or academy school somewhere with a number of star HS players, but he chose to stay put where his address said he is supposed to go to school. As someone said to me last night..”you can’t hide that size and speed”

    After college scouts find out a high school player can play their chosen game, the next question is “what kind of kid are they”. DJ is the kind they want.

    If you and sefan (whoever that is) are at the game tonight…come up and introduce yourselves…I am sure I’ll be standing up top on the bleachers on the SE side.

    Safe game to both sides tonight

  17. The “go Falcons” guy has to be Michael Fields friend or something if he thinks Reeder is just big and has no ability!

  18. @ dj reader–

    If that was you…son, let me offer you a piece of advise (please?)

    The blogging world is fairly new. I’ve found out that people will use blogs as as format to voice their opinions. At the end of the day, it’s JUST that–their opinions!!

    Please don’t indulge yourself in defending yourself ON A BLOG. I don’t know that much about you but from what I googled, as long as you stay injury free, you should have a promising future.

    For every negative thing you may hear or read, prove them wrong ON THE FIELD! Don’t waste your time, thoughts and energy responding on a message board.

    In closing, stay healthy, keep your grades up and may God bless you and may Heaven smile upon you.

  19. Underdogs Unite

    Thank You so much for confirming what I told DJ when I spoke to him about earlier this afternoon. He’s young and gets bothered by the little things.
    Thanks again.

  20. Dj
    I dont know you or have i ever seen you play…. but from what im hearing, you sound like a fine young man…keep your head straight, keep your grades up, and the sky is the limit!! Good luck to you son, dont let anyone bring you down.

  21. MIB,
    Our O-line is good, but to call it the best in years. Before tonights loss, I disagreed with you. After tonights, I would say this line is a good high school line. To be the best in years, you have to dominate the line of scrimmage no matter what. Tonight, the running game was bottled up. Look at the SWG game from earlier this season. For this line to be the best in years, they need to redeem themselves against Smith, Dudley, Page, etc.

    I’m not saying the O-line is responsible for tonights loss. I actually think they played well, just not dominant. They also didn’t turn the ball over.

    To Go Falcons, I hope you’re not a player. My little brother tells me there is no way one of his teammates would be on this site evaluating a Grimsley player’s performance. After tonight, I would say there is plenty for SEG to work on with SMITH coming to town.

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