Looking back at the Quarterbacks: Quite a crop this fall in Guilford County

It has been a bumper crop for quarterbacks this fall in Guilford County…..Our county agent, is going to have his hands full, trying to keep up with all of this talent….We got to talking about this topic a little bit back on Saturday night, after all the dust from Friday night’s games had settled, and this is what we were saying, along with the crowd that had gathered here at the site and around the county agent’s tractor….

We have what might be the best crop of QB’s in the state right here in Guilford County, with James Summers(Page), Jeff Sims(Smith; with a real soft touch and right on the money…), Luke Heavner(Ragsdale), Drew Adams(HP Central), Jamie Cunningham(Southern Guilford), Matt Pawlowski(NWG), Daniel Downing(Northern Guilford; might be the most underrated, but puts up huge numbers from the left side), Airyn Willis(SWG), Demetrius Dick(Dudley), Jake Simpson(Grimsley), Josh Thompson(WG), and others at NEG(Tyler Martin), SEG and EG…..May have left someone out if so, SORRY….

Young QB’s are on the way like Jordan Putnam at Page, Garrison Herndon at Ragsdale, Austin Proehl at WG and even Simpson has to be considered a young gun at Grimsley, since he’s only a freshman and Kalen Pratt(JR) will be ready to take over at Smith next year and Richard Hayes is already taking #1 snaps as a sophomore at Dudley with Dick on the DL….

Putnam is doing a super job for the unbeaten Page JV’s at (5-0) and he has seen Varsity time in several games this year with Parkland and last Friday night’s Western game being ones that I am aware of….Putnam a sophomore understudy, for James Summers this year, and even more so next season and then the full-time man, in Jordan Putnam’s senior year…..

I saw Herndon throw a TD for Ragsdale late in the game last night with WS Parkland and he is another young QB that is going to be real good….


  1. What’s the update on Dudley’s Dick? Some type of knee injury? Whats the word on that? I’m sure he went to the doctor today.

  2. For sure a knee injury….Left out on crutches Friday night….Got to be thinking two-three weeks out, but hopefully back sooner….Southern Alamance for Dudley this week and there’s a break/off week, in there somewhere coming soon……

  3. Lots of good players but James Summers of Page is the best athlete in the bunch, closely followed by Willias at SWG. But doubtful he is a QB. Summers fits in that GT/WF mold. Both unc and ncsu showing strong interest already.

  4. I haven’t look at all the numbers but as far as passing goes I know Drew Adams should be at or somewhere near the top in those stats.

    Also is there any team in Guilford county no scratch that the entire triad who’s group of recievers have been as impressive as the Bison’s have this season? With Derek Grant leading the way, who has some of the best hands in the state, the Bison offense when clicking is a thing of beauty.

  5. Last I heard from my High Point people, Grant was right between 700-800 yards receiving on the year…..I will try and do some more research on him this morning….Trying to get Grant and Adams on our web cast show this Thursday at Shane’s….I think the overall public would like to hear from Grant, he may be one of the tops, if not the top receiver in the state and he is right here in Guilford County and Drew Adams is right there with him getting him the ball at the rate of about 250 yards per game….

    Summers would be a good fit for N.C. State, with Russelll Wilson due to finish up after this his junior year, and head on to pro baseball full time, but I feel football might be a better fit for Wilson, just look at what Rivers is doing, right at 425 yards passing last Sunday, but Wilson is just a little bit shorter that Rivers, in Rivers at 6’5 and Wilson at say 6’1 or 6’2….

    Summers can run much like Russell Wilson and Summers can throw it too and the upside is, he’s only a junior at Page and plenty of time to keep getting better at what he does….

  6. Agree that HPC’s receivers are good and that Adams is one of the best QB’s in area. But…I’ll put Ragsdale’s receivers up against anyone. Relying more on the run than the pass (1203 yards rushing vs 927 passing through 6 games) the Tigers have 4 receivers with over 10 catches. Jr Anthony Stewart – 12, Jr Justin Briley – 12, Soph Erik Romer – 11, Sr Deshawn Shouse – 11. Also have Sr tight end Pete Romer – 8, and Sr Tyquan Roberts (6′ 5″) who missed several games only has 3 catches but is back to close to full speed now.

    As always, Ragsdale looks to run first and just got last years’ 1400 yard rusher D-onovan Smith back after missing 3 games, but certainly has an excellent group of receivers and a big-time QB in Luke Heavner who has completed 59 of 107 passes for 5 TD’s. They mix run and pass well.

  7. Summers is either a wide receiver or a safety at the next level if he goes to a true D1 school. Maybe a QB @ A&T or a 1AA school. A little bit premature to compare to Russell Wilson, don’t you think? A probable pro in two different sports!!!! Let’s see how these guys do with 4 300+ pound defensive linemen who run 4.7 40s coming after them!!!! Let’s be supportive and positive and at the same time realistic, Andy.

  8. I’m sticking to my guns on this one…..I’ve got to believe that Summers will go the route of a Russell Wilson, based on what I’ve seen from Summers so far….Not the baseball, but just the football….James is just a junior and let’s hope he keeps improving and I think he will…I have seen him break off some long runs like Russell and that is probably where the comparison hits the closest….Summers passing game should keep growing as he keeps growing over the next two years….Looking forward to watching him grow as a football player and a young man….

    Let’s don’t forget, Summers is a pretty good basketball player too….Very deceptive rebounder and he gets some real big ones….McCain was that type of rebounder, you don’t realize they are out there and they have racked up 10 boards or more…….Hiding down low among some other bodies….

  9. Bobby Coley,

    How bout you put those same 5 guys who are 300lbs + in front of him blocking too, and I’m sure you’d see an even better player out of James. You obviously have no clue of talent. The kid is completing over 50% of his passes, which is a good thing considering the number of dropped balls that he has had. He surely would have about 6 or 7 more touchdowns had the receivers not dropped some touchdown passes. He is an athlete, but I believe he will be just fine playing QB in D-1.

    When FSU wants him to play QB, then I’m sure most other colleges will want him to play QB as well. He is already getting looks from these D-1 schools and as a QB. At least that is the word from the street.

  10. According to MAX PREP the QB with the best passer rating is Pawlowski with a rating of 120 followed by Cunningham with a rating of 114. Passer ratings give the true picture of the PASSING QB because it takes into consideration attempts/completions/yards/TD’S and Most importantly INT’S. Check North Carolina and then click on the passer ratings and you will see the list. It does not take into account the running capability of the QB.

  11. I check Max Prep and came up with this list for QB Ratings:
    Pawlowski 120
    Cunningham 114
    Sims 112
    Adams 99
    Heavner 75
    Thompson 74

    Less than 5-6 games at QB
    Scarfone 118
    Downing 90

  12. the nerve of some people on this site to discredit a football player who has talent. just because james summers doesnt play for your school dont get mad. that kid is an athlete , give credit when due. the main thing we should be doing is standing behind any athlete instead of saying if this if that. the kid can play no question about it. you right dropped passes has hurt his numbers. but hey he gets the job done. he is going to a big time school he is a talent. the same people that says negative things about him will be paying to see him play in college. or better yet your kids will be paying to see him play. some kids have talent , some kids dont . and the last time i checked he has talent. any kid that can take over a game when they want to is talented. do the dang thing mr.summers i enjoy watching you play. i will pay every friday to see you play.

  13. bisonherd my GOD give it a break. hpc is not the only team in guilford county. hpc is a good team. they are well coached have good players should make a lot of noise in the playoffs. every time some one says something about an athlete some one at hpc is better. i know you love your team but there are a lot of good players on teams that fit what offense and defense their teams runs. give it a rest . we all can use a break from your talking and who hpc is better than. you really love your bison but give the other teams and players their due. thank you go bison

  14. Passer rating, what the ratings don’t take into account is level of competition, and the athletic ability of the athlete. Summers and Willis are D1 athletes. I see Bobby Coley’s point that Summers may be a WR or safety. he might. But he also might be a QB. He’s just a Jr. Some guys are good HS QB’s but not necessarily great athletes. Stats don’t get you recruited. You have to be athletic.

    Haters, nobody is hating on anyone. Be glad someone is discussing Summers. Argueing over whether a kid is a D1 QB or a D1 WR/safety is hardly hating on the kid. If so I wish someone would hated on me and my kids in that manner. No need to stir it up. The kid is a baller.

    Adams is definitely having a great year. Stats look great. But where does he go from here? College recruiting is much more competitive than parents think. Adams can play after HS but where? He is a very good student. Do you go to a Bridgewater or Guilford College to play football or do you go to UVA, WF, NCSU or UNC and get a degree?

    As much as I like Summers, do not begin to compare him to Russell Wilson. All Wilson has done is start 3 years of QB on a D1 program, make all-conference, play D1 baseball at multiple positions, get drafted in the 4th round by the Rockies and did I mention he has already graduated? Yes, Russell Wilson did all this while getting a double major in Business management and Econ. in THREE years. Yes, he played 2 D1 sports and graduated with Honors in 3 years. Oh yea, he was President of the business fraternity at NCSU. And he never went to a full summer school because he played baseball every summer. The kid is a freak.

  15. Andy,
    I do not understand your rationale fro taking my post off. I played D1 football myself, and that was an honest appraisal where I see James Summers. There is a big difference between playinf HS ball and being a D1 QB. You may watch a lot of HS athletics, but my guess is that you never played very much—that’s not a criticism but there are lots of people who watch, understand, and know sports, but there is a big difference when you add having played. I actually do have contact with three of my assistant coaches (2 are now D1 head coaches and the other is an assistant at a very, very successful DII program. Like athletes said, you can’t compare a junior in HS to Russell Wilson whether it’s the politically correct thing to do or not.
    If you are going to run a blog, then let people have an opinion. It seems you cater to the “goody two shoes” of the sports world in GSO. If people are out of line, then take them away, but at least provide an opportunity for dissent. Everyone in the world is not wonderful!!!!
    Bobby Coley

  16. Athletes,

    Andy was talking about the comparison of Wilson and Summers as football players, not as a baseball player or student or as a fratboy.
    Just strictly football. That too hard to understand.

  17. Passing — 45-94-3, 757 yards, 8 TDs
    Rushing — 891 yards, 11 TDs
    Total — 1648 yards, 19 TDs

    Through 6 games, he averages about 149 rushing yards 2 TDs, 126 passing yards 1 TD. That’s 275 yards of total offense, 3 TDs per game.

  18. @ athletes, what’s not hard to understand is that Summers can’t hold Russell Wilson’s jock strap in football or anything else. I understand that. Obviously you don’t.

    You showed your ignorance by using the term “fratboy”. Business fraternities are much different than social fraternities.

  19. It was just announced on 102.1 that James Summers is the 102.1 Jamz player of the week. All this attention…hmmm…I’m hoping he keeps a certain level of humbleness about him.

    I’ve learned in my sports lifetime (UConn alum) that you can have pure God given talent but TRUST me…no one wants to work with an arrogant, cocky, self absorbed individual…for long! The players talk. Yeah, I know some of it might just be sour grapes but after what I heard prior to the Ragsdale game and subsequently witnessed, it didn’t amount to sour grapes! FYI–It was told to him that there would be four scouts at the Page Ragsdale game. He played just about every offensive position that night and what happened…THEY LOST!

    Mr. Summers is no doubt a great player but I’ll be willing to bet my hard earned pay check that (in the English language) “There’s no “I” in team!”

    Just one opinion.

  20. Underdogs,

    Sour grapes probably. For a fan of Page, I’m not quite sure why these statements are even made. Just my opinion.

    James does not believe in “I” as in team. I can assure you of that. I could give you a million examples of why I believe so, and I’m quite sure you would have a different opinion.

  21. SUMMERS STATS: Thanks, that gives him a Rating of 90.6 and that would be 5TH on the list of local QB’s. I know I know, he is so much more. Looks like he needs to be a running back and not a QB.

  22. I can tell you Summers has the full attention of Ragsdale followers. talented football player. very athletic. good luck to him in his journey.

  23. bobby cooley you played d1? scout team doesnt count you were a tackling dummie. why are you people are so mad because summers is the best qb in this area? is it because no one is talking about your son. look up the word compare. thats all andy was doing . and to compare summers to wilson was right on the money. no one is talking about baseball ,of course summers dose not play baseball he plays basketball. you guys really dont have a clue about comparing some one versus knowing talent. athletes you dont have a dog in the fight that comment was dumb.what are you talking about. underdogs unite are you for summers or you against summers? it sounds like you are talking about him in a bad way. is this true? and reading your blogs i thought your were a page fan. care to explain?

  24. !st of all, nobody is mad. Bobby just stated his opinion from someone that apparently played the game. And I don’t know where he played but whether your’re scout team or 1st team, you learn more than most about teh game. You see1st hand how talented you have to be to play at that level. Summers is a good player. the good news is he is just a JR. He projects to do well. Let’s see what happens. Let the kid be a kid. Just let him play.

    As to comparing him to Wilson in football only, they are similar in their running style. In comparing their passing abilities, Wilson set an NCAA record for most passes in a row withoput an int. he went 376 passes with a pick over a 2 year span. Ths year he threw approx. 160 passes before he threw a pick. Summers threw 2 in one game recently, one with the game in doubt. I think it is a little early to compare Summers to Wilson in football.That doesn’t mean he can’t play. He has a bright future. Just let him be James Summers and let him play.

  25. The first time I ever saw Summers and Rogers was in a Page-NEG JV game on Labor Day Monday in September of 2008 and I have been hooked ever since…I enjoy watching these kids play and all the kids for that matter cause I like to see a kid work hard and make something of themselves and I do believe many of them will….

    Look forward to seeing where they all end up and since I keep up with N.C. State quite a bit, I don’t mind seeing our guys go down there to Raleigh and helping out the Pack.

    It’s a lot of fun to follow the college teams and even more fun when we see our area players doing well there on Saturdays….Keep up the good work all of you local quarterbacks, many of you have a chance to shine on the next level…

    We follow them from the pee wees to the pros, and it makes for good passtime for us all….

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