Swim or sink: Will we use the rink?

Ogi Overman, editor of the Jamestown News, once said if they built a pond/lake downtown, that it could turn into a “Field of Streams”…..

What if they built the pond or lake and they froze it over?????(Click your heels together twice and we will have ice, downtown.)

It would be almost as Jed Clampett once described it on the Beverly Hillbillies…..A cement pond and it would be frozen over for ice skating…..(The Frozen Pond!)

If we combined the ideology of Ogi Overman and Jed Clampett, then we would have an outdoor ice skating rink, in downtown Greensboro….These forward thinking entrepreneurs, Overman and Clampett, Ogi and Jed, may be on to something or maybe they were on something, possibly from Irene Ryan’s jug, we will never know, but the idea of the outdoor rink is being skated around and it seems like it might be on solid ice and not sliding on thin ice….

What do you think? The new aquatics center is going up over on High Point Road and now we have an outdoor ice skating rink in the planning stages for downtown Greensboro……We all like iced tea, but do we want “Iced G”????? And what about the group that is bringing “Puff the Magic Dragaon” to UNCG????? What were Peter, Paul and Mary smoking when they hit the road with that tune?????

Does former mayor Jim Melvin have an interest in taking us back to the “Ice Age”? The “Joseph Bryan Ice Rink”, would look mighty n-ice sitting across from/beside the Children’s Museum, in downtown Greensboro…..There would be people skating down there till after midnight, on a cold December evening, just two days before Christmas and who wants a new pair of skates this year????? They could bring Jeff Brubaker back in to run the pro shop, down at the rink…..

This Ogi Overman/Jed Clampett idea has legs, but does it have skates to go on those feet?????

What do you think, swim or sink, will we use “The Rink”?????

from Sunday’s N&R on the rink, with Donald Patterson on the ice, wearing #99:

Organizers said last week they want to operate a temporary, outdoor ice rink downtown from Nov. 17 to Jan. 21, leading up to the start of the 2011 U.S. Figure Skating Championships at the Greensboro Coliseum. They want to call the event Piedmont Winterfest.

They believe the time is right.

“Having the championships in town, that’s the perfect scenario,” said Elijah Lovejoy, president of Renovo Designs in High Point, who wants to put on the festival. “I think this is the perfect year for it if the funding can come together.”

As for raising the $65,000 needed to construct, set up and operate a 40-by-85-foot rink, Lovejoy said Friday he’s more encouraged than ever.

“We’re closer,” he said, “but we are still not there.”

To read more on the rink with Mr. Patterson CLICK HERE….Or click your heels together twice and your “ice” skates will appear……..


  1. Count me in. This could be one of the best events to ever come to our city and if we don’t make this happen it will be a big mistake. Elijah Lovejoy knows what he is doing and he can make the skating rink happen so please don’t let this one pass us by. Mr. Overman has come up with many ideas in the past that have not been worth their weight in canary manure, but this is one of his better plans to ever hit Greensboro.

    This will bring many people together in the winter, both those in the high income brackets and the homeless so don’t sleep on it Greensboro, get downtown and skate. The US Figure Skating Championship committee will take notice and they will bring more dollars with them when they come to town.

    Good luck and we can’t wait to hit the ice and share some prime ice time with you!

  2. I agree with Tonya if we could somehow combine this with a knee scoping clinic I think even Nancy K. would come.

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