ACC Football Tonight with Wolfpack over Seminoles in Raleigh

N.C. State 28
Florida State 24

N.C. State(6-2/3-1)
Florida State(6-2/4-1)


  1. Stop it right there. You wolfpeckers just need to pu a lid on it. You urinate in the stands and you have a coach that is boring and doesn’t cheat. Also, we tarheels have a better graduation rate than you, so just suck it.

    UNC Rules!


  2. El Gordo has it right. State would have a better graduation rate if we had tutors writing our papers. State is an engineering school. just a touch more difficult that pyschology, econ, sociology. Over the last 5 years the sports marketuing grades at UNc have risen from an average of mid 80’s to 96. Odd how a major of mostly athletes keeps seeing the grades improve. I guess UNC is just recruiting smarter athletes. I guess Georgia Tech sucks too. Another engineering school that doesn’t have grade inflation or hand out diplomas.

    Tough being a UNC fan today. State wins and the local papers including the Daily Tarheel file suit against the university for information. And then it comes public with the jewelry store (Merchados) that was dispensing the free bling to the boys. And then the car dealership in Durham came public today. The more the NCAA pulls that loose thread the more in unravels.

  3. I believe Butch, Dick and Holden could each tell a lie twice and believe it themselves the 2nd time they tell it.When the papers finally get this info and publish it there will be another $hi+ storm in Chapel Hill.

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