Friday Post Game Interview with Page’s Kevin Gillespie

Here’s the Post Game Interview with Page Head Coach Kevin Gillespie after their win over Dudley.


  1. Jason aren’t you the same guy that said Kevin couldn’t beat Dudley just a few days ago? Remember just 2 years ago he went to the 4th round and lost to eventual champ 71st only because his QB and back to back Metro 4A Offensive player of the year tore his shoulder out on the first possession. Not sure why you’re on him so bad, especially when he just proved you wrong.

  2. You’re right. I was wrong about the Dudley game. Mark it down, Page goes out in round 2 this year.

  3. Yeah Jason,

    I dont know what your beef is, but the FootballFan makes a great point. How was the program before he got there? Page may lose in the 1st round, but in case you haven’t noticed there is a ton of good teams in the 4AA bracket that they are being predicted to go in. So, if they get beat by anyone of them teams that they’ll face then it shouldn’t be considered a wash of a season.

    I watch that team every Friday night, and I can assure you he is doing what he can with the talent they have. I do believe that if his o-line were older kids and bigger kids then you’d think differently. There is one senior on that o-line, and the rest of them are sophomores. Therefore, give it til next year for Page to make a run. They will have 18 returning starters next year. The o-line will be more experienced, and they will have the same skill guys back missing Thuc Phan and DJ Caldwell (starters). I hope Page does well this year in the playoffs, but I’m looking for next year to be their year.

  4. The teams Marion Kirby coached in the 80’s had less talent than Page does now. I know they had a few make it to the NFL but as a whole, a lot less talented. One of their state championship teams in the early 80’s had an offensive line that averaged 175lbs per man.

  5. I hate to disagree with you Jason but, your talking about having players in the mid 80’s like, Haywood Jeffries (NC State/Houston Oilers), Tripp Welbourne (all american Michigan), Jeff Dunn (Alabama), Todd Ellis (South Carolina, holds several records). These are just the ones that I remember their names, there was also a linebacker that played for NC State, Clayton something and several others. I played against Page in the mid 80’s and do not remember them having an O-Line that averaged 175 per man. Todd Ellis was like 6-4 and he didnt tower over his offensive line.

  6. You’re right GCcoach. They did have some big names in parts of the 80’s. The O-Line I was refering to was in the early 80’s.

  7. The early 80’s is when they won all their championships Jason. Please get your facts right. You’re saying there is more talent at Page now than then? Jason I coached with Kirby, Bill King, Bob Via and Kevin Gillespie. The talent level at Page doesn’t come close to what it was then. Take 1984. Starting QB Todd Ellis (Parade High School All-American, His back up, Stafford Moser, got a full ride to Wake. The third string QB was a junior and the next year he got a full ride to a little place called Alabama. Mix Tripp Welborne (All American DB at Michigan) Clayton Henry, NC State, and Haywood Jeffries NC State Houson Oilers in there and it’s not close. I’m not sure why you hate Kevin so much but again please do your homework before you make such statements.

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