NC or VA? Does North Carolina have more and better college football than Virginia does?

In North Carolina we have more major universities playing college football than Virginia….We should be recognized as having better college football than Virginia….

On any given Saturday in the state of North Carolina we are following:

N.C. State
The University of North Carolina
Wake Forest
East Carolina
…..That’s five major DI schools right there…..Then you can throw in Appalachian State, Western Carolina, Elon, even N.C. A&T and soon to be UNC-Charlotte or Charlotte as they like to be called…. plus any others on the subdivision level and we have more college football to follow in our state than they do in Virginia on a given Saturday afternoon or evening, in the fall of the year….

Virginia only has two schools on the major DI level:

Virginia Tech and
The University of Virginia….

On the subdivision level you have:
William and Mary
James Madison
Liberty University and then what?????

Maybe Hampton University and soon it will be or might be Old Dominion…….

For College Football in the Fall, it looks like we have Virginia beat like an old Revolutionary War drum….North Carolina over Virginia, any arguments?????

We’ve got a lot of college football to keep up with here in North Carolina on any given Saturday…..

Throw in:
N.C. Wesleyan
Greensboro College
Guilford College
Winston-Salem State
Elizabeth City State
N.C. Central
Johnson C. Smith
Fayetteville State
*****Are we leaving anybody out? I can’t think of any others right off the top of the helmet….*****


  1. NC has more, no doubt. Better, matter of opinion. NC probably stronger in D1 with NCSU, UNC, Duke and WF. Although quantity doesn’t mean quality.

    Va. probably stronger in FCS or D1AA with James Madison (beat VT), William and Mary, Richmond, ODU.

    Va. also strong in D3 with Hampden Sydney, Washington & Lee, Bridgewater.

    On academics, VA. it’s also close. As strong as UVA is, Washington and Lee is the #1 rated school in Va. followed by William and Mary, UVA, VT and Richmond.

    Probably have to give the edge to NC in football and Va. in academics.

  2. Whoa! Lets not forget Appalachian State!!!!
    How many NATIONAL (I-AA) Championahips did they win in a row, 3-4?
    They put NC over the top for sure in football.
    Even though I am a Tarheel fan, Duke helps put us over the top academically. Don’t Forget schools like Elon, Elizabeth City State, Davidson, JC. Smith, NCCU etc. Which all have strong academic and most football traditions.

  3. Appalachian is the best football team in the two states. The Mountaineers have not lost a game this year and mathematically they are better than all of those ACC schools. Long live the ‘Neers!

  4. Just like those 2 years that App. St. won those national titles.. they were by far the best team in the nation those 2 years. BWAHAHAHAHA.. yeah right.

  5. Andy don’t forget Gardner-Webb and Costal Carolina, they are both building great programs in the Big South Conf.

  6. You are spot on, right on the money about Gardner-Webb and Coastal Carolina, but Coastal is in the Big South Carolnia state, way down in Conway…..Both programs on the way up in the Big South Conference….

  7. No big deal….Aaron Jones from Western Guilford is there and they are a good bunch of Chanticleers…

  8. I appreciate and stand behind all the kind the kind things you all are saying about the team we have in Boone and I feel that we could beat those schools that you have listed in North Carolina and Virginia. To be the best you have to believe that you can win every game and we do. As for the teams down in South Carolina on the Division I level, I don’t want no part of them teams…..GO ASU!

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