Busy day/days at High Point Central

from www.news-record.com:

HIGH POINT – Police are investigating multiple bomb threats called in at High Point Central High School that have caused three evacuations during the past two days.

High Point police Lt. Tim Ellenberger said the latest threat was called in today at 10:30 a.m., and also threatened Ferndale Middle School.

Both schools were evacuated and classes resumed at 11:45 a.m.

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  1. On a lighter note, will QB Drew Adams send a bomb to WR Derek Grant later on today at practice and will HP Central decide to use the shotgun at Ragsdale on Friday night….

    Even using this lighter thought may be dangerous….Probably better keep this lighter out of the schools…..

    Hope things are looking up soon over at HPC….

  2. On second thought it’s probably just a prank by some kids wanting an early dismissal out of class. Hopefully this is just a foreshodowing of the bombs that the bison will be throwing in Jamestown this friday.

  3. Everybody tryin to make HPC sound so bad i knw im nt a student at hpc bt i do go to HPCA so im part of it anyways whoever doing this yu just making us look like a better school because you putting our name out dere and the same time yu getting yourself in trouble to be calling this stuff in

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