Thoughts and prayers go out today to the family of Leslie Miller

Leslie Miller lost her bout with cancer yesterday and our thoughts and prayers go out to her family in their time of grief…..

PLEASANT GARDEN — Leslie Jessup Miller died Tuesday, November 2, 2010.
Funeral arrangements are incomplete at Forbis and Dick Funeral Home Pleasant Garden….

Leslie had been battling the cancer for over three years and she lost her battle on Tuesday….She was very active in the Pleasant Garden community and she leaves behind her husband Keith, plus sons Adam and Evan(Tiger)…

The entire Miller family has done many positive things in the Southeast Guilford area and they have contributed countless hours of time and energy, in making that part of the county, a better place to live and raise a family….

Keith stayed with and supported his wife during her fight with cancer and the sons, Evan and Adam were there by their mother’s side until the end…..

Tiger’s mom and dad raised him the right way and he has been working hard on his baseball game over the past 10 years, to try and earn a college scholarship one day, so he can take some of the financial burden off of his family and Tiger has done all he can to be the best he can be, whether he has been at Southeast Guilford with the Falcons or now as he attends Oak Ridge Military Academy with the Cadets….Tiger’s mom was proud of him and she will see him move on after high school and he will continue to make her and his family proud…The Millers have a strong military background and Tiger will be able to carry on the family tradition…

Adam was a skinny kid back in the day, but his mom had the chance to see that skinny kid, grow into a strong young man….Adam and Evan always did their best to help their mom any way that they could and their mom loved her sons….I can still remember seeing Evan(Tiger), hit the floor at say age 9 or 10 and he would knock out 50-75 pushups, in no time at all…Not bad for a 10-year old kid…Adam brought home numerous trophies and awards for Karate and for his BMX riding and the Millers were always an active family….

Again, I know that Leslie Miller was proud and pleased with Keith, Adam and Evan and the fact that the men in her life cared enough to stay strong and faithful to her in the end….

This is a big loss and the battle is not completely over yet, as Keith, Adam and Evan(Tiger) must stay on here and carry out what their wife/mom would have wanted and that is, that these three men work hard each day and give their all, so that in the very end, they will be winners no matter what….

A great family and they have been very supportive to this sports site over the years and we grieve with the Miller family in the loss of their female leader, Leslie Miller….

Thanks to Danny Shutt for passing the news along my way and I’m sure that many of the people in the Pleasant Garden and Southeast Guilford communities are with me, in expressing these thoughts and prayers for the family of Leslie Miller…….