Could we see the “Proehl Bowl” with Kernodle Middle vs. Eastern Guilford on Thanksgiving Week?

The Battle Lines have been drawn up…..Can we make this game happen? Kernodle has only given up 12 points all season and Eastern Guilford is almost as stiff defensively…..Four shutouts for KMS and three for EGMS……

Here is the layout/map/game plan……

Kernodle Middle School 8 Northern Guilford 0
KMS 24 Kiser 6
KMS 24 Allen 6
KMS 31 Guilford Middle 0
KMS 24 Northwest 0
KMS 18 Southwest 0


Eastern Guilford 34 Southern 6
Eastern 36 Jackson 0
Eastern 34 Northern 0
Eastern 36 Hairston 8
Eastern 34 Southeast 0
Eastern 36 Lincoln 6


Kernodle vs. Eastern Guilford for the Title……

We can make it the Proehl Bowl and play it on the Saturday night before Thanksgiving at Proehlific Park and everyone can bring canned goods and a small turkey/chicken for your price of admission and we can donate the food to the Urban Ministry for Thanksgiving or Christmas meals, or pass the food items along to Ham’s Restaurants for the Holiday Meals for the homeless and those in need of good hot meal…

No LIVE animals please….


  1. I wonder if Eastern will keep those same athletes at their school for highschool? Or will other schools come dipping their little hands in and claim that it is their school that all of a sudden made them great?

  2. Andy,
    NCHSAA only allows 7 regular games and 1 preseason scrimmage. The only way for them to play is off site and no school coaches present. Also they wouldn’t be able to use any school equipment either (pads,helmets etc). A sport like baseball or basketball can be done since there is no equipment needed.

  3. We’ll have to play it on the Saturday night before Thanksgiving at Ricky Proehl’s Proehlific Park…I’ll coach Kernodle and Bill Slayton can coach Eastern Guilford since he used to teach down there at the Wildcats’ high school….

    If Ricky Proehl provides the equipment and it is labeled as a game for charity, we ought to be able to get it in……

    What do you think??????

    Can we do it???

    Who’s with me here??

    Are we on for 7:30pm Saturday night November 20th at Proehlific Park?

  4. Andy how can you coach and march in the band at halftime, see if Proehl has any band equipment you can borrow.

  5. Might have to do a little Rudy too too on the Tuba…….

    Turn that Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! into Andy! Andy! Andy!………How can you keep the fastest man in Guilford County off of that field…..I’ll be there after my workout at Guiford College on that afternoon and this will not be my swan song either….

    Hey, it’s not about me, let’s get these kids on the field and into the Proehl Bowl or the Pro Bowl or something of that sort…….

  6. why the love affair with ricky proehl—let’s call it the holt bowl , since the holts actually have some tie to the schools!!!

  7. I agree 100% with finding a way to have this game and similar such games in other sports. Kernodle had the same issue last year. During the 2009-10 season, Kernodle went undefeated with boys football and basketball and undefeated with its girls basketball, soccer, volleyball and (well we will not speak much about how they were cheated out of the track championship and undefeated season at southwest middle).

    While it may be too late to actually get the football “county championship” game scheduled – we could at least start the debate and process to have a “county championship” game/tournament for the boys and girls basketball that will wrap up on Febuary ’11.

    Predictions on the top middle school basketball teams that would likely get an invitation to play in this game/tournament: (based on what I have heard about returning and up and coming players)

    Boys: Lincoln, Kernodle, and possibly Northeast.

    Girls: Kernodle, Southeast, Southwest, and possibly Southern.

  8. I was thinking about calling the game the Holt Bowl or the Bostic Bowl or maybe even the Hackett Bowl or the Durham Bowl, but they say you have to go with the man that’s got the hot hand and right now Proehl has the hot hand around here and if he will let us play the game at his Proehlific Park for FREE, that would be a big boost to the overall proceeds…..

    Proehl has the space, let’s play it at his place and call it the Proehl Bowl, sounds a little bit like the Pro Bowl too….He has the big back yard over on Horsepen Creek Road, let’s take it to his house and play debt free on the way in…….

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