Friday Night Scoring Desk – November 5, 2010

10:25 PM – Update #12
Andy will be following up on tonights upsets and games later. We should be up to date(AD)….

High Point Central – 28
Ragsdale – 35

Grimsley – 0
Dudley – 34

Page – 44
Southeast Guilford – 22

WS Parkland – 7
Southwest Guilford – 51

Northern Guilford – 28
Western Alamance – 35

Smith – 17
Southern Alamance – 20

Northeast Guilford – 42
Ledford – 0

Southern Guilford – 14
Asheboro – 2

Reidsville – 20
Providence Grove – 0

Eastern Guilford – 28
McMichael – 0

Wheatmore – 7
High Point Andrews – 39

East Forsyth 27
Glenn 0

Northwest Guilford
Western Guilford


  1. All Halftime scores
    Reidsville 3
    Providence Grove o

    Southern Guilford 7
    Asheboro 2

  2. yep er body still hatin on nw jus cuz they some good ole white boys that laid da smack down on some teams this yr. oh well nw do it again nxt yr matter fact they aint done!

  3. Welcome to the nest and let me cook you some eggs. Now that was one ugly game. Page looked bad and we looked bad squared. Lots of fumbles and turnovers on both sides. Our starting quarterback Will Greene was injured and Page threw at will into their endzone. Our secondary as always leaves a bit to be desired. I inability and unwillingness to pass also hurts us again but what can I say that is our gameplan. If not for a few gifts by Page this one could have been much worse.

    Congratulation to Page and good luck in the playoffs. Not heard from UU today she must be taking it easy on me tonight.

  4. conference champs once again

    four years and counting Ragsdale 35 HP Central 28

    do i see smith losing to S Alamance up there?

    and I heard E Forsyth was up 20-0 on Glenn but never heard a final

  5. It was Junior Night at SE Guilford tonight. Page WR Orlando “Junior” Hatfield scored 3 TDs. With Page’s biggest Juniors (Summers, Rogers, Hatfield, and co.) coming up big.

  6. NWG laid it on some people but Ragsdale wasn’t one of them. Another title for Ragsdale. 4 in a row. Congrats to NWG on a great year. Huge improvement in that program.

  7. @sefan- I held up my I heart sefan sign until my hands were frozen! You could’ve at least offeed a young lady a hot chocolate. Anyway” I have to agee, ugly game tonight on both ends. I hope your quarterback is OK.

  8. What have been told by a couple of different people is the tie break only applies to playoff seeding.

  9. the score of the dudley- grimsley game was actually 34-0.. demetrius mccorkle had one heck of a debut for the 2010 season. on the first play for dudley’s offense mccorkle takes it to the house on a reverse.. he took another down to the one INCH line.. he looked great….and Andy, to answer your question earlier Jeremy reynolds is set to be back either next week or the week after if the panthers win next friday… either way that would be big for the panthers.. they looked good tonight … great way to bounce back after a tough lost last week

  10. Western Alamance played a great game. We all are hoping the kid that left the game in the ambulance is going to be ok. Let us know if there’s an update on his condition. A great football game hosted by a fine school and great folks! I’m sad to see NG lose this one, but on to the playoffs– shake this one off.

  11. The way the conferences had worked in the past had Smith winning the Metro based on the head-to-head win over Page and the same applies to Ragsdale and NWG with Ragsdale taking the conference since the Tigers defeated the Vikings in the head-to-head meeting….

    The playoff settings have Smith coming out of the Metro as a #1 seed and headed to the 4-A playoffs as the #1 seed and Page heading to the 4-AA playoffs as another #1 seed….

    Similar story with Ragsdale right at the top with the top spot in the Piedmont Athletic Conference and NWG #2, since Ragsdale topped NWG by 3 at NWG…

    For seeding purposes, we see Ragsdale and NWG both tied and both going to the playoffs as tied for #1…..NWG #1 from the Piedmont Athletic Conferece as they go to the 4-AA’s and Ragsdale ready to be #1 as they head to the 4-A playoffs…..

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