“The Big Red Machine”

George “Sparky” Anderson is gone and he will be missed, after leading “The Big Red Machine” in Cincinnati and what about those teams with:

Pete Rose
Johnny Bench
Tony Perez
Joe Morgan
Dave Concepcion(This Top Five is unreal.)
Bobby Tolan
Dan Driessen
Ken Griffey Sr.
Ceasar Geronimo
George Foster
Don Gullett
Bill Plummer
Ray Knight
Nick Esasky
Ron Oester
Dave Collins
And on and on and who are we leaving out here????? There has to be some more pitchers that we haven’t named….This is a piece of baseball and sports history, “The Big Red Machine”…….I did all of these guys from memory and there must be more names that we need to add…..

*****Hey, and I had to get Bobby Tolan in there, does anybody else out there at all, remember Bobby Tolan????? I hadn’t thought about that tall lanky outfielder in many years….*****