Buy or sell, fire or keep until the season is over?

Do you fire or keep these guys until the season is over? Should they be terminated today?? This is today’s Final Four and do you show them the door, ASAP???

John Fox(Carolina Panthers)
Wade Phillips(Dallas Cowboys)
Chan Gailey(Buffalo Bills)
Brad Childress(Minnesota Vikings)

The sad part is, if you fired Chan Gailey, nobody would know he was gone…..Nobody knew he was there in Buffalo to begin with…..Buffalo is (0-8), but I had to look them up, just to see who the coach was….That is how well locked into the loop the Buffalo Bills are, in this part of the country….(Gailey’s a college coach….Remember when he was coaching the Dallas Cowboys? Maybe you don’t, another identity crisis and an on-field crisis to boot….)

We all know John Fox and that he and the entire crew in Charlotte, should be gone yesterday….Who drafted these players? For Wade Phillips, he has always been a joke around the league and would not have a job today, if not for the name of his dad, Bum Phillips…..Childress should stay all the way in Minnesota….They won yesterday and Childress is there to absorb all the shock that comes out, when another episode of the Brett Farve story is released….Childress does or says something crazy and that takes the heat off of Brett….The Vikings need Brad Childress, he will get them through this season and he will make it all very entertaining and tolerable……