Buy or sell, fire or keep until the season is over?

Do you fire or keep these guys until the season is over? Should they be terminated today?? This is today’s Final Four and do you show them the door, ASAP???

John Fox(Carolina Panthers)
Wade Phillips(Dallas Cowboys)
Chan Gailey(Buffalo Bills)
Brad Childress(Minnesota Vikings)

The sad part is, if you fired Chan Gailey, nobody would know he was gone…..Nobody knew he was there in Buffalo to begin with…..Buffalo is (0-8), but I had to look them up, just to see who the coach was….That is how well locked into the loop the Buffalo Bills are, in this part of the country….(Gailey’s a college coach….Remember when he was coaching the Dallas Cowboys? Maybe you don’t, another identity crisis and an on-field crisis to boot….)

We all know John Fox and that he and the entire crew in Charlotte, should be gone yesterday….Who drafted these players? For Wade Phillips, he has always been a joke around the league and would not have a job today, if not for the name of his dad, Bum Phillips…..Childress should stay all the way in Minnesota….They won yesterday and Childress is there to absorb all the shock that comes out, when another episode of the Brett Farve story is released….Childress does or says something crazy and that takes the heat off of Brett….The Vikings need Brad Childress, he will get them through this season and he will make it all very entertaining and tolerable……


  1. Don’t be picking on those Bills. He walked into a mess with no QB, no OL and no DL. His last three games could have been W’s.

  2. I would have left Marv Levy in charge….That guy could have coached until he was 200….I think he actually served in World War II and he could still do it today…..Hope he is still around, I may be giving him too much credit for durablity….That man could do it, when it came to coaching….The Bills have even smelled a Super Bowl of chili since he left the Buffalo….

  3. Andy did you listen to the post game interview with Fox? He pretty much said he has no say in draft picks and Steve Smith seemed to back him up when kept referring to the Personnell Department. If you want to be mad at the Panthers be mad at the idiot that signed Jake to a contract extension after his 5 pick playoff game and then waived him. Fox will probably get fired but I think their problems can be traced to management.

  4. I heard something today that we all would find to be most interesting….Jay Glazer on FOX Sports Radio, said John Fox was the man that Cowboys would look to, to be their next head coach….

    Glazer was asked if it was John Gruden or Bill Cowher that had the inside on track on the Dallas job and Glazer said that John Fox was good friends with the Jones family and that they would like to have him(John Fox) as their next coach….

    Glazer said that the Jerry Jones ownership team/group found coaches like Gruden and Cowher to be demanding and that Fox would come in and just coach and there would be no drama with Fox and that John Fox could get more out of less than the others(Gruden and Cowher) could….

    Glazer said they tried the power leader already with Bill Parcells and that it didn’t work and that now, John Fox(Carolina Panthers) is very high on the list of those that will be considered for the Dallas Cowboys head coaching vacancy….

    It appears that Jerry Richardson has put a cap or a lid on what the Panthers can do by instructing GM Marty Hurney to dismantle the team with the lockout a strong possiblity for the next season….

    Richardson may be thinking that he will reload with a load of money when the lockout is over, if it lasts an entire year….Richardson is taking a big chance in killing his team and then trying to bring it back and pushing it toward the top again…The fans don’t like to sit back and watch and wait while all the mess/garbage is being thrown around in their face……

    I’m telling, these Panther fans are losing interest and it will be tough to bring them back, unless you show them and entertain them with a winner and can ownership pull enough strings to do that again in 2012….

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