Josh Tobias(SEG) is headed to Florida and this is what he’s saying about it…

Spoke with Josh Tobais, from Southeast Guilford earlier this afternoon on National Signing Day and got his thoughts about his future playing college baseball, for the Florida Gators, in the Southeastern Conference…..

Andy Durham: What kind of goals do you have for your final high school baseball season at SEG and what type of numbers will you have to post to get the Major League scouts’ attention?

Josh Tobias: Batting average of .500 or better…..60 stolen bases(Double what I got last year.)….10-15 home runs…..That’s what I am shooting for…

AD: If you end up in the minor leagues, say you get drafted and you sign, will you still pursue a college degree?

JT: Still need that college degree….Education is very important and I want my degree…..

AD: What’s so special about The University of Florida?(Baseball/Academics)

JT: Florida is a great school. Excellent coaches and going there gives you a chance to play in the College Baseball World Series in Omaha, Nebraska….There’s a great atmosphere on the campus there in Gainesville and I had the chance to attend two college football games there and it was great….Florida vs. Florida State and Florida vs. LSU….Unreal feel when you go to those games at Florida…..

AD: Was it tough to put in all the hours of work you did to get where you are today? You were dealing with a tremendous workload, when you look back at your training schedule……Sometimes 2-3 workouts per day and did you ever wish you had done it differently? Has it been worth it?

JT: No regrets on the workload. All of the training was worth it and all the while that I was training in the heat and going at it in multiple sessions, I knew it would take me somewhere…..Even in the heat of August, with the sun bearing down on us, I could see results……

AD: Did you ever slow down and relax? Did you take a break?

JT: We would take a couple of weeks off in the late fall or early winter…Just a couple of weeks to step away and re-charge the batteries. It was good to step away from the baseball for just a bit, but I would continue my running and excercise training, even during that break time…

AD: Your favorite Major League team?

JT: The Atlanta Braves….

AD: Favorite player in the Major Leagues?

JT: Jimmy Rollins

AD: Will you play shortstop or second base in college?

JT: Either one, no preferance…It all depends on where the Gators want me….

AD: What’s your current off-season workout? What type of training are you doing these days?

JT: Lifting, running, working on fundamentals, working on my swing, doing indoor workouts, some work at times at the batting center…..I currently have no detailed program that the Florida Gators have me doing…It’s all about getting ready for my senior season, at Southeast Guiford High School….


  1. has no chance to play ss at Florida, that kid at ss now is NASTY! good luck to Josh!
    would love to see him steal it!!

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