Scarfone, Harris, Downing and Brewington at Shane’s Rib Shack for Football in Focus TONIGHT!

The season is winding down, but we will look to close strong, with Northern Guilford’s Rocco Scarfone, Maurice Harris and Daniel Downing due to join us tonight at 6pm, at the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace and we’ll also welcome in Smith Golden Eagles’ head coach, Rodney Brewington…..

Shane’s TONIGHT with Scarfone, Harris and Downing from Northern Guilford and Coach Brewington from Smith…..

Be sure to check us out when you Click On the Football in Focus icon at the top of this home page and we’ll find out what’s up as our teams head to the playoffs this week…….

Shane’s Rib Shack tonight at 6…….


  1. Ask Brewington why late in the game he went for it on 4 and a mile inside his own 25 last week!!!!!

  2. Andy, how is it that Mike Fields leads the area in rushing yards and TD’s and he or any of his O-line have never been a guest on your show? Just about every other team in the county has had reps there this year.

  3. Andy invites the Players through the Head Coaches. Often the Coaches are busy, they forget or don’t want their players distracted. It’s not like we try. There have been many a show when a Coach simply forgot to remind his players.

    We don’t want to cause any issues between players and coaches. Contact Andy via email for more info.

  4. Great job tonight by Rocco Scarfone, Daniel Downing and Alan Hart…..Hart stepped in for Maurice Harris and all three did one heck of a job on the show and Coach Brewington, along with Smith assistant football coach Curtis Smith, orginally from Roxboro Person HS, were on the money too…Coach Brewington and Coach Smith both had some excellent into tomorrow night’s Smith-High Point Central game….

    Again good show tonight from Rocco, Daniel and Alan and from Coaches Brewington and Smith….

    Contact me at if interested in being on the show….I’d like to get a kid like Fields on there, but I do not want to created any hard feelings with the school or the coaches….

    Northern’s AD Brian Thomas and Coach Roscoe stepped up big for us tonight as did Coach Brewington and Coach Smith….

  5. The Smith player thought the wrong read was on when they went for it on 4th down and it just ended up being a misread on the play…..Smith went for it on a fake punt earlier this year and the Golden Eagles struck gold for a TD and sometimes the plays can get shortcircuited by some miscommunication…..

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