Potential bulletin board fodder for the Ragsdale football locker room

High Point Central’s Tyreek Sparks feels the HPC Bison will not lose to a team twice in the same season and he and his teammates proved that point, in their 28-22 win last night at Ben L. Smith High School, where they lost 35-29 earlier in the season……

Sparks said in today’s News and Record:

“You can’t beat the Bison twice, Sparks said, It’s as simple as that”…..

Ragdale and High Point Central will meet for the second this season, this Friday night, at Ragsdale….Ragsdale won the first meeting, 35-28, just one week ago…..

Sparks said:
“You can’t beat the Bison twice, Sparks said, It’s as simple as that”…..

Ragsdale may want to take a look at that…….


  1. It won’t be simple, but If Mr. Sparks and his teammates play defense with the same intensity as they did this past friday, I have no doubt that they can get it done.

    Ragsdale will be ready and HPC will be ready and this time will be for all the marbles.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but this week isn’t for all the mah-bulls! Mark my words, no triad team will be even within one game of playing for a state championship.

  3. When it’s one and done format every game is for all the mah-bulls, win and you live to fight another week, lose and your season is done.

    By the way sefan just curious to know how many touchdowns did you have us going down by against Smith?

  4. I don’t think I picked that game last week but you are right I would have picked Smith. Smith is over…Ragsdale is now. Last week was the “S” teams. This week is the H team(s) of Guilford County.

    Actually if you get by Ragsdale I will be pulling for you for the rest of the playoffs.

  5. Quick question! Be on your toes! Who played in the 4-A Third Round last year? Thats right you don’t know because nobody remembers the also rans! Just an opinion! Out!

  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, That would be Ragsdale and Dudley. Out.

    Last week Bisonherd said the RHS/HPC game was for all the “mah-bulls”. It was for the conference. But HPC lost that game so now this week’s game is important, or as he says, for all the “mah-bulls”.

  7. lol, I said no such thing about the Ragsdale and HPC game the final week of the regular season what “mah-bulls” did HPC have to play for other than a 2nd or 3rd place finish in the conference.

    This week’s game as far as the season goes for any of the remaining teams left playing is for all the marbles, I know you’re just mad though because unlike whoever your team probably is HPC is still playing for their marbles and your team is now lacing up the old gym sneakers, relax though we’re still the underdogs again this week, we’re taking on an other conference champ at their home field, we don’t stand a chance. lol

    “HPC Bison where we play for marbles”

    1971 4A State Runner-ups
    1979 4A State Champs
    1995 3A State Runner-ups
    1999 2A State Champs

  8. No I was saying I’m Out! Haha! Smdh! Your point…….. If anything I agree that last weeks game was more important than this one. They don’t put banners up for 2nd round wins, but they do for regular season championships.

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