HS football this week

Guilford County teams in BOLD….

High Point Central(8-4) at Ragsdale(10-2)
Page(10-2) at Matthews Butler(12-0)
Northwest Guilford(9-3) at Richmond County(11-1)
Northern Guilford(10-2) at Gray’s Creek(10-2)
High Point Andrews(8-4) at Northwood(8-4)
Lee County(7-5) at Dudley(9-3)
South Johnston(8-4) at Northeast Guilford(8-3)


  1. Quiet Please, Drum Roll, Here are my picks for the week:
    High Point
    NWG (upset of the week/year)
    Gray’s Creek
    South Johnston

  2. Not a lot of people think that the Page Pirates are going to win Friday night against Butler hence the name–Underdogs Unite!!

    Don’t sleep folks—my Pirates are ready!!!!

    As they say in the sports world—-upsets happen all the time.

    Let’s get this–Pirates!

  3. Flying at 30k feet my man, I wouldn’t Sh%t ya. I think NW or Page will upset one of the so called unbeatable play-off teams. That’s why they play the game. You can’t tell me Fergeson at Butler is better than summers, no way. Pirates also have a tough defense and great running back. Opinions are like, well you know how that goes, everyones got one.

  4. Pirates believe and thats all that matters!!! Butler is gonna be the best team they have faced in years, but I know them Pirates gonna show up and play and give it everything they got. They aint going down there to just show face. They may end up getting blown out, but they will do it giving them Bulldogs down there a fight.

    I know one thing, I’m sick of hearing people in NC say that Greensboro don’t have the football programs like other areas. I hope Page and NWG shocks the hell out of both Butler and Richmond.

    Go Pirates!!!!

  5. Good luck to all the Guilford County teams! I hope you all pull it off. And by the way Ragsdale by 2 TDs.

  6. HPC took out the Metro conference champs now it’s time to see if we can do the same to the Piedmont-Triad conference champions.

  7. Ragsdale by 3 TDs…………..

    Butler by 40+ over Page………

    Richmond by 2 TDs over NW………..

    Dudley by 2 TDs………….

  8. @ What happened to SMITH??–

    Do you really think that Butler’s going to win by 40 points?

    Damn–cyber me some of that you’re smoking. Better yet, instead of throwing shade like you did, man up to the fact that your team will be sitting at home waiting to hear how Page did on Friday night.

    Win or lose, my Pirates are still in it!

    Smith….Smith WHO? Lol!!!

  9. You know, I visited that blog spot that someone mentioned in another post and I must say—there’s some really salty people out there.

    I would tend to think that people would want the team that took THEIR favorite team out TO WIN.

    Not in that case…Seems if some could commit murder and get away with it……….

    **thinking** I never thought people would go so hard on a bunch of teenagers.

  10. UU,
    I love your enthusiasm for your pirates, and trust me…. I would LOVE to see them smash Butler. I have to say after seeing both teams play, my prediction is Butler by 2 tds, if they are having a bad night! Good luck to all the Guilford Co teams except NW!

  11. Mike: In one post you said you were 6’4″, 250 and 34 years old?! You don’t deserve to even post on this site as childish as your are. Grow up man.

    Andy, can you believe this guy? He has posted under every caption on Greensboro Sports that talks about football or the playoffs. He needs to join NCPREPS and move to Richmond County.

    Good Luck to ALL Guilford County teams, including NW.

  12. @ IWB,

    Mike is the guy that lives vicariously through high school athletes because he never made it as one. OR, he was the last picked for kickball. No wonder the players never read these sites. I hope this Mike guy isn’t a parent. I’d feel sorry for his kid/s. He should be ashamed of himself for picking on kids UNDER 18 and not even knowing that they ALL are some great young men. These kids get no time off even in the offseason. They have to study and keep their grades up to even play sports. Some have active parents who participate and support them some do not. Either way, whatever sport these young men play, they have some since of responsiblity instilled in them and they learn to have respect for the game, their parents, their coaches, and the other teams. My experience has been, these players don’t hate on each other nearly as bad as some of the bloggers on here. I’d like to see you haters suit up and get your tails kicked by the teams and players you down. Let these players enjoy what they’ve accomplish before you start calling them out. In fact, go find an adult hobby and focus on your own shortcomings and faults.

    GOOD LUCK to ALLLLLL the Guilford County Schools tomorrow!! It’s time we get put on the map.

  13. where is smith??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? no one is talking about that. why? where is smith??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i know they are home deciding where and what game to watch. thats funny. 1 and done. should i stay or should i go now????????????????????????????????? coach?

  14. Wah, Wah, Wah, Wah, Mike this, Mike that, get a freaking clue guys, READ MY POSTS and you will not sound so ignorant!!!!!! Good luck to all the teams except NW!

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