Top HS Girls Basketball teams in Guilford County for 2010/2011

from our staff and key girl’s basketball contributors….We’ll do more on our other teams in the area, as we approach the season and if any teams are missing in our first report, we will have them up later on, in a seperate preview, since some of contributors work directly with those teams….Here’s what we have so far and you are invited to add to the current content and listings…..

1. Dudley: Has many collge prospects that are led by UNC-Charlotte signee Desiree Drayton and Radford signee Kierra McIvor. They are the deepest and most talented team in the county as well as the State. They have such notables as Chell Jackson, Lauren Jackson, Mo Davis, KK Rouse, Grimsley transfer and former All Conference player Denika Hardin. The x factor is Ebony Goins.

2. Southwest Guilford: This team is poise to make a great run at the State
Championship. They are led by Guilford County First Team performer Zena Lovette and a fierce inside presence of third teamer Shannon Buchannan. They return several starters from last year.

3. Northern Guilford: Whenever you have Elon signee, Big Sam Cofer roaming the
middle and now her sister whom some are saying may have greater potential, you have a great nucleus to start with. Look for great contributions from Alexis Robinson and a host of several players that played last year. They should walk through their conference and advance very deep into the playoffs.

4. Southeast Guilford: This team is loaded with talent. They have second team All
Guilford and Wingate signee Alyshia Mcneil along with the ever improving sophomore Kenya Hailey. If Brittany Price returns to at least 85% from her knee injury, this team could surpass Dudley.

5. Page: This team made great strides last year by winning 17 games. Now the
expectations are higher. Brittany Drew has three years of varsity experience and
should provide the scoring that they need. Much heralded Freshmen Paris Kea whom many are comparing to Jasmine Gill must live up to the billings for Page to compete in a very tough conference.

6. Northwest Guilford: Now is the time for Harmony White to shine. She has been in the shadows of Bennett and McIntosh through out her Highschool career. It is rumored that Darlene Joyner has some pretty good players over there that are waiting for the season to get started.

7. Smith: This could be a better year for Smith whom have lost the services of All
Conference performers in Ashley Debose and Maryland Eastern Shore signee Lakendra Wilkerson. They still have Quan Greer whom is a very good and solid player that should have a stellar year. They could be a major surprise just like their football team whom had an excellent year.

8. Western Guilford: It begins and ends with All Conference and Third Team All
Guilford Brittany Clancy. She has her stamp on that program. If she could get some more productive help from many other players now that Gardner Webb signee Catrina Green is gone, this team could finish in the upper echelon of their division. Could upset a SWG in an early game mathcup.

9. Ragsdale: Always have had a winning tradition and it should not stop now. Cierra Jackson roams the middle and swaps away everything near her. Will compete for conference title.

10. Grimsley: Is under new management and a new attitude now that some of cross-town rival Dudley coaches are now in the mix. Winning again starts now. This will not be the same team that teams saw a year ago. Ask Southeast Guilford what happen when they caught them sleeping in their gym.

10. Greensboro Day: This will be the most surprising team in the area. May even
surprise some teams in the Little Four this year. They are loaded with returning
players like Ronatta, Wilkerson and additions of Milton and Williams whom are
transfers from Northern Guilford. They are already off to a winning start by winning their first game.


Northeast: Always a good solid team that is in the mix. Should fare well in their
respective conference.

Southern Guilford: This could be a major year for this team. They have a bonified
scorer in Kamille Horne and a more polished player in Sylvia Bass, this could bold
well for Southern Fans. They have a plethora of players that makes them deep. Look for tremendous improvement this year and at least break even in conference play.

High Point Central: They have a winning tradition and it should not stop. They lost
some players and then lost one of the best coaches in Guilford County, Kenny Carter. They must now rely on Cox, Bryson and Harris to play a more significant role now that All Conference player Cedrica Gibson has taken her services elsewhere.


  1. This past weekend at the jamboree at SW Guilford Dudley looked real good…..But SW Guilford looked a whole lot better!!!!!! We might wanna examin switching those top two.

  2. The freshman your referring to is Paris Kea. We have a lot of young ladies working hard this season and we all will work hard together as one unit and take one game at a time. Thank you Andy for all your great work on keeping high school sports alive in the triad. We look forward to seeing you at the games. Good luck to everyone this upcoming season.

  3. Thanks Coach Jones,

    I’m glad we got that straight, I bet we’ve misspelled that one 100 times already, but now we are in the game……

  4. SW starters did look good correct me I don’t think subs played, so did Dudley and Dudley’s bench in back to back games, and so did Page and Page’s bench.

    dont sleep on Page at #5 word is they are getting some uummm let’s say significant help with their defense from an outside source…..


  5. I agree you shouldn’t sleep on Page…saw them Saturday….they really impressed…they have a young team and I guarantee they will make noise this year but will definitely dominate the next 2-3 years.

  6. Yes, we do have probably the best team in this area. We have size and speed. Winning our conference should be more than in reach. Look for Rockingham and Burlington Williams to be our strongest foe. We should do really well at the Little Four with Samantha winning the MVP.

  7. To truth

    yea you probably right…I mean really when you can recruit from all over the world you should be able to run over top of local teams.

    I guess thats why none won’t play’em and why they got smashed this weekend by Potter House..and why they go beat all them top teams they gone play.

    Its cool truth, I’m sure those girls all left their high school program beacuse they were winers! you think?

  8. Um no the girls left their school because most of them played AAU ball for the successful lady pheonix so when delaney got to ORMA some followed far as recruiting all over the world thats not neccissaryl true he may have 1 if 2 players from outta US and those players come from familys HE met when he used to play overseas, no one will play ORMA around here because they dont like them your right, and ask yourself this all the boys left the highschool for a reason why is that? several followed from Northern didnt have to theo didnt go to southeast a kid left from ragsdale so it can go on and on, and far as the girls you act like they been a program for years this delany first year there give him time, i strongly believe people go to orma for one reason there tired of mediocre and some want to prep themselves for college and some see ORMA as a better opputunity to get them that athletic schlorship vs are local schools so yea, its funny local teams can play GDS a private school but cant play ORMA i mean why wouldnt u the game would pull in some money

  9. Ummm …I said nothing about Delaney..Delaney is an awesome coach and has a great AAU program…duh!!

    Doesn’t matter if this is their first year They are seasoned teammates with seasoned coaches this is only their first year as ORMA….Oh they will be a powerhouse..duh!!!

    As you SHOULD know many of the Dudley players play for him and his organization as well but stayed with their high school…..duh!!!

    Still does not take away from the FACT you can recruit from all over the world and have players from all matter if it is 1 2 3 or 4 players…duh!!!

    As I stated before they SHOULD run over the LOCAL teams when you can recruit players from all over the WORLD. —I mean shoot I am agreeing with you!!! The girls are from all do know that. Now don’t get me wrong they have plenty of guilford county talent too, but most of their key players are from across seas and Charlotte area.

    Dudley girls as far as I know have never played GDS…duh!!! so knew argument plz

    Finally, I agree with you the games would bring in a lot of money.

  10. I think that some of the local teams would enjoy playing ORMA. It is always fun to play against better competition. It doesn’t go against their conference record so it doesn’t affect their standing for the state playoffs. All that being said, what annoys me is the chest pumping by people who say ORMA is that great. Of course they are better, they recruit like a college! For goodness sake, they can give scholarships! They can get kids from all over the country. The pecking order is obvious, ORMA and GDS can recruit and they can reclass their players. They will be the best. Dudley(Academy)/Grimsley(IB) is next because they can recruit from all over Guilford County. The rest of the high schools are on a level playing field. They will have some good years and some bad years. I am not complaining, this is the way it is.

  11. Tommy:

    Why not mention the other public high schools that have academies and IB programs? No need to single out Dudley and grimsley. And please provide proof that these schools can recruit the entire county. I think you have to apply and be admitted to enter into these programs. Dudley has a winning tradition due to continuity in the coaching staff since some of the coaches formerly played at Dudley. Seagraves has been on Coach Price’s staff for nearly 2 decades; Coach James has been around even longer before Dudley was intergrated. Partee played under Coach Price for a state title back in the 90s. Dudley has CONTINUITY and Dudley has TRADITION! These are what seperate US from everyone else!

    Case Cloaed!

  12. paws,

    I agree with everything you have said. Yes filled us in with the other schools. I am just describing the landscape of the local basketball. It is what it is.

  13. We have the boys list at the front page of the site….Keep an eye on the prize, keep an eye on these guys this season……

    Check it out and if you want to add one, let us know and put it in the comment box…..

    And to honest with you for real, you are probably talking about the teams and not the players….We will have team lists and polls coming out the last week of November/First week of Dec….Most of the true lists with the public school teams will not be rolling strong until DEC 14….That is when the Pizza Hut Tournament pairings will be released…..

  14. Don’t sleep on NW Guilford. They may have lost their top scorer, and they are small this year. However, these girls are working hard everyday and coming back with a mission to accomplish. As for the Pizza Hut Invational, the title will be returning home this year to the VIKINGS!

  15. I hate to say it, NG will be overrated this year. They had top players that werent utilized and now that they are gone, who else besides Sam will they have? Any good team will do a box and 1 and can shut her out like Smith did in the Little 4. who else do they have that will step up and score consistently? This will take some coaching skills, and NG just doesnt have it. It’s all about politics and other issues I wont mention. Alexis and Amanda are the only returners besides Sam and the only players with varsity experience. They are a young team who will make alot of mistakes and their pre-conference schedule is weak and will not get them prepared, imo.

    But as always Dudley is blessed with talented players and KK’s sister(a incoming freshman) is the truth! Paris from Page is an OUTSTANDING player who will bring alot of scoring that was vacated by Chevena Pickard. GDS has 2 outstanding guards in Asia Milton and Tenecia Williamson. Even though they lost their top post player to ACL injury, I expect to them to fair well this year. SW has alot of returners and experience that will pull them thru. I look forward to the incoming freshman. Having them alot of them on the AAU circuit, they are bound to make some noise. Cant wait!

  16. I agree with “NG will be overrated this year”. They lost a couple of their top players. One player can’t carry a team.

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