The talk of the entire town is the “Phantom Whistle”

The talk of the town today seems to be the “Phantom Whistle”, that was going off during the game, with Greensboro College and Guilford College last night, at the Greensboro Coliseum…..

That whistle that went off from somewhere up in the crowd, with just 16.4 seconds reamining in the game, has the entire town talking today…..The entire city did not hear it, but, they want to know what was going on at the game and how this “Phantom Whistle” could stop and take over the game and take over the entire town, as it continues in widespread conversation, in circles throughout the city on this Tuesday…….

Here is what I wrote about the “Phantom Whistle”, when I broke the story here as the site last night:

The game-tying shot by Guilford’s Josh Pittman, came after the “Phantom Whistle”, that stopped play with just 16.4 left in the contest…The “Phantom Whistle” hit and everyone on the court just froze, in their tracks…The officials were just shaking their heads….Greensboro College leaders behind the scorer’s table, were able to determine that the “Phantom Whistle” was coming from somewhere behind the Greensboro College bench, up among the GC Pride fans in the crowd/student section…It appeared that GC SID Bob Lowe had an idea who was blowing that whistle and he may have been just about ready to blow the whistle on the kid that was slowing down the game, trying to be a “student referee”….

You hate to see something like the “Phantom Whistle” take away from the focus of the game, but it did for a few minutes and at first I thought it might be coming as a warning whistle, from the scorer’s table where the game officials were sitting, including Wayne Butler and John the scoreboard chief, from the Grasshoppers’ NewBridge Bank Park press box….