Two more Tar Heels disappear before Big Game with N.C. State this Saturday


University of North Carolina football players Devon Ramsay and Michael McAdoo have been ruled permanently ineligible by the NCAA, UNC director of football communications Kevin Best said Monday.



  1. First of all I have returned with new information damaging to UNC football. I am sure every recruit UNC is interested in signing will be given a copy of the News and Observer article from a number of rival coaches with which I am about to paraphrase.
    Several points from the article from the News and Observer today.
    Michael Buckner an attorney from Florida who advises schools in NCAA probes and who is not involved in the UNC situation says the following:
    1. ” UNC can expect stiff NCAA sanctions”.
    2.” This case is unique, both because of the number of athletes involved and certainly because of the number declared permanently ineligible by the NCAA.”
    3.”Buckner nor an NCAA spokeswoman could cite examples of any schools that had 5 or more players permanently banned from play by the NCAA.”
    4. The Helms Atletic Foundation panel of experts confirmed that 5 permanently banned players is AN NCAA RECORD!
    5. Paul Dee is the chairman of the NCAA Infractions Committee that determines penalties. he was the AD at Miami when Butch Davis lied to all associated with that program about leaving it to coach the Cleveland Browns. He owes Butch one.
    6. Marvin Austin accepted so many illegal benefits that UNC did not try to petition the NCAA for reinstatement of eligibility.
    7. UNC ( Coaches Blake and Shoop) RECRUITED CAM NEWTON.No telling what may get exposed here for all the schools involved in his recruitment. The FBI is looking into this one.
    Who in their right mind would want to go play at a school that is about to go on lengthy probation, bowl bans etc.?
    I am aware that the pro Tarheel (pun intended) readers of this post will say that the NCAA has not sent UNC a letter of Inquiry. That is true but only because the NCAA is not finished with the investigation. It is an INVESTIGATION and not a REVIEW.UNC had better beat State and Duke the next 2 weeks while they have enough scholarship players to do so.In years to come they will be hard pressed to beat A&T, Elon or any other FCS schools. Butch Davis has exposed the “Real Carolina Way”.This is the biggest football scandal since SMU.

  2. Let start here.

    Ephedrine injectables (Thats flat cheating, these atheletes are gaining a competitve advantage) and your school flat out condones this behavior evidently.

    The racism that is alive and well @ncsu has and always will be a big concern for the afro american community . The expression wall is a complete embarrassment to your school and student body. FACT!

    Your own trashing your campus library recently. It is in the water over their or what?

    Your stubent body urinating on each other during football games, are you kidding me.

    You state fans should be very proud of this representation and believe me I could go on and on and you know that for sure.

    Your delusional fan base is of the opinion that they would rather beat unc that win the acc championship. Boy how concerning is that. Football has been about the only thing that they have beaten unc at and thats just the last 3 years. Up to that point unc had won 12-out of the last games played..

    To sum it up, I guess this is the NC State Way. You have certainly got the blueprint on the NC State way. You guys own the patent.

    It just takes 1 journalist to print 1 commentary after the dust started to settle to get the abc ers back on the propaganda wagon. What a bunch of dysfunctional misfits.

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