High School Playoffs – Round Two – Scoring Desk – 11/19/10

10:12 PM – Update #13

High Point Central (9-4) – 21
Ragsdale (10-3) – 14

Page (10-3) – 14
Matthews Butler (13-0) – 35

Northwest Guilford (9-4) – 21
Richmond County (12-1) – 45

Northern Guilford (11-2) – 34
Gray’s Creek (10-3) – 27

High Point Andrews (8-5) – 7
Northwood (9-4) – 14

Lee County (8-5) – 28
Dudley (9-4) – 12

South Johnston (8-6) – 35
Northeast Guilford (10-3) – 42

Mt Tabor – 23
Davie County – 30

Carver – 35
Thomasville – 28


  1. 5:re left in the half Butler 14 Page 0. Our defense is doing a decent job. Our offense can’t get it going.

  2. They are shutting down our offense at every turn. This is frustating to watch. I love my Pirates so I’m gonna ‘ride or die!”

  3. I do believe we are going to be talking basketball later tonight off E. Lee street! go yellow jackets!!!

  4. I aplogize Andy. They put three pts up for Page then took them aay. The correct score right now is Butler 35 Page 14

  5. Ragsdale lost to Central tonight on a really bad play call. Ragsdale tied at 14 about four minutes left – first down on the 50. Just need enough for a FG and at worst go to OT. But a bad throw on a swing pass turns into a fumbled lateral that Central runs back for a TD. Ragsdale forced four turnovers and blocked a punt but only got one score off them.

    Why call for such a risky pass at a time like that? SMH

    Unfortunate. With Davie upsetting Tabor Ragsdale could have played at home again next week.

    Good luck to Central next week against Davie

  6. Not a great offensive call but it really looked bad when the QB threw it from the 44 and the receiver #20 is on the 46, 2 full yards forward. Shame on Ragsdale for letting the game be close and putting the game in the hands of 60 year old officials that weigh 270 and can’t move or run the field. You get 5 turnovers you should win. Can’t ask anymore from the defense. No sour grapes though. Kids played good. This one isn’t on them.

  7. looked like a lateral from my spot in the stands and on TV too. No instant replay in high school. Still just not a call you make that place, that time in the game. We were all congratulating Norwood for running the ball and working the clock then that…

  8. The refs were trying to hand Ragsdale the game. Some bad call and even worse NON calls.The penalties were at least 10 for HPC and maybe 2 for Ragsdale. It was Ragsdale’s game to lose and their coach did that for them, stinks for the kids that played their hearts out. It just shows you that anything can happen and this is why we LOVE this game!!! It was a great crowd on a chilly Friday night in Jamestown!! Much love to both teams and Good luck to the 2 lone Guilford county teams left. Just don’t eat too much turkey the day before boys ..should be exciting!

  9. The score was 28-14 with 5 minutes left. Page kicked onside and Butler scooped it up and scored it. Page shut down Butler the whole 2nd half. The defense played lights out. Butler never put in their 2nd string guys, Page was putting pressure on to come back. A fumble inside the 10 yardline was what kept the score from being 28-21. The Pirates played with alot of heart tonight, and next year looks to be a great one with 18 starters returning and a number of solid rotation guys as well.

    Great season Pirates!

  10. Just watched the tape. Not even close to a lateral. But the kids played their hearts out. There were not even many tears after the game, the kids knew. Should never leave the game in a ref’s hands. Ragsdale had ever chance with 5 turnovers going their way.

  11. Great game, this is what the playoffs are all about to great teams in a chess match til the very end. Congrats Bison on a fine season!

    @ Shame, me thinks you need some better medicated sunglasses the Ragsdale runningback was still behind the line of scrimage when the pass was made and the pass of thrown behind him so that he had to pirouette and do a 180% just to get a hand on the ball, you had to be blind or rocking those tiger shades tonight if you didn’t see that, that was a fumble.

    Other than that good game, the refs sure weren’t our friends and we tried our best to give you the game, but the Bison defense rose to the occasion and carried the offense this time who had been carrying the team all season.

  12. Norwood lose another one years ago norwood could not win a championship with toney baker wes pope and doug brown

  13. The ref closest to action ruled it a fumble how the other referees had a better view point than him is ridiculous.

    Oh ok maybe it was the the same refs who ignored the blatent pass inferences not weren’t called, or it could have been the ref who didn’t blow the whistle when the bison runningback got stood up by 4 Ragsdale defenders and his forward progress was stopped yet they let they let the RHS defenders tug and tug until the ball was ripped loose.

    Fact of the matter is HPC fought against all odds to win this game, turnovers, the refs, homefield, dispite that the better team won, you’re complaining about one turnover be glad you didn’t commit 5 like us, because you wouldnt have even been in the game.

  14. if u want to talk about missed calls how about the muffed punt in the 1st q that the tigers returned for a td. I dont blame the refs bad calls both ways I put all the blame on norwood. I give the bison credit played good enough to win and played with heart. good luck against davie i will be rooting for a bison win

    GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Congrats to HPC. They have always had the athletes but you could count on some coaching mistakes. there were some bad calls but tonight the Ragsdale offensive coaching matched HPC’s coaching. Refs didn’t determine the game. Good luck to HPC next week.

  16. I am really proud of the Page Pirates! 1st qtr was tight and with only 6 minutes to go in the first half it was 7-0 Butler who is big and fast at every position. Page fell apart for those 6 minutes and gave up 21 quick points. If we could have just slowed down the game for a few minutes and gone into halftime at 7-0 or 14-0 would have been huge.

    2nd half page played with heart and emotion. Runners ran hard, refused to go down and defense was hitting hard. 28-14 and Page attempts onside kickoff but ball out distances the hands team trying to recover and busted play gave Butler 7 cheap points for the 2nd half.

    Page outscores Butler 14-7 and outplays the #1 team in the state in the 2nd half. If you take away the cheap 7, 14-0.

    Page parents and coaches should be proud.

  17. @ Mr. Holder–

    As a Page Pirate Parent, I am extremely proud. I know the numbers don’t show it but if you guys would’ve witnessed the game last night, you would’ve come away from that game with a new respect for the Page Pirate Varsity football team and their coaches.

    When we were waiting near the buses for our players to come out of the locker room, I stopped Debo. The first (and only) thing he whispered to me was “The Butlers guys said we were their hardest team they played”.

    For them to say that immediately after the game speaks volumes about our players.

  18. Eastern Alamance at Northeast Guilford

    High Point Central at Davie County

    Northern Guilford at Cardinal Gibbons

  19. Interesting to hear some Ragsdale fans complain about the officiating after their tough loss to High Point Central.

    These are the same fans, I might add, that heaped derision on me when I blogged how the refs completely screwed Page against Ragsdale back in September.

    Not much fun being on the other end, is it?

    As for Page, it sounded like they played their hearts out. That team does not have one ounce of give-up in them. They are a good, tough football team who got beat by a team that was pretty darn good themselves.

    Great year, Page. Hold your heads high.

    The Pirates have 18 starters coming back and some pretty good JV talent to back them up. Ragsdale, look out next year.

  20. heh

    whats even more interesting is you coming back ten weeks later to remind us all how much you whined about the reffing in the Ragsdale game.

    Good luck next year against Ragsdale. Not sure how beating them will help Page advance in the playoffs but glad to see the Tigers are #1 on your list.

  21. Congrats to Tommy Norwood and the Ragsdale Tigers on a great season, despite the outcome of last night! Looking forward to next year…should be great!!

  22. Well said Football Fan. Another good job turned in by Coach Norwood and his coaching staff……

    Tiger Nation should be looking forward to next season….

  23. Coach Norwood has given our school/community 4 consecutive conference championships and only one conference loss over that span! Norwood is a class act that players and families are proud to be associated with. If you saw this team scrimmage early in the year, you’d realize how far they’ve come with great coaching by Norwood and staff. The play Friday night was a long hand-off and could’ve easily worked; then he would’ve been the hero. We all want to make it to the championship….when the ride is over, you simply get off the bus, NOT throw people under it. Congrats Ragsdale players and coaches for another successful year!!

  24. “when the ride is over, you simply get off the bus, NOT throw people under it.”

    I like that. And that’s a great way to sum up a great football season.

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