WFMY TV2’s Brian Formica on the golfer from Asheboro: Tom Herbert’s Zero Handicap

Unreal story from Brian Formica and Brian Hall at WFMY NEWS 2 Sports, on the golfer Tom Herbert, who plays golf with no hands and this guy is a walking and talking miracle…Run over by a train at age 22-months, this guy was saying, “look mom no hands”, for almost his entire life and he beat all the odds and he is one heck of a golfer and you ought to see him put/putt it in the hole and observe how quick he can get the ball out of the hole, with “no hands” and then move on the next tee box…..

This man, Tom Herbert is unreal and you can see for yourself when you, CLICK HERE….

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  1. In the summer of 2007, I was playing in a foursome down at Tot Hill when we let Tom and three of his buddies play through us on #3. That’s right — the man plays fast golf, and we needed to get out of his way. We were amazed to watch him tee off on #3, which is a downhill par-3. This hole has a wicked green that has a mound in the middle, and when the pin is on the back side it is very difficult to get close. He put his shot about 15 feet away from the hole on the ideal side of the mound, and when we played the hole after his group, the best of our shots was probably 15 feet farther away from the hole than his was. His foursome left us in the dust, and we were all pretty convinced that he would kick any of our butts if we played with him. He is definitely the real deal.

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