Touchdown Toby in Turkey Day Game at Guilford College

Big day or semi-big day of football, at Guilford College this morning, in our 22nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Football Game….

Not a bad crowd at all on hand to play the game today, which was held under overcast skies and it ended in a light mist and drizzling rain….

Toby, the speedy young man that is member of the Carolina Heat seimpro football team, put on quite the show this morning and he burned the oppostion for at least 6 touchdowns on the day….It was touchdown, touchdown, touchdown Toby, almost like the scoring call we used to have in Jamestown, when Toney Baker was carrying the ball and it was touchdown Toney, at least 3-4 times a night, when the Ragsdale Tigers were playing at home…

Toby has had the speed in the past and now he has the moves to go with the speed, at least that is what the people that were trying to catch him were saying….

Toby is a starting DB, probably a corner, for the semipro Carolina Heat team and he had a tryout a while back with an arena team out in Omaha…..The kid(25 years old), can move and he was the man that carried the load and he wore the full metal jacket, on this Thursday….

Toby was the man and we also had Doug Brown, Joey Kirkman(both from about a decade’s worth of games) and we saw Luke, Scott, Kyle, Matt and at least 5-6 others and I can’t remember all of the names, but I should see the entire crew again on Super Bowl Sunday, when our Turkey Bowl Game, becomes the Super Bowl Game and I do think that will be on the first Sunday in February…..

The final of today’s game must have been right at 10-6 or 10-7, with those numbers representing TD’s and our team with Toby leading the way, came out on top and claimed the victory….We had Toby, Joey, Kyle, Scott and me and I was able to get into the end zone again for another year, by scoring the last touchdown of the game, the game-winner or closer, I guess you say and the score came on a pass from Scott….

Good day for football and nobody got hurt, which is a bit unusual, but this day was peaceful and a bit quieter maybe than usual….We had some good hits and there was the Imattculate Reception, where our guy tipped the ball to Doug who knocked it to his teammate Matt, who made the Imattculate Reception off of the ricochet catch, off of the tipped/deflected pass….Franco Harris and Jack Tatum would have been proud and then there was the play where I think it was Matt, who made the interception and then Kyle made the somersault tackle play on Matt….

It was a Touchdown Toby type of day and Matt was one of those who was coughing his lungs out, but he was able to hang in there and made it to the 11:45am horn that sounded ending the game….The horn was really a flock of Canadean Geese, that went flying overhead at the Guilford College campus….

Another big football game at Guilford College and we don’t see many of the veterans of years past anymore, many have gone on to that big football field or that extremely long Thanksgiving Buffet table in the sky, or on to the parking lot at the Cracker Barrell…..No more Bud, Kevin, Rob Shelton, Doug Cockman, Bruce Bullington, Robin, Sam, Rick, Steve, Amanda, Shelley, Larry Burke, Mike Stanley, Dave and others that joined us for many years….

Thanks to Randy Doss,(Director and Coordinator of Admissions) at Guilford College, for making sure we got into(admitted) the campus today and that we were able to use the fields with the permission of the Quaker College….And to our Director of Security, on this Thanksgiving Day and that would be Rhonda, thanks for your assistance in making sure that we were cleared again with Randy this year….

A good day and a good day to play and it is kind of crazy when you are playing the game and one of the guys said that he graduated back in ’06 and I’m thinking, yeah and I graduated back in ’76, just 30 years before you got out of high school….