Notes on basketball and football on Turkey Day…

A few notes, on some items that I have noticed, over the past couple of days….

On a college basketball game that was scheduled for Tuesday night….The Tennessee Tech vs. Appalachian men’s game had to be canceled on Tuesday evening since Appalachian State failed to notify the referees….That’s got to be embarassing….The teams show up and everybody is sitting around ready to play and the game has to be canceled, because the home team failed to contact the referees….(Game was actually scheduled to be played at Tennesse Tech and we are still trying to figure our why Appalachian was supposed to contact the Refs and make sure that they were at Tenn Tech to call the game….) [Maybe David Jackson, from ASU AD offices, will contact us and let us know what was/is going on….]

A couple of names to keep an eye on with Landon Clement scoring 17 points to lead the N.C. Central Eagles in scoring the other night in game against Indiana at Bloomington…..Clement used to be a highly regarded recruit in the men’s basketball program at UNCG, here in Greensboro and helped N.C. Central give the Indiana Hoosiers, a run for their money the other night…..

Ryan Crumpton used to be in the boy’s basketball program at Page and then he was on his way to the Oak Ridge Military Academy, and now he hits 17 points the other night to lead Shining Light Baptist to a win over the Fayetteville Street Christian School, out of Asheboro….Looks like Crumpton has found himself a new home, with a winner at Shining Light, where the good Reverend Jimmy Dillon precides……

It looks a little crazy when you start to break it down, but Burton Cates, who used to be the head man down at Eatern Randolph, with the Wildcats for so many years, picked up a nice Round Two NCHSAA 4-A playoff win at Dudley’s Tarpley Stadium last Friday night….His Lee County Yellowjackets stopped the Dudley Panthers, to move on to Round Three this week, as they take their show on the road again, and head down to meet #1 seed Durham Hillside….The veteran Cates, has his Lee County team hanging in there and playing deep into the 2010 playoffs….

This note on Cates’ success, ought to tell us something about what these veteran coaches can do and it should increase the need for football fans to be very thankful for these coaches, that can turn losers into winners, now that the season of giving thanks is upon us all…

Cates with visible success at Lee County, moving down there after spending many years at Eastern Randolph, down off of Highway 421 South and when he hit 421 and continued heading South, he continued to bring forth a bountiful harvest season, for the Lee County football faithful….

On that veteran coaches’ success theme, how about Hal Capps up at Mooresville??? Coach Capps left Western Alamance, after a recent 3-A State Championship run and he ran to Mooresville and took over a team that had gone something like (0-11) in 2009 and made them a playoff team in 2010 and the Blue Devils hit the post-season, with a record of (8-3)…That has to be one of the biggest/best turnarounds in recent NCHSAA history….Going from (0-11) to (8-3) in just one season??? Sounds like Bobby Cox, back when took the Atlanta Braves from worst to first…..One heck of job up in Mooresville by Coach Hal Capps, formerly with the Western Alamance Warriors…..

Finally, it ought to be a real good game tomorrow night down in Alamance County, with WS Carver at Burlington Cummings….You ought to see a lot of pounding football and enough of the wide-open brand of pigskin action, to keep you on the edge of your seat all night long…Cummings at like (12-1) and the Carver Yellowjackets coming in at (11-2)….

A few notes to float your boat….


  1. ” Appalachian State failed to notify the referees….The other team shows up and everybody is sitting around ready to play and the game has to be canceled, because the home team failed to contact the referees”

    APP State was the VISITING TEAM in TN…this was part of the “bracketbusters” put on by ESPN networks…quirky agreement when the contracts were written that ASU was to supply the refs and w/ the coaching regime change some things get lost in the shuffle…since when does the away team supply ref’s anyway?

  2. That is strange that the visiting team would be responsible for referee assignments…You would think this would fall on Charlie Cobb and the athletic department at App and not the basketball coaching staff….Seems like the coaches are plenty busy trying to coach and to recruit and that the Refs would fall on the AD and his staff….

    Plenty strange and we will learn more on this one before it is over, I’m sure….

  3. but you should still change the 2nd line in your article to reflect the fact the game was AT Tennessee Tech, which would then make your story help expalin why there was some confusion about getting the refs

  4. We have the update and maybe we will see something out of this….We have found and seen the confusion and now we need some clarity/closure…..

    David Jackson we need you to explain and settle this issue as we are still trying to process all that has happened here today….

  5. According to the Triad Business Journal, App State was responsible for the Officials as part of their ESPNU Bracket Buster Series. App State AD “Charlie Cobb, Appalachian State’s athletics director, said that it was up to ASU to have lined up game officials, as part of an agreement with ESPNU’s BracketBuster series, but that the detail was inadvertently overlooked. The Mountaineers were following up on a BracketBuster game against Tennessee Tech in Boone last season.

    “It was our mistake,” Cobb said. “The officials didn’t get scheduled and it was up to us to do that. It’s unusual for the visiting team to be responsible for officials, but we should have known and triple-checked to make sure because we’ve done BracketBusters before.

    “No excuses. We just messed it up.”

    The full story is here –

    Cobb said late last night that there was interest on Appalachian’s part to play the game tonight, but that an agreement could not be reached to do so. There are no plans to make up the game this season.

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