Greensboro Day School Boy’s Basketball Shootout begins today at 1:30pm

Sat, 11/27/10 1:30PM (At Greensboro Day)
“GDS Shootout” – GDS vs. Lexington

Sat, 11/27/10 3:00PM (At Greensboro Day School)
“GDS Shootout” – WS Reynolds vs. Greensboro Smith

Sat, 11/27/10 4:30PM (At Greensboro Day School)
“GDS Shootout” – WCA vs. North Hills Christian


  1. Now that Montay Brandon is back for WCA they will be pretty solid. Did anybody else see how much better he has gotten? Not to mention the leadership freshmen Jaquel Richmond provides and the numerous three point threats. The other PACIS teams better watch their backs.

  2. Richmond is one of the best players in Guilford County. I know he is better off at WCA. I am so glad that his parents were smart enough to move him from Dudley before he became another non-student athlete. It would have been easy for him to stay and shine being that PJ left but smart parents think past their kids shining in Guilford County and think long-term.

    So many parents want their kids to have the glory locally, but that’s as far as they go.

  3. Guilford County, and even in the state. He is only a freshmen for goodness sakes. If he could develop a consistent shot he would be the best gaurd in the state by the time he is a senior. He already possesses great leadership abilities (which is something WCA needed this year), good passing and ballhandleing, plus he is a superb athlete. He might even grow still since he is young and if he could get to like 6’3″, 6’4″ he would be scary.

  4. Non-student athlete? Are you kidding…………the kid was a FRESHMAN at Dudley last yr and he’s “re-classed” to being a freshman once again at Wesleyan??LMAO at his parents!!

    It’s simple: you put in the hard work and you reap the rewards. Wether you play in the publics or privates the formula is the same. That’s what M. Jordan did over at Wilmington Laney, Chris Paul over at West Forsyth and yes, Brendan Haywood at Dudley. Looks like Brennan Wyatt is following in those similar footsteps up at the Naval Academy; maybe he doesn’t in up in the league but he will certainly have many options to choose from once he’s done at Navy. That kid took responsibility while at Dudley and made the most of opportunities that were available to him; it’s not favoritism, it’s maturity. PJ and Jaquel certainly had access to the same opportunities as Brennan and Brendan at Dudley but for whatever reason(s) they simply chose not take advantage of them and that’s why they left. I see so many kids looking to their parents to bail them out looking for an easier route in life when it simply doesn’t always work out that way. The John Walls, Lebron James and Kobe Bryants of athletics only come around once every blue moon and they still had to work hard to get where they are. If I remember correctly, Kobe scored over 1200 on his SATs and still found the time to work on his game outside of school. You must pay your dues and put in the work!

  5. at “Re-classed” student athlete: Can you by any chance name a person that is successful in areas other than basketball that played at Dudley? Because Brendan Haywood is in the NBA. You don’t need a resume’ other than basketball skills. In life outside of basketball education is very important and Dudley doesn’t provide as good an education as a private school like Wesleyan does. The Academy at Dudley (where the basketball program lies) is a different school than just Dudley. They are more like a prep school and don’t care about academics as much as athletics. Winning state championships are much more important to them than getting academic scholarships. This is why people at Dudley need to consider their priorities. I read all the earlier comments and read only about Dudley so I don’t know why you tried to bring up examples from “actual” public schools because Dudley is the topic at hand. I guarantee you that Jaquel is being more challenged at Wesleyan than he ever was at Dudley and that is what matters and are you trying to say that Dudley would provide PJ Hairston with as much work and discipline as Hargrave Military Academy? Please. You’d really have to be absurd to think that athletics come before academics because when a Dudley player doesn’t get that scholarship to play ball, his academics aren’t going to cut it to get into a college worth attending. Prime example, Brandon Jennings. He didn’t go to Arizona because his SAT wasn’t good enough not because he would rather go pro. So lets sayhe wasn’t good enough to go pro, his SAT as an athlete wasn’t good enough, what makes you think that his SAT as student would be good enough to get into college. Without a college degree, jobs are very difficult to find, especially lucrative jobs. The point is, education comes well before athletics and fortunately for Jaquel and PJ, their parents understsand that.

  6. Re-classing is not a bad thing. What’s the difference between parents holding a child back or the school system? If I felt that my child was doing his /her best work academically and I could give them an extra year to get their grades in order to get have a better chance at college..I would do it in a NY minute. There are so many kids that could benefit from re-classing. Grades, maturity or athletics. The name of he game is to get in to college and graduate. Sports or academics. If I had to choose between re-classing my son to get his butt in gear or taking the chance with him on the not so right path…re-class all day. Some kids graduate on time, go to college and then drop out in the first or second year because they weren’t ready. They move back home, get little jobs and then some go back after they realize how the real world is.
    When would you rather take that hit as a parent with your child….before they graduate high school or after? A good parent is PROACTIVE not REACTIVE!!! It’s all in knowing your child and not worrying about what people say.

    Good job to his parents for knowing what your child needed to succeed. My hats goes off to you at the end of the day, you have to be accountable for your son. They will treat him like PJ…when he was at Dudley…everbody talked about him…when he left…nobody really hears about him….where is the love when the kids want to better themselves outside of the GCS system?

  7. LkJaQuel was reclassified for a better EDUCATION not for no glamour or so called SuperStar. Both of his parents GRADUATED from Dudley. So it never was about the school it was what was best for him. Since you doing your research on all these NBA PLAYERS research on how majority of them went to private or prep schools. So why hate on the children that goes to private school….LMFAO That was the best thing P.j and Jaquel parents ever did taken them out of Dudley I just want to shake there hands… Cuz yall know “Price” can’t coach and all he ever cared about was winning and not EDUCATION. I can go on for days. You named 2 ppl who I guess you say made it out of Dudley. What about all the other talent I bet if dey parents knew what Hairston and Richmond parents know now it would have been a whole lot of ppl that would have left Dudley…….lol So u gota be kidding me Holla at ur boy.

  8. Obviously weAteam got a good education because he actually has provided insight in this subject. Thank you weAteam for knowing how to prioritize unlike some people.

  9. You worried about the kids that left Dudley for better and success wht about All the talent that has came thru der like the Whitt,Graves,Bird,D.Edwards,S.williamson,v.scott oh yea Brian Seagraves the best point guard that ever came out of “DUDLEY” and now all he’s doing is assisting Price yea right yall better come harder than that cuz real talk he should be in league smwhr…..If his mama knew wht we now she would have taken him out of Dudley and put him in a private or prep school.. Aint nothing wrong wit DHS but if u know ur child have talent in sports and the education is not equal out den yes do whats best for ur child. This is ur life and career after high school

  10. Gotta go with re-classed’s points on this one. How is that guys like Kenny Okoro and Brenann Wyatt can have GPAs over 4.0 while at Dudley and ACTUALLY finish on time without re-classing and attned such fine institutions such as Wake Forest and The Naval Academy if they’re not getting it done in the classroom? Joey Cheek who finished at Dudley in 1997 is currently attending Princeton University and will graduate in 2011; do we really have to go on here? There are scores of Dudley grads that have gone on to turn pro in something other than athletics, many of whom are Doctors and attorneys. There will be many more to follow. As for Price’ resume, he’s got 3 state title rings which is quite an achievement for any high school coach.

    Bottom line, you take care of business and move forward and stop playing the victim role and lose the self-defeating entitlement mentality. As for the Richmond kid, what is he gonna do once he “finally” manages to finish at Wesleyan or wherever his parents decide to send him next? Will he continue to go on “re-classing” through life or is he gonna start taking responsibility and doing what he needs to do for himself?

  11. From my understanding Richmond had the grades at Dudley. So because he left Dudley and his parents reclassified him that makes him irresponsible. Naah yall gota come better than that. I no his parents and that boy has a good support team behind him they just wanted the best for him SUCCESS is in his future.

  12. @whatchacallit…sounds like to me the Richmond kid has already taken responsibility..he left a situation that wasn’t right for him. However, I undertsand your mentality. How many success stories can you give me vs the talent that has gone through Dudley. Dudley should not have any financial problems with all the athletes that have come through there. They should have the most NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball players in the County if not the state. The reason why we focus on professional sports when it comes to Dudley because we know that’s why most kids go to attain their aspirations of becoming professional athletes. Let’s be real. Yes, I agree that they can turn pro in something other than sports but that’s not their mentality at first.

    Bottom line, I know plenty of Dudley graduates that were stellar athletes and yes they turned pro. The are professional babymakers, pro smokers, pro drinkers. Not to say that any athlete that goes to Dudley can’t succeed as that is NOT true. Some have, but you have to fight the demons at Dudley to do it and have a support system like no other. For the average black child that may have one parent, one sibling in jail, grand-mother raising them, no money from the absent parent(s) and average GPA to below average GPA…you better have a plan B and it ain’t to finish at Dudley. Look at all the success stories where kids had to leave their neighborhoods, live with relatives in other states, go to private/prep schools to have a future. This isn’t any different. Just face it all you die hard Panthers…especially all of you superstar athletes of your day…would you do it all over again today or would you go to a greensboro day, oak ridge, oak hill, westchester if you could?

  13. by the way…most of the kids that transfer FROM Dudley…one or both of their parents graduated from Dudley and played sports…and get this…were some of the best athletes in their day. Uhmmmmmmm!!!!!

  14. Exactly watchout! My whole point was that education comes first and I don’t ever recall saying that someone cannot receive a good education at Dudley, but it would be foolish to say that you could get a better education than say a GDS, WCA, or WCDS. Joey Cheek worked hard and that is good for him but one story out of hundreds of kids times a few decades doesnt really suffice. The percentages aren’t that great. And how does a comment about the quality of Jaquel Richmond’s basketball turn into people bashing him, his parents, and their ability to make desicions?

  15. At the end of the day it dont matter what everybody think about Jaquel Richmond thats “My” child and we doing whats best for him. Trust me he’s going to college no matter what high school he attends.”AND YES HE DID DO WELL AT DUDLEY” its just not the school for him.

  16. We look forward to watching Jaquel Richmond at HP Wesleyan along with Cade Isley, Mr. Leek and I think Montay Braondon is still there….That’s a good group….Coach Keith Gatlin does a good job and when his kids(children) are old enough to play, that ought to be something to see….

    Jaquel Richmond still holds the mark for Top Dunk in the Gate City from last year….The reverse from the left to the right and the slam home against Grimsley….The was the top dunk that I saw last season and one of the most athletic moves that I have seen in a long time…..

    Jonathan Frye from Northern Guilford, had a dunk against Eastern Guilford, at Guilford College about two-three years back, that also blew my mind….It was the steal and the finish…..It was wild seeing the red-head throw-down…..

    This will be a hot year for local high school basketball…..The way the private school scene has developed, that has taken it up a notch or two…….Good luck to all the local teams…If it is a good hoops matchup, then we hope to be there….

  17. Reclassing is like going back in the past. Taking what you know and experienced from past times and situation and restarting. Why continue to have a 2.5 when you can reclass and possibly get a 4.0. Also if you play sports, its much easier to get a scholarship. College is expensive, so if parents have a chance to get their child a free education, they’re going to take it.

  18. @ His Mother: Thank you. I am not sure if you are his real mother or not but seriously what difference does it make what other people think. I just wanted to defend his honor against the guy that said is desicions were bad or whatever. I am glad you (if you are actucally his mother) and him are happy. But anyway, he is going to be a phenomenal player in the future and I can’t wait to see what he is going to do.

  19. Give me a break about the wonders of GDS, WCS and private schools in general academically. It seems like so much negative energy is placed on Dudley HS. What great student athletes have any of the above mentioned schools produced?????? If you can name me any then I will be glad to hear it. Their are several professional football, former European players as well as an NBA graduate from Dudley High School. Maybe you don’t know about all the great students that play sports and graduate from Dudley to go on academically to do great things in their careers because they are quietly getting it done. The current President of BET (billion dollar organization) is a graduate of Dudley high School. Granted Dudley is not for every kid and I wish the Richmond kid the best of luck at his new school but rather he makes it or not had nothing to do with Dudley or WCS but his own personal resolve and dedication. His parents have the right to put him wherever they choose. WCS is getting a stellar athlete in Richmond but lets not pretend that rhey are the ones that willl make him successful – he was on a good AAU team and was seen by colleges/scouting services while at Dudley. The school everyone loves to hate. Westchester players are all onD1 AAU team and came to the school highly recruited. Hargraves military academy Academy starting lineup are all top Division 1 prospects. Pj had already committed to Chapel Hill before going there and is just a sports mill – much like Word of God, Quality Education, Upper Room, And Oak hill. So give me a break with your over the top pro reclassification and private school are better BS. Just wish all the kids the best and stop hating. Where are most of the suathletic superstars in 1o years – Coaching at some high school cause their dreams never came true. Unless you are LeBron, Michael Or like that sports has to come to an end one day!

  20. The real facts are that less than 47 percent of our African American boys are graduating from high school and less than 5 percent graduate from college. Do you want to blame Dudley for that as well??? Kids face insurmountable challenges and maybe they all Our focus should not be about sports superstars but just about the kids that are making it through sports as a means to beat the odds. The private schools but community support and yes public schools for those who are not fortunate enough to have parents like Pj, Jaquel,. Those kids who have no other options but public school. Be positive and stop all the hating- if you care so much be a mentor not a hater.

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