Piedmont Challenge Boy’s Basketball at ORMA today

6pm Oak Ridge Military Academy JV’s vs. United Faith

7:30pm Oak Ridge Varsity vs. High Point Christian Academy

Both games are at Oak Ridge Military as part of the Piedmont Challenge.


  1. This should be a very good game. Jordan and Mitch will be hard to handle. HPCA make ORMA play a half court game and they will win.

  2. to big shots im not so sure i think the system is diffrent this year there is alot better shooters on the wing this year and the bigs are pretty athletic and fast with Jacob and Obacha but the key matchup tonight will be jordan weethee and the freshman theo pinson, and Jones Vs Mitch will be a greatone to watch, it would be nice to see neal get off tonight, but like u said this game will be very good

  3. Don’t forget the Big Man Aaron Scales on HPCA…He is as big as any player that I have seen so far this year…Scales would probably tip the scales at about 260 and he is close to the 6’7-6’9 range….

    I don’t know if he fits that old high school basketball cheer or not, but here goes anyway….He’s big-BIG, he’s bad-Bad, and he’s boss, Boss-Bossy….Kind of an interesting old cheer blast from the past and it almost didn’t last, but it is back, at least for one night only at ORMA and I hope to be there. so I can check out this BIG matchup, with the Cougars and the Cadets…The Cadets and the Cougars, that has a nice ring to it too…..Let’s see what these young men are ready to do…..

  4. It’s nice to see a team from Guilford County play ORMA. I got to give Coach
    Clifford Credit and the AD from HPCA for scheduling this game. Kudos.

  5. to truth: big shots was referring to HPCA and they are in Guilford County.
    to everyone else: HPCA has once again brought players in that are hyped up but have no real talent. Their big foreign guy is tall, but that is where the superlatives end. Scales is big but isn’t really a basketball player and can only do anything significant against poorly talented teams or smaller teams. Mitch Oates and Jordan Weethe are skilled but two players do not make a team. Sure HPCA started the season hot but who did they play, Cannon, who lost all their goods players to college or prep school, and garbage teams in a tournament at North Raleigh. When they play real competition like ORMA or even Wesleyan next Friday, people will see that theya just aren’t that good.

  6. Whatever is drinking some serious haterade. Anyone that has seen HPCA play knows they are good. They are good because they have a good nucleus of players and they play hard.they are now 4-2 with 2 losses on the road to top tier teams in Charlotte Christian and Oak Ridge and have had chances to win both of those. They have 2 bigs, one has played basketball for a season and the other is 16 years old and will be a high level recruit. If you are going to rip a team atlleast do so objectively. Seeing as you mentioned wesleyan as one of their “tests” shows you have no idea who they have already played.

  7. Somebody is a little jealous of the pub HPCA is getting. Dont worry, that why they play the games. HPCA is 4-2 and have respectable scores to any of the better teams around. Theyve lost on the road at Charlotte Christian and ORMA and been in both games late. Either of those teams would easily beat any team around here. They have 2 bigs, one has played basketball for a year and the other is a 16 year old sophomore that will be a high level recruit once he adjusts and learns the game. HPCA is so awful but yet compare schedules to any other team and it isnt any worse and actually it is better. There is no river mill academy on their schedule and char christian and orma would demolish upper room, so who exactly is it that hasnt played anybody?

  8. Whoa. Why don’t you just go ahead and call out GDS HPCA supporter? I realize you guys have some talent this year but lets not get ahead of ourselves. GDS plays Oak Hill, Christ School, and alot of other talented teams. Plus GDS has destroyed HPCA everytime they have ever played. Your team is in the PACIS now, which means GDS and HPCA will play twice. Lets see what happens. And btw Upper Room Christian is one of the most athletic teams in the state, led by junior phenom Rodney Purvis who is ranked in the top 5 of the 2012 class. He had a career game and dropped 44 pts. Plus it was GDS’s first game of the season. Settle down now.

  9. GDS is not the only team around here to play River MIll or Upper Room. A previous poster stated basically the HPCA will be exposed when they play ORMA and Wesleyan. So for Wesleyan to even be mentioned it is obviously Wesleyan supporter ripping HPCA’s lack of competition. GDS and HPCA dont play for awhile so that will be settled then. I just found it humorous that someone mentioned Wesleyan as a team that will expose HPCA as if they are worldbeaters.

  10. I am not biased towards a school. I just know that any competition HPCA has gone up against they have not won. And how in the world can someone say that Upper Room is not a talented team that can contend. If they would have played Oak Ridge last night and Oak Ridge played the same second half, Upper Room would win by twenty. Jordan Weethe is the only reason HPCA was close in the Charlotte Christian game (if you call 15 pts “close”). Without his extraordinary performance the game would have been a thirty point game. The reason I chose Wesleyan to “expose” HPCA is because every year HPCA gets some players thinking that they can beat this cross town rival and it doesn’t happen. Remember three or four years ago when HPCA got three athletic and talented players from public schools and still lost to a sub .500 WCA team? Come Friday everyone will see that this year is no different when a good WCA team wins.

  11. Not biased towards a school? Right, ok. Look at HPCA’s schedule, wesleyan isnt even in the top 5 of teams they will play this year but thats the only team you will bring up. Were you at the charlotte christian game? If not, then you dont know what you are talking about. And what does 3-4 years ago have anything to do with now. This is the second year of the current regime at HPCA, what was done before has nothing to do with now. Upper Room is a glorified aau team with a stud athlete. He singlehandedly beat GDS, but didnt play well against Wesleyan and they still lost. Upper Room got smoked by QEA who ORMA beat. HPCA had an awful first half, started 2 freshmen guards, were on the verge of getting killed and came all the way back. You said ORMA had a bad half, but that HPCA had nothing to do with that? So did ORMA have nothing to do with HPCAs bad half? You cant have it both ways. ORMA dominated the first half, but got dominated in the second. You have 3 d1 signees on the floor but they couldnt score more than 3 points against a supposedly terrible team? Thats how biased you are that you cant even admit that in the second half HPCA was the better team. It isnt like ORMA started playing subs, they played their best guys the whole time.

  12. Oak Ridge lost a lot of momentum when Chris Jones went out the game. He got a technical foul with about 5 minutes left in the third quarter and did not play the rest of the game.

  13. To all those defending ORMA with all their worth and not giving credit to HPCA: It’s ok that ORMA was challenged. It’s not impossible to think that a team gave ORMA a challenge. It doesn’t matter if HPCA played well and ORMA didn’t in the 3rd. A good team realizes that there are 4 quarters in a game and not 2. HPCA outscored ORMA by 10 in the 2nd half and managed to do so without 1 dominant player. HPCA truly is a team, and they showed it last night. I can’t wait for the next two games between these two teams.

  14. I think the HPCA vs. WCA series will be a good one. But I do give HPCA a slight edge. I say they either split or HPCA sweeps.

  15. Does anyone know where Chris McCain is??? Is he still at ORMA. Have not heard or seen anything about him lately. And while we are on the subject of the Fab 5 how is Keenan Allen been doing in Calf. There was some stats on him early in the year but nothing as of late. Is he hurt, still playing whats up?? How about Gabe King these guys have seemed to have vanished.

  16. I could stand to be corrected but, from what I am deriving, Christian McCain was taking course work at ORMA this fall and would set to enroll at Cal when the new semester begins in January…I think King was on the redshirt list there and we have not had many Keenan Allen stats as of late, we were on top of that through probably the middle of November and then basketball hit us and our college stat list took a hit….We need to get more of that back up here and hopefully we will be able to do so….

    We had the Keenan Allen-Remene Alston matchup just a few weeks ago and the Ducks got the win and had an interesting girls basketball hookup last Monday night when Helen Terry of Dudley HS and now with Charleston Southern faced off with her old teammate Breonna Patterson from Dudley now with UNCG and they played at CSU…..

    A lot going on and we will try and stay on it…..

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