Greensboro Day School Boy’s Basketball Shootout

Results from earlier this afternoon:

Greensboro Day School 83
Lexington 44


Wesleyan Christian Academy 64
North Hills Christian 48

Greensboro Smith over WS Reynolds


  1. Granted the competition wasn’t’t the greatest, but we are a very good basketball team. I was part of the very large crowd @ .oaK ridge last night, and I have no doubt we can beat them even with their great athletes. Jones is the real deal for sure.

  2. Dale yall can not beat ORMA how the hell can u beat orma but cant be Upper room, Come ON man, yall are playing terrible competition so far, wait and see when oak ridge plays and there hitting on all cylinders, heck they were up by 20 and only scored 5 in the 3rd and still won, ORMA is way to talented and fast for GDS to compete

  3. No other details on the GDS games….Got the scores from the web site…

    GDS has depth at guard….John Terry can be one of the best around if he keeps getting stronger….Hard to take in how quick he can get to the basket already and much of that comes from speed dribble work and as he gets stronger he will be able to go through players too….That is where Chris Jones has his strength, he can go by and through the defenders….When you can take contact and get by it and through it then you are strong….Jones is probably a couple of years older than John Terry….Jalen Ross is of GDS at point is very quick, but he still has to learn the offense and Robert Kleinmann is doing more of the ball handling this year, but he is more of shooting guard…..Reed Lucas is a pure 2 guard….

    GDS versus Caldwell Academy on Tuesday night at GDS and they will see Brett Manning and Brett will have his work cut out for him as he faces the Bengal guards….HPCA beat Caldwell at HPCA about two weeks back and this will be a challenge, especially for the developing Caldwell big men Uchedike and Emekka….

  4. Come on Andy, you know basketball better than that. GDS guards are not capable of competing with ORMA’s pressure. HPCA guards are better than GDS guards. If Kleinmann is doing more of the ball handling they will be in trouble. JT is going to be a good player, but he is not comfortable at either guard spot. Jalen Ross is their guy, but Freddie has to be patient with him. He understands the offense, but at times tries to do too much. Reed loves to shoot, shoot and shoot. He gives them little help versus pressure. This is a guards game. If your guards are good, then your team will have success. GDS guards are weak this year. They need to pass to bigs and play inside out. GDS does have good spot up shooters.

  5. Give me Ross and Terry then and we will keep up with Neal and Lamont…..I have seen every move Neal has over the past four years and we can counter him and we’ll find a way to stop Lamont….Jones is in another class of his own and he would rise above the previous four mentioned players….

    I love to watch the guards play and it is close with Neal, Oates, Lamont, Terry, Burrell Brown, Beniah Wise and on we go….

    Give me Terry and Ross and you take Neal and Lamont and we are going to be even up with you when it is over….I like them all and appreciate what they can do, but I also like being the underdog too and I know Terry will bust his butt for me and Ross has the speed I need….

    Better yet, give me a shot with me getting Oates and Terry vs. Neal and Lamont too…..You would still label us the underdogs, but I think we could take you….I will need to get Oates under control, but I think with my background I can do that….

    I use to go up against Adam and Joey Cooper on semi-regular basis and came away with a few wins, and they taught me quite a bit and Adam was better after high school than he was when he was in there….

    Just left the court and and nailed many shots uncovered and you have got me interested in this matchup…I taking Terry and Ross vs. Neal and Lamont and taking two out of three and with Oates and Terry the we’ll do it too….Us versus Coach K and his kids and we win and we love the underdog role….

    Nowif I can just talk Terry, Ross and Oates into taking this challenge…..

    Game on, on cold Sunday and guards are the order of the day….

  6. andy are you crazy as h#ll terry is nowhere near jones please i dont like coming to your site bc every year you stick up for greensboro day they have not played anybody this year, we all know orma will kill gds the game will be over before halftime, freedy would not play them this what happen to playing the best teams…. gds is a joke and everybody will see in the little four…. orma is the real deal no joke to many weapons coming off the bench andy terry and chris jones comparsion was damn crazy…….

  7. BTW,

    If you’ll give me Tyler Lewis and John Terry then……We’ll have to look at this one in more detail later on in the week….Tyler Lewis can get the ball to the basket as quick as Jones can, but he is not as strong….Jones has his strengths and so does Lewis……

  8. Ha, Ha, Ha! Andy you are too funny. Tyler is not even close to being as quick as Jones. Sounds like you like the underdog. I like the underdog too, but let’s not get ahead of yourself here. Terry will be very good in a year or 2, but he is not a guard. Neal will struggle at App St. b/c he can’t play the point and after seeing him play this year, he may have difficulty playing the 2 guard as well. Anyway, keep doing your thing Andy!

  9. Tyler is not as quick as, he is quicker than Jones….I would say for sure that Jones is stronger, but that Tyler is quicker….Tyler Lewis is as quick as any guard that I have ever seen around here, when it comes from going from one end of the floor to the other…On the dribble or with the pass he is the quickest….From foul line to foul line, it is hard to believe how quick he gets the ball moving….

    I don’t know if Jones could stay with him, but Jones is stronger, but then again, Tyler is quicker….I have only seen Jones play one game and I have read a lot about him…..Very talented young man, but not that well known yet….He hasn’t been around this site all that long and that is how you get your name out there, or at least that is the way it seems to me and the college coaches….We helped put Tyler on the map, I know for a fact we did….

    Maybe I am a bit over zealous about this basketball info, but I find it very interesting….Jones has a much better supporting cast than does Tyler at Forsyth Country Day, so in the the team matchup, Oak Ridge would take it….One-on-one, the jury will remain in recess…..But as Jethro Bodine said on a recent Beverly Hillbillies program at the LA County Courthouse, if we are in recess, “where’s the Playground?”…..

    Westchester-Oak Ridge would be a very interesting matchup as would WCD-GDS or GDS-ORMA and you can put Wesleyan in that mix too…..I think we will see GDS-WCD, GDS-HPW, GDS-HPCA, GDS-Forsyth Country Day, but no GDS-ORMA…..

    This ought to be a very interesting basketball season, the publics and the privates are equally inviting…..Who will be the top public school? Looks like based on last year’s perfromamce and what they have returning, it will be Northeast Guilford and the privates, it is tight at the top right now with Westchester-ORMA and GDS……Westchester-ORMA, it is how you use your men after you get past the Top Five and that may be where ORMA would have an edge…..If you don’t have to go to the bench at all and you can keep Miller, Bello, Nwamu, Plummer and Level out there for 28-30 minutes then you might throw the edge to Westchester…..The defense on Miller and Bello would be the difference and changing what Plummer is allowed to do with the ball would be another key….

    Day School has Westchester coming up later on and how the Bengal big men and the new guards, Ross and Lucas develop, will tell the story and last year, Bello was the game at GDS….He took over and nobody could stop him so with Miller added in, how much tougher will that be….Greensboro Day needs to develop a defender in the lines of what they had with the Leonard kid there on Lawndale, a few years back…That Leonard kid could play some defense and I think it was Travis….He probably could have received a college scholarship of some sort, based on his defense and he had track-like speed to go with it…..Excellent recovery time, loose the man, and find the man and recover again, with feet re-set quickly……

    A lot to talk about, as we move ahead with this basketball season….

  10. big shot- I was told that by one of the ORMA players parents!…But whatever you say you seem to know your stuff when it comes to ORMA!…..

  11. It’s interesting that the only private school in the triad that is willing to play ORMA is HPCA. That shows me something about all of the priavte schools.

  12. Some of the schools that won’t play ORMA are doing the same things that ORMA is doing. It’s not a big deal not to schedule ORMA this year-you can use their reputation as an excuse. I’ve heard HCPA won’t be scheduling ORMA after this year b/c their big African player was approached by an ORMA player after the game Saturday. It’s ridiculous that they’d have one of their own players approach a player on the one school that agreed to play them. Really shows what their program is all about.

  13. They are doing the same thing, but I don’t think they like the ORMA does things. A lot of bridges have been burned and it will take a couple of years for the local private schools to schedule them. I think they should play them because the kids are missing out on some great competition, but I understand why they won’t.

  14. It’s all good. ORMA is playing a really good schedule and everyone in the county is happy with their schedule.
    @ Wiley Coyote, players are always trying to get other players to join them, that has nothing to do with the program. Players will recruit each other and that is the way it is doing the season and during the summer. This is nothing new. Stop hating so much.

  15. I’ve heard a major reason that area schools don’t want to play ORMA is b/c of that very reason. Nobody wants to put their players in a situation where they’ll be actively pursued by the other team.

  16. Wiley, what are you talking about? Every school has kids who are recruiting their friends or players from other schools. Don’t single out ORMA b/c you dislike them. The private schools in the county have several players from area schools and I don’t see you mention them. I know for a fact that their players constantly call other players trying to pursuade them to come to their school to play. Get a clue dude. Where are you getting your info from. “I’ve heard….”

  17. Yes, but Jonathan Leonard stayed at Grismley……He was an excellent soccer and basketball player and another defensive stopper on the basketball court like his brother…Their dad Mike taught them well and their grandad was there at all their games…Great family, we need more defensive players like the Leonard brothers….Coach K at Duke would have been proud of those boys, except maybe for the one that went to Carolina, that might or Miked have steered up a Hornet’s nest in Durham and Chapel Hill….

  18. I would not say all of the of the private schools have players that recruit other players, but more schools do it than just ORMA. Why else do you think Quincy Miller went to WCDS, whose policy is that they don’t accept seniors. Miller is a senior is he not? Not only do I find that interesting but I also wonder why Miller would leave QEA. A QEA with Miller would beat a WCDS with Miller all day. Just saying. But anyway, many private schools do this. Personally I don’t really have that much respect for ORMA becasue of coach K. He gets fired from Northern for having players illegally and then takes the same illegal players to ORMA. Personally I find that a little classless but hey on the other hand, If ORMA’s bball team had not of been built up last year, the school might have gone bankrupt and not have been open this year.

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