Not a happy day for the boys from Raleigh, but a HUGE day for the man from East Forsyth(Danny O’Brien) and his Maryland Terrapins, plus Heels knock off Duke…

Danny O’Brien(East Forsyth HS) and the Maryland Terrapins put a hurting on N.C. State and ended any chances/hopes the Wolfpack had, for appearing in the ACC Championship game, next Saturday in Charlotte….It was DOB(Danny O’Brien) today in College Park, Maryland and the Pack end up DOA(Dead on Arrival) as DOB throws for nearly 500(417) yards and 4 TD’s in the Terps win over the Pack…I listened to the game on the radio and the Pack did rally, behind their QB Russell Wilson and a perfect on-side kick, but too much DOB in the ACC on this Saturday and it will be Virginia Tech versus Florida State, for the ACC Title next Saturday Dec. 4, in Charlotte…..

North Carolina also beat the Duke Blue Devils again and you can see all the scores down below coming in from….

USF 23, Miami 20 (OT)
Miami Gardens, Fla.
12:00 PM

Virginia Tech 37, Virginia 7
Blacksburg, Va.
12:00 PM

Boston College 16, Syracuse 7
Syracuse, N.Y.

Maryland 38, NC State 31
College Park, Md.

Florida State 31, Florida 7
Tallahassee, Fla.

North Carolina 24, Duke 19
Durham, N.C.
3:30 PM


  1. I am so aggravated with TOB constantly throwing our own kids under the bus when we lose it`s beginning to get annoying and for heavens sake he needed to move forward from the unc game the previous week and thats all I heard this week, nothing about Maryland. Heck, we were lucky to win that ballgame aswell as the FSU game, I mean a ball tipped from out of play into the field of play and a TE wide open in the back of the endzone when Ponder brushed against his back and getting beat by ECU when they give up 76 points to Navy, we could be relistically a 6-6 team.

    Tom O Brien I would like a refund on my tickets Saturday. I`m tired of this being your 4th year and this being your 1st winning record in your tenure and I don`t care if we have beaten unc 4 straight we are not happy.

    We hear how much of a tight ship you run yet Darrell Davis gets busted with pot 2 weeks ago and never misses a single play. We`ve talked all this junk about unc this year but we have got bigger problems than them. No Russell Wilson next year / horrible recruiting class off the field problems ect.

    I`m not impressed!

  2. What would be bigger? Beat North Carolina five straight or win the ACC Championship Game?????

    Beating North Carolina was HUGE and I love it, but the hurt will linger longer after missing out on the DEC 4 game in Charlotte……The Pack had it in the bag and they got help from so many other teams, but a Terp named O’Brien left them crying on Saturday night….I was crying too, cause it was getting cold sitting out there in may car listening to the end of that game, before I went in and watched Coach K at ORMA play HPCA……

    There’s no denying Danny O’Brien and Tom O’Brien will be trying to get the Pack back on top and in that Title Tilt….

  3. Sefan – Just curious, is this the same PASS that Toby uses when disipline his players that have had brushes with the law at the sake of winning, suck as Jake Vermiglio / JR Sweezy / Markus Kuhn / George Bryan / Darrell Davis?

    I get the picture and so should you.

  4. Alright let me explain. My pass is referring to whether he has a job next year even though we blew the chance to get into the championship. Is it really that prestigeous to just get into the ACC Football Championship game?? Really? It’s not like the ACC Champ will be playing for the naitonal championship. Whoever is in the ACC Championship or nearly in will get into a Charlotte Weed Whacker bowl or equivalent.

    It is not a pass for ignoring bad player behavior. If you can’t catch at least one player a year smoking pot or drinking under age in any program in America then you just aren’t sniffing around the dorm at the right time of day. How far do you want to go VOR? If you kicked every player out of every program for speeding, spitting on the sidewalks, etc. then nobody would have much of a program would they.

    You are not the voice of reason but more likely the voice of another embarrassed Carolina fan who still thinks their program is clean as the driven snow and everyone else is cheating but just hasn’t got caught yet. Too bad you guys got caught but always remember that the Pack beat you 4 years in a row even with your dirty little program and your lying coach.

  5. UNC would have beaten NC State if I had been able to play.
    I can’t believe UNC kicked me off. I didn’t do anything Cam didn’t do and he is still playing for Auburn. ” I approach every day with the goal of succeeding the Carolina Way. I’m Marvin Austin and I’m a Tar Heel.”

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