Greensboro Palomino Baseball News: New leader and new web site launched

Greensboro Palomino Baseball has new web site with the link below and they have new leadership as well, but good to see Tom Veal staying on as their advisor……

Check out the link and check out the Greensboro Palomino News….

www.GSOpalomino.com_ (

New Director: Enad Haddad

Past Director Tom Veal will stay on as an Advisor……


  1. I would suggest putting actual information on the website prior to launch. There is no background info on the organization, no sponsor info, no details or qualifications on the directors and there are no news articles listed.

    Web designers and NASA dislike pre-mature launches.

  2. Enad will do a great job with Palomino as he’s already done with the Greensboro Reds.
    The website is a work in progress and is changing all the time. Look at the Reds website above and you’ll see what he did with that website.
    Tom thanks for your hard work in the past and staying on as an advisor.
    Looking forward to warmer weather and the words “Play Ball”

  3. So, does this mean, the league will now actually host or have a tournament involving Palomino Baseball or just a by name organization again. I’m sure Justin will have a team through the new organization he is with and hopefully PP will stay with Palomino Baseball as well.

  4. Question of the day, will the new direction include the teams to play in the PONY Palomino tournaments?? The Palomino teams always provided for some great baseball tournaments

  5. It’s early January…..give the site a break.

    Good to see upgrades to such a storied program
    As far as Enad Haddad…no one will out work him.
    He loves people and loves the game!

  6. This will not revive the palomino league. Travel ball has taken over- this, along with legion has decimated the palomino league into nothingness. They should disband it and embrace travel/legion ball at Stoner-White. Palomino ball in Gboro has been a joke for a few years now. No use in beating a dead horse.

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