Controversial calls correct, BUT Carolina-Tennessee game could cause historic rule changes…

Who knows if all the controversy surrounding the North Carolina-Tennessee game at the Music City Bowl will change the course of college football history, but it is a certainty that in the future, rule changes will be made that will effect the future of college football, after what happened at the end of the Tar Heels-Vols game….By speaking out, we have all been a part of influencing the future of the college game….


NEW YORK — The national coordinator for college football officials said Friday the controversial calls in the Music City and New Era Pinstripe bowls were correct, but added the chaotic end to the North Carolina-Tennessee game will lead the NCAA rules committee to consider a rule change.

The Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl went to overtime after North Carolina was penalized for illegal substitution on what looked like the final play. Tennessee had already started celebrating the victory, but game officials walked off the 5-yard penalty and replay officials put a second back on the clock. That gave the Tar Heels enough time to kick a tying field goal.

North Carolina eventually won 30-27 in double overtime.

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