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  1. For real!! ORMA basketball update. If I have to continue to read about ORMA on this website, I am starting to think I shouldn’t get on here at all. I know that I am not the only one tired of hearing about ORMA. They are not a high school, they are a prep school. There coaches do nothing but go around trying to recruit the best talent away from the local high schools. Ask any local high school coach in any sport and they will tell you the same thing. They are helping to ruin local high school sports in a lot of ways and all this website does is publicize their actions.

  2. Are you angry Wizard? Don’t read the updates on ORMA. There are plenty of other sport topics on this site to read about. Why do you care if they are a prep school or not. You need help!!!!!

  3. Here is my problem with ORMA. I am tired of seeing local high schools have to fight to keep their kids. If you don’t think this true, ask any local area coach. Especially when it comes to basketball, football, and baseball. Our local schools are being destroyed by such places as ORMA. The only thing that is TOO BAD is that area high schools have to put up with this nonsense. Coaches in Guilford County are tired of it, I can guarantee you this!

  4. This is crazy. If a kid and the parents are happy where they are, THEY CANT BE RECUITED. If someones leaves the school where they are, it must be because they think they have better opportunities somewhere else!!!!!!

  5. I agree with concerned….parents and student/athletes have to do what’s best for THEM….why hate on a school that is providing opportunities for others? Not saying ORMA is perfect either but schools like them make local high schools raise their game (coaching accumen in particular)…they need to stop complaining and COMPETE!

  6. OR doesn’t have any post grads on their basketball team.I am not sure if the complaint is about ORMA or all privates like GDS or HPC because they all compete pretty much the same way. There must be some reason why families are willing to pay to go these schools and pay, rather than go free at a public school.

  7. I was thinking of Oak Ridge in these terms this morning and since they re-class, they are much like a prep school, in that they work to help you with your basketball game and with your academics in an effort to better prepare you for college….

    They give the total appearance of a prep school and not that of high school, but at the end of the day, no matter where they stand on the educational ladder, there is a high level of interest in what their basketball program is doing…..People want to know where they stand and how they are doing with every win and loss coming into question…….

  8. WIZARD, in my opinion, the problem is not ORMA! ORMA is just one of the solutions to the problems of GCS, not the problem itself. I wish you would step back and take a good look internally within GCS before speaking so negatively about ORMA or any of the private schools. The GCS coaches that I have talked with have all wished the athletes going to ORMA well because they understand the kids are getting an athletic and an academic opportunity that will benefit the specific child more than remaining in GCS. It appears to only be the parents of the GCS athletes that are upset.

    Again, in my opinion, the problem is a Guilford County School System that has minimal interest in athletics and is all about teaching “entitlement”. I have personally witnessed that GCS supports a “entitlement” philosophy whereby coaches are encouraged to play everyone and to keep everyone happy versus a concerted effort on athletic skills and putting forth the utmost effort towards winning. I have talked with many coaches and they insist that they are just carrying out the wishes of their administration. Athletics in high school should be about a “life lesson” for these youngsters and not about “keeping the parents of little Bobby happy”.

    The kids coming out of GCS(not just athletes) go on to college feeling a sense of “entitlement” and then enter the workforce without facing real world situations. They have not faced failure or rejection when they are constantly told in school that athletics and academics is about equality and not about competing at the highest levels. It does not matter if they become a teacher, a shoe salesman or doctor, life is about COMPETITION and GCS is not stepping up to that challenge in athletics or academics.

    ORMA happens to one outlet for disgruntled and undertrained athletes because GCS is not providing the resources and attitude to keep the kids in the system. I guess you are also upset with GDS, HPCA, Wesleyan, FCDS, Bishop McGinness etc. You should acknowledge that there is a place for GCS athletics and a place for private school athletics.

    Are you also upset about Guilford County having Charter Schools? Just remember that the reason the private schools and charter schools are in place is because “one shoe does not fit everyone”. By the way, I feel that I am qualified to say what I have because I have had a daughter(now a teacher) go through GCS and now have a son in a private school and I have coached for over 30 years in this area.

  9. WIZZARD SHOULD WAKE UP must be living in some other dimension. His post makes no sense at all. Probably cranked out by the Oak Ridge PR department. I even doubt the “I have coached for over 30 years in this area” statement. It had to have been as a recreation coach. If he had coached in one of the high schools he wouldn’t make such foolish statements. The sad thing is there are people who will believe his garbage.

  10. Players don’t leave coaches they like. They pursue better opportunities….it should be a wake up call for some of these high schools to hire a real BASKETBALL COACH and not just a teacher who wants the stipend. I mean, Southern Guilford just hired a RESTAURANT MANAGER to be basketball coach. And we wonder why kids leave…..

  11. In order for GCS to find basketball players like the ones at ORMA, they have to find a millionaire coach. A coach who can buy a State basketball title.

  12. Fantasy World, I don’t believe Wizard should wake up post. It makes no sense.
    Some of us who left GCS for private school basketball have made a major mistake. Same crap; selfish players, losing record, and not great coaching. I have to live with my mistake along with at least 5 others that I am aquainted with. I hope other parents do their homework before leaving GCS to attend private school for basketball. He received a great education in public school and had a 4.0 gpa. We thought private school would give him a better opportunity for a basketball scholarship. I just don’t no.

  13. As for Southern Guilford hiring a restaurant manager that falls on their AD and Administration.

  14. Southern Guilford coach was coaching and teaching and left to start his own sports restaurant and then he came back to the coaching and teaching this year…Fully accredited and highly qualified…..Knows his hoops and also has coached on the summer circuit like most of our coaches these days…..

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