Who will be the MVP of the NFL this season?

And the Most Valuable Player from the National Football League for the 2010 season goes to:

Is it Tom Brady(New England Patriots) or Michael Vick(Philadelphia Eagles)?

You’d have to take Brady, cause Vick has missed something like four games, but for the games that Vick played in, man those were some kind of games…..

The most consistant player over the course of the season though, would have to be Tom Brady…..He is your MVP…..Anyone disagree?

Let’s see, after watching some of what Matt Ryan was doing today for the Falcons, he might get a few votes…..Drew Brees has had another stellar year for the Saints and what about those numbers that Philip Rivers put up for the San Diego Chargers? How about Devin Hester with the Bears, how can anyone be any more valuable that that guy?????

Which way do you lean? Is there any way at all, that Tom Brady will not win this award?????


  1. Michael Vick MVP
    Without Mike Vick the Eagles wouldn’t even be in the playoffs. Take Mike Vick away from Philadelphia and the Eagles would be lucky to be 4-12 or 5-11. Take away Tom Brady and the Patriots would still make the playoffs as a wild card right behind the Jets. Eagles can’t survive without Vick but the Patriots are still in if Brady is not avail.

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