With John Fox on the way out, who will be the next coach of the Carolina Panthers???

There’s 12:35 to go in the game and the Carolina Panthers are trailing 31-3, in the fourth quarter and the nine-year coaching career of John Fox, is about to come to a close in the Carolinas….

Fox took this team to the Super Bowl, but who will be the next coach to try and steer this bunch and the up-coming #1 draft pick to the NFL Championship Game???

Who will be the next coach of the Carolina Panthers? John Fox is on the way out and who is on the way in?? Will it be coach that has experience, like a John Gruden or a Bill Cowher(if the Panthers can convince him to change his mind and come to Carolina), or maybe go get the defensive wizard that used to be an assistant coach with the Panthers, Jack Del Rio……Who will be the next Sir Purrrr, as in head coach???

Will they go for a current college coach???? The package deal/combo of Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh and Andrew Luck are on the wish list of many of the fans…..Nick Saban has been in the pros and has done a very good job on the college level, could it be Nick or even someone like Jim Mora Jr., that has been there, he left and he wants back in…..What about a coach from the UFL(United Foorball League)????? Jim Fassel is there and he would love to get back on an NFL sideline…….

Who’s your pick?????? Urban Meyer has some time on his hands these days, now that he has given up the Florida Gators job again…….Maybe Meyer did not retire, and he is just biding his time, till he can get to Charlotte……Then again, you never know, Tom Coughlin from the current-N.Y. Giants might be available and Dick Vermeil is still alive……

Got any hot tips or picks on this one?

Who will be the next coach of the Carolina Panthers?