HS Hoops Tonight 1/3/2011(WOG, WCD and I.C. Norcom)

The News and Record had this one listed for this evening and do you know of any others that might be on tap for tonight?????

Word of God(7-1) at Westchester Country Day(8-4)…..6pm
WOG has the big kid Joseph Uchebo(committed to N.C. State and Sidney Lowe), formerly of ORMA and they also have highly recruited Bishop Daniels on their Holy Ram squad and WCD counters with Deuce Bello, Ike Nwamu, CJ Plummmer and Josh Level…..

Both the WOG Holy Rams and WCD got knocked out of the championship bracket at the Glaxo SmithKline Tournament in Raleigh/Cary last week….Word of God was the pre-tournament favorite and WCD has slipped a bit since losing Quincy Miller to injury, but I.C. Norcom High School, from Portsmouth, Virginia won the Glaxo SmithKline Tourney and last year in 2010, I.C. Norcom was the Virginia 3-A Champion, beating a very tough Petersburg squad for the title at VCU….

Here is the word on Word of God and WCG, after I.C. Norcom got a hold of them last week, down in the Triangle area….(Courtesy of The Phenom Hoops Report and Rick Lewis)

I.C. Norcom was pitted against hometown and tournament favorite Word of God Holy Rams. WOG led by as many as 22 points in the first half, but it was the defensive intensity by I.C. Norcom that forced WOG into countless turnovers and forced the game into overtime.

Norcom won by the score of 64-62 and Virginia Tech and potential McDonald
All American candidate Dorian Finney-Smith tallied a double double with 20
points and 10 rebounds. In the semi final game, Norcom crushed Westchester
(minus Quincy Miller) by the score of 65-37.


  1. I attended that game between Word of God vs Norcom on Monday 12/27. Word of God was leading at the half 44 -24. Second half Norcom put pressure on the ball full court. Word of God single point guard offense could not handle the pressure. The pressure forced WOG to hurry the ball down the court and force quick shots. There was not any ball control, not once did WOG put in multiple point guards at the same time and drain some time off the clock.

    In overtime Norcom received first possession and burned nearly the entire 4 minutes off the clock using ball control before WOG fouled and sent Norcom to the line to hit two free throws to win the game.

    Should be an entertaining game. Both WOG and Westchester like to push the ball and beat you on the break for a dunk.

    It was very cold in that Gym. No Heat. I was glad to sit down in the Greensboro Coliseum on Tuesday and watch the Pizza Hut Invitational without my coat and hat.

  2. Horrible coaching and no discipline for Westchester as they get blown out by 32 at home.

  3. I agree with Kahny can not coach!!! It was so sad to see a team as talented as Westchester just lay down. They were down 6 at half. With 5 minutes to go in the game they were down 30 and had not committed one foul against WOG. They simply let WOG score without any opposition. They have no Heart!!! They let WOG dunk anytime they wanted. The AD at Westchester should really consider finding a real coach….Oh yeah ….Pat Kahny is the AD…lol What a joke!!! Some of the talented kids on this roster should consider going to another school so that they can get prepared better.

  4. I felt robbed last night! $5.00 to get into a game and didn’t see a game (lol). WCD role players played harder than their “elite” players. WOG wasted a road trip and I heard some of the players talked about how disappointed he was that the players for WCD didn’t compete. That was my last $5.00 donation to WCD!!!!!

  5. Final score was:

    Word of God 89
    Westchester 57

    Josh Level led WCD with 18 points and Torian Graham with 22, plus Bishop Daniels and Joseph Uchebo with 20 each led the Holy Rams of Word of God…

  6. Everybody says he can’t coach but they are playing a national schedule without Quincy, the only reason they are playing this schedule in the first place I would assume. I have seen this team play numerous of times this year and honestly 1-10 they don’t even have top 3 talent in the area. When you play a schedule with elite talent night in and night out its hard on the players ( not to mention you lose a future lottery pick for the year). We will see what happens when it actually matters come conference and state tourny time.

  7. If Give Me a Break’s comments were true, Ashville Christian and Northside would have been blown out instead of close in the final minutes. Ask any teacher, parent, policeman, etc what happens of you let teenagers run things and they will spring tales of disorder and chaos. There was an incident during an overnight stay involving a couple of “star” players and a cheerleader. Instead of disciplining the specific player, they disciplined the whole team. Did the players who caused the forfeit apologize? Did Kahny make them apologize? When they are late to practice or a game, what is the punishment? The answers are no, no, and nothing. They refuse to play defense or respect their teammates. They break plays whenever they want. Check out their losses to WOG, Norcom, that German team in Florida, and Trinity Christian (most of these are online) and watch Bello go one on three and sometimes one on four! Even the man-child LeBron James who, in high school, outweight Bello by a good 75 pounds couldn’t do that. Yet, he refuses to kick the ball out to the open man. That gets most kids sat down at the YMCA. Bello’s punishment…MORE TIME to go one on three. Kahny’s refusal to make his team playas a team is his downfall. And when unfortunate incidents like Miller’s injury come, Bello just gets worse. As an alumni, I wish the team well, but the concensus among us old heads is they will breeze through the conference and when playoffs come and teams pack their zone in, Bello will self-destruct and bring the team down with him and his who-cares-I’m-already going-to-Baylor-attitude.

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