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Potential Carolina Panthers Head Coaching Candidacy:

Russ Grimm is believed to be one of the potential candidates to take over the head coaching position for the Carolina Panthers for the 2011 season.

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  1. Although his name does keep popping up, I don’t know why you’d consider anyone associated with the following teams….Arizona (he’s the OC), Cleveland (Rob Ryan), or Cincinnati.

    Granted, Richardson’s not going to pay a big name coach, he’ll go the assistant route. Obviously, we need to hire a head coach with an emphasis on offense. Is Meeks (DC) still with the Panthers or did they let the whole staff go?? I actually thought Meeks did a pretty good job for his 2 years in Carolina. of course, I always thought Davidson (OC) sucked big!!

    Fox’s problem is that with his style, (much like Parcells) he’s an 8-8 coach every year. If he’s got players & breaks go his way, he’ll go 12 & 4. If the breaks don’t go his way he’s 4-12.

  2. Grimm has his three Super Bowl rings from his days an offensive lineman with the Redskins and another he received while coaching in Pittsburgh and then he also went to the Super Bowl with Arizona while coaching an offensive line that allowed Edgerin James to gain over 1,200 yards rushing…..

    Grimm can build the lines and the offenses and that Andrew Luck kid last night sounded like he sold a lot of fans on how high his stock could really go and which way will Tyrod Taylor of Tech go in the draft…..He is sort of a Cam Newton-type player and the scouts seem much higher on Luck than Newton, but what’s wrong with a Michael Vick-style QB, such as Newton and Taylor? Vick has shown he can keep it coming, now on the ground and in the air and he is an old Virginia Tech man that has proven he can survive the Dog Days of August…..

    Grimm has a very strong pedigree and he would appear to coming in at much cheaper price than many of the other candidates and Jerry Richardson is very keen on price…..Almost like Keen-L-Ration……

  3. Andy, my man!!
    How’d all that experience work out for Arizona this year!! Didn’t 1 of the Panthers wins come against them?? Carolina’s problem is not running the ball..good gosh, didn’t they run enough this year (and past few years)!! If it were, I’d say Grimm’s an excellent choice! Our problem is a total lack of creativity on offense & I think Grimm would just be a re-tread of the Fox style.

    Uh, concerning a Cam Newton or a Michael Vick style QB…we’ve already got one in Armanti Edwards & they decided they wanted him to return kicks & catch the ball, not throw it!! I think if they’d give the guy a REAL shot of QB, he’d do more for us than any other QB on the current roster…but it ain’t gonna happen with Richardson, who is quickly becoming the “Ghost of George Shinn past” to Charlotte & if he’s not careful, he’ll kill the market, much as Shinn did for the NBA in Charlotte.

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